Waiting For Rain (One Direction)

Samantha Blake is your average 17 year old but she does not live in the average place. Her family live in a small town called Ashville where Sam, her siblings and a few other families are the only children. That's not the only thing though. It also hasn't rained for five years in Ashville despite the constantly grey skies and even far off lightning that they never hear the thunder of. For Sam life is boring until one dreary Saturday five teen boys move into the house next door. Sam's life immediately brightens, but only until she discovers that the boys have a dark secret that could either destroy Ashville or save it.


5. Shifting

A cool wind had picked up in the time I was inside and as we came out onto the street Louis ran back inside to get a jumper, coming out with a blue Jack Wills hoodie. The bus was five minutes late and I made a comment as I stepped on that the driver clearly overheard and did not appreciate because as I got off he gave me the biggest death glare in the history of the universe.

On the bus I sat in my usual place in the middle and the boys followed suit in the pairs: Liam and Zayn, Harry and Niall, and Louis sat next to me and whined the whole time because he wanted the window seat. But I didn't give in because I always get the window seat. A few of my friends, actually my only friends in town, questioned me about why I was hanging out with the boys, so I practically told the whole bus what the situation was.

Liam's POV

I can't believe I slept through my alarm! The damn quiet thing only gave me less time to get ready, even though the bus was five minutes late. It would have been much quicker for us boys to run to school but we didn't know the surroundings and where it would be safe to run and shift, so we decided against it. Besides, it would be slightly strange for Sam if on our first day we didn't catch the bus and arrived before her.

On the bus I sat beside Zayn who was being rather quiet as he was usually when we were in public. I stared out the window and tried to get some peace but it was impossible with even a small busload of people, it just made it so much harder not to eavesdrop with enhanced hearing. There were twelve year old girls talking about guys, teen boys talking about the latest football game, and Louis and Sam were debating what was best to mix into pancakes.

The bus trip was long and slow, especially with the traffic stopping what felt like every minute, and it nearly was. About halfway through I could see across from Zayn and I Niall was getting claustrophobic and glimpsing around nervously, the signs he was about to shift were evident. I practically lunged across the bus to stop him; Niall had always had the least control in the most unprecedented circumstances,and it was common for him to try shifting when he was claustrophobic.

I was so thankful to breathe fresh air when the bus finally pulled up outside a modern institution.  This must be our new school.  I met up with the boys and Sam guided us in to the reception, a small area to the side just inside the main entrance to the school.  Out of our pack I had the keenest sense of direction, not to brag or anything, it's just each of us is best at something.

Each of us received timetables from a podgy old toad lady who smelt strongly of tobacco mixed with lavender and baby powder, then we headed off to form room; luckily we had all the same classes otherwise I didn't think I would last the day.

Niall's POV

In form room I sat up the back with the lads but Sam sat with some friends I noticed she was talking to on the bus.  I hated being in school.  It was so clustered and busy, it often make me dizzy and claustrophobic and I just wanted to shift and run away, which I nearly did on the bus, but thank goodness Liam was there.  Schools were just not really my cup of tea, with the dirty bathrooms and foul smelling locker rooms, the gun covered undersides of desks and the sickening cafeteria food.

Throughout the day we went throught the usual 'new kids, say hi, few things about yourself'; we'd heard it all before at the many previous schools we had attended, and quickly been kicked out of usually for fighting or slacking off.  It wasn't our fault we needed to shift sometimes when we should have been in class!

Louis' POV

It was finally lunch and after braving the cafeteria queues I headed out past the playing fields with Niall and entered the forest that the school backed onto so that we could shift and stretch a bit. I plopped down under a tall pine and scoffed a Peanut Butter sandwich but I was still hungry - for wolf food.

"Niall I'm huuuuuuungrrryyyyy," I whined to my blond friend who was happily munching away on his second sandwich and clearly had no intentions of hunting today.

"Then go hunt; you are the alpha, mate," he replied spitting little bits of sandwich everywhere as he said it with his mouth full.  Really, Niall had absolutely no table manners when he wasn't at a table.  I sighed incompetently.  I hated being the alpha of our pack, just because my fur was as white as snow, even though snow is usually penguin crap stained and dirty, just like my constantly mud stained coat.  Zayn once made the inference that I looked like a little Scottish terrier only bigger and a little less shaggy.  I could scare the arse off one of them, though.

"But I don't wanna go aloooooone!"I complained, "What if I get caught?" Niall sighed.  He'd been caught once and we had to bail him out.  The experience wasn't painful and life scarring for only him, it impacted all of us, even those who came and went from the pack, Simon, Paul and Kevin.  Niall finished off the last scraps of sandwich, stood up and shifted, obediently waiting for me to to follow his lead.  I shifted too and suddenly felt like any burdens had been magically lifted off my shoulders, I was free as anything.  Then, suddenly breaking me out of my monologue, Niall sprinted off and I followed closely behind.

We bounded off so fast it felt like flying.  We barely broke any sticks as we powered through the forest doing a giant circular lap of it.  I loved the feeling of running at over 120 kilometres per hour, the wind rushing through my fur in a streamline wave.  It was so refreshing and cool and it was great anger management.  For most of the time Niall was that slight bit ahead of me, after all he was the fastest runner in the pack, that's why he ate so much.  I was always watching his shaggy honey coloured coat, not only because he was ahead, but because it gleamed in the sunlight like the reflection off a window in direct summer sunlight. 

I had always been slightly jealous of Niall's fur, ever since the day we were changed 11 years ago, but that story's for another time.  Niall's fur was a golden honey syrup colour, slightly long and unkempt, but it always reflected the sun's rays beautifully, illuminating patches of fur so they looked white, sometimes even blue reflecting the sky.  Of course, my snow white coat had a similar effect, but no one's coat was quite like Niall's.

At a stream we stopped and shifted for a break and Niall pulled a cookie out of his pocket.  I scooped up some fresh stream water and, after smelling that it was clean, gulped it down like it was life giving miracle liquid.

I checked my watch: 12:52. CRAP we were going to be late if we didn't push the speed limit right now.  I shifted to Niall's surprise and he followed suit and I made a series of growling and barking noises, but to Niall it meant, 'We're going to be late, we have to go!' We sprinted through the forest taking every shortcut possible until we reached the school's playing fields.

Just before the trees and bushed cleared we shifted, only just doing it in time before a couple of juniors looked our way, probably just hearing us rustling around in the bushes.  We subtly crossed the playing fields as we heard the shrill sounding bell, and blended with the crowd of people coming in from the lunch break.  We followed a crowd of people back to our locker area but as I neared I lost sight of Niall and shortly ran into a dishevelled looking Liam. 

"Louis! Where have you been?!" He nearly yelled.

"God, keep your tits on mate, I just went for a run with Niall,"  I brushed it off easily, now trying to avoid the subject, but Liam pressed on into an interrogation.

"Lou! Where did you go? Nowhere too public? No one saw you? for sure?-" he was about to launch into another round but I cut him off with a reassuring pat on the back.

"It's fine, mate.  We just went into the forest and did a lap."


"Sssshhh!" If he kept up this noise our secret would be out within minutes. "Whisper Liam, you don't want our secret out too quick, I think I like this place." Liam sighed dissaprovingly, despite that I was older than him and the alpha.

"Yeah, I like it too Louis, but just...be careful, okay?" he patted me on the back only slightly too hard and I gave a reassuring smile.  I grabbed my books and headed off to the next tedious class of the day, and luckily the third last, biology. 

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