Waiting For Rain (One Direction)

Samantha Blake is your average 17 year old but she does not live in the average place. Her family live in a small town called Ashville where Sam, her siblings and a few other families are the only children. That's not the only thing though. It also hasn't rained for five years in Ashville despite the constantly grey skies and even far off lightning that they never hear the thunder of. For Sam life is boring until one dreary Saturday five teen boys move into the house next door. Sam's life immediately brightens, but only until she discovers that the boys have a dark secret that could either destroy Ashville or save it.


16. Rain

Sam's POV

I sunk to sit leaning against my locker, sobs racking my body. I wasn't ready for them to leave. Sure, heaps of kids had come and gone from Ashville, their families put off by the extremely quiet elderly community, but this was different. I had never had such a close relationship with any of them, let alone nearly a proper girl-boy relationship with any of them. I definitely wasn't ready to say goodbye to the boys from next door, definitely not Louis. I really liked him, I don't even know why, but with all this going on it would be impossible to have a relationship now.

I wondered if the boys would have time to say goodbye today, or if they would be too busy packing.

Liam's POV

I always wondered how we managed to carry this much junk with us everywhere. I had finished packing around an hour ago and so had Harry, so now we watched over Louis, Niall and Zayn who were having more trouble with limited space, which was reflected by the usual state of their rooms. Today alone, Louis had found half his wardrobe scattered around his room and had promptly thrown every item of clothing carelessly into the three boxes positioned around his room. Down the hall Zayn had a whole box filled with mirrors and photos and I wondered how much it would weigh; he had a lot of mirrors. But we couldn't forget about Niall. The Irish potato had insisted on filling nearly a whole box with food he had accumulated under his bed in just one week but the idea was quickly rejected, being replaced by Mum yelling at him to hurry up packing things that actually mattered.

I sighed at their incompetence and sauntered out into the hallway where Dad was struggling to fit our many photo albums in one box. Why couldn't we just save them on a USB? That was something I always wanted to ask, but Mum would go off her hook if anyone dared ask that.

I continued out the front room, peeking through the blinds to hopefully catch a glimpse of Harry's Audi pulling into the driveway with Zayn in the front seat, but there was nothing, let alone the sound of a car engine in the distance.

Louis' POV

Items of clothing were flying around the room as I flung them over my shoulder into boxes at inhuman speeds.  It was the most practical way to do this, even if Liam and Mum didn't approve.  I hadn't bothered wrapping my football trophies in bubble wrap or folding my clothes; I was just going to take it all out again at the next house so what was the point?

By lunch I was the only one still packing; even Niall was finished, but only because he was told he had to finish packing before he ate otherwise he would never finish.  I looked out my bedroom door.  Liam was in the front area looking impatiently out the window, probably waiting for Zayn to come back; Niall was in the kitchen eating or course, and Harry was in the same position he had been in all morning, sitting at his empty desk hunched over his laptop screen doing goodness know what.  All I knew was that it involved a lot of typing.

Oh well, I'd better finish packing before Mum comes up again to check, boy was she angry last time.

Harry's POV

I had finished packing early this morning, as I started last night, so today I decided I would try talking to my online friend.  Our last conversation had ended on the bus to school a few weeks ago; had it really been that long?  Usually we talked every night, but since moving here everything had been so chaotic that I had almost always forgotten, or been to tired to type.

Dear GirlyGirl I typed.

Please accept my sincere apologies; I had not been in contact for the past couple of weeks.  It has been a hectic time, with moving house, school, and friend and family issues as well.  This will probably be the last email for a while, as we are moving again and our WiFi will be disabled in a couple of days so I will have to keep a close eye out for free WiFi.

I hope you are well; I am so tired at the moment.  Only two nights ago my siblings and I had an intense game of Truth or Dare that continued until two in the morning, really only because we were under alcoholic influence, but that's besides the point.  Please reply and tell me how your life is,

sincerely (and tiredly),

HS :)

I was very private about my identity on the internet; you never knew who could be hacking accounts at any given moment.  What if a hunter were to find my account and see some of the conversations I have had with other werewolves in other towns?  That would lead to some pretty serious consequences.

Niall's POV

I taped shut the last box (I had a limit of three) and dropped the tape dispenser, sprinting nearly too fast downstairs into the kitchen where Liam was making sandwiches.  I stole four slices of bread and decided to make a triple-decker sandwich.  I grabbed my ingredients, slapped them on the slices of bread and slipped a plate from the cupboard, then took my creation to the living room eyeing it hungrily.

"Niall!  Come and eat at the table!" Liam scolded, sighing, but I ignored his request and flicked on the TV to the on-demand movies, where The Avengers was playing.  I propped my feet up on the low table before me, balancing my sandwich on my legs, and sank into the squishy couch.

"Niall!" Liam stood in the doorway, and I turned my head around so that I could only just see him, "Mum wants you to eat with the rest of us in the kitchen." I swallowed the last bite of the sandwich.

"Well, there's no point in me coming if I'm already finished, is there?" I smiled cheekily, and Liam sighed before turning and calling to Mum in the kitchen.

"He's already finished," I heard Liam sigh and I gave a satisfied smile.

"That boy, I'll never know how he does it," Mum muttered to herself, but with enhanced hearing I could hear it perfectly.  I could just imagine her shaking her head along with the words.

Zayn's POV

The deserted highway blurred past me in flashes.  There wasn't a single other car behind, in front or beside me so I was racing the speed limit with the engine roaring in my ears.  God, this was a good car; why did Harry get one and I didn't?  This would be on the top of my wish list this Christmas.

Up ahead there was a standing bay in the side of the road with an emergency phone, but I doubted anyone coming this way would need an emergency phone so I parked the car there, listening to the engine fade to a whir, and then fall silent before getting out.  I pocketed the keys and my phone and ventured into the woods that lined the never-ending highway.  The woods were nothing like the ones in Ashville.  This wooded forest was thin and smelled of pine and squirrels, nothing much else.

When I could no longer see the road, which was pretty far into the forest, I did a quick scan for hunters because, to be blunt, this was a pretty clichéd hunting forest.  I shifted quickly, ignoring the pain of the shift and enjoying the thrill of adrenalin that followed.  I bounded off in no certain direction, my wolf mind unsure of where to explore first.

I was sprinting after a rabbit that would hopefully be my lunch when a familiar noise let the rabbit get away. Damn, there went my lunch.  But more importantly, the noise.  It was the loading of a rifle; the click was unforgettable.  In that one moment my blood ran cold, my heart started beating much faster than it should, and my paws felt glued to the leafy ground.  I could hear footsteps coming my way now, but still I felt incapable of motion.  I looked around, expecting a hunter to appear at any moment, but no such hunter came.  I started to panic; what if I was ambushed? I had never been caught in this situation before without Louis or Liam to give orders.  My only chance of getting help was to howl to the boys, but that would completely give away my position to the hunter.

My heart was practically jumping out of my chest by now, and I finally found it in my capability to move a paw forward, though it was difficult.  I assumed it was my wolf instinct telling me to stay and fight, but my human mind had no such instinct.  I was different to the other boys; when I shifted my human instincts didn't drift to the back of my mind, rather, they mixed with my wolf instincts, leaving me with half-and-half.  Which was good for things like talking to humans, but not for situations like this.

I started at a slow walk, listening to every footfall crunching the leaves on the forest floor.  Surely they would be loud enough for the hunter to hear.  Ever so slightly I felt my muscles relax and I was able to move faster back in the direction I had come.  When I could only just see the car through the throng of trees I shifted, hoping that the hunter was nowhere near.  I jogged to the car, jumping in and twisting the key and revving the engine to life.  I pulled into a u-turn and shot down the highway back to Ashville.

Sam's POV

I would have left earlier, but seeing as I didn't own a car, let alone a license, I was stuck in the shithole of school for five more hours before the bus would take me home.  The bus ride was excruciatingly slow, especially for someone who had run with wolves faster than she thought her legs could carry her, and I was itching to get off by the time the bus pulled up at the corner.

I nearly literally jumped off, leaving the driver with a snide 'took you long enough' which pretty much settled my belief that he absolutely hated me.  I sprinted down the quiet streets, forgetting my siblings behind me.  I rushed past my front garden and straight into next door's.  I slowed to a halt, taking a quick breather before knocking hurriedly three times on the front door.  Footsteps and the click of a lock were heard before the door was opened by a weary-looking Cathy.

"Oh hi Sam, honey; what's up?" she sighed, leaning against the doorframe.  She had obviously been cleaning: she wore a baggy t-shirt, three-quarter leggings and joggers, and her hair was pulled into a messy ponytail.

"Um, I was just wondering if the boys were around," I told her, certain of the answer.  Cathy sighed.

"Sorry Sam, but they're busy packing," she apologised, but just then Liam walked past from the living room where the TV was blaring, and he came to stand beside Cathy at the door.

"Oh hi Sam," he smiled kindly, "What are you doing here?"

"Don't you have packing to do Liam?" Cathy shooed him away before he tried to lunge into conversation.

"Sorry, honey," Cathy made it obvious that she didn't want me near the boys just before they left with a sneering smile.  And with that she shoved the door closed in my face.

I trudged home scuffing  my converse along the pavement and staring up at the grey sky that reflected my emotions perfectly at the moment.  Silent tears clogged my eyes and I wiped them away emotionlessly.  I slipped off my boots at the door and carried my book bag up to my room.  I slung it over a hook on my door and pulled out my English books.  I put them on my desk and lay down on my bed.

Now what?  I couldn't even say goodbye now.  After endless crying curled up in the pillows, I decided that crying wasn't making me feel any better, so I slipped on wellies and a hoodie and grabbed my phone before sneaking out the back door at 10pm at night.  My stomach was growling with hunger after I skipped dinner, but I really didn't care.

Strolling along the silent streets of the pensioners' villas I let the cool night breeze pick at my loose hair and looked up, a habit of mine when I was walking.  As usual the moon was obscured by hazy grey clouds making the sky more purple-grey than blue-black.  But tonight even the moon's luminescent silhouette was obscured by bubbling cloud. I kicked a pebble along the pavement, and an idea popped into my head.

Without a moment's hesitation I turned the way I had come and sprinted back past my house and to the boys' house. It looked confronting and ghostly in the dark, with the windows gleaming with black light and shadow creeping up the walls, but I proceeded down the side of the house with a shudder. On crunchy gravel I traipsed to the small back yard that gave a perfect view of the back windows of the house. I counted along from the right, the way I had been shown on the first day: one, bathroom; two, Liam; three, Harry; four, Louis. Keeping that in mind I ran back to the rocky side path and grabbed a handful of stones, then pelted them one at a time at Louis' window for three minutes. Finally, as I was running out of rocks a yellow light flicked on, bathing the yard in light and casting my shadow up to the back fence against the property line.

A figure approached the window - I could only see the silhouette and assumed it was Louis - and my stomach clenched in anticipation. The figure wrenched up the window in a huff. "What?!" Louis yelled into the night sky, but his expression softened when he saw me standing below his window. "S-Sam? Is that you?"

"Yep, you got me!" I laughed, but the emotional pain I was feeling was still evident in my voice. I felt my cheeks growing hot as I looked up and realised he wasn't wearing a shirt. "Come down here you lazy sod!"

"What? Why?" Louis leaned out the window to hang out over the back roof. "And I'm not a lazy sod,"

"Tell your mother that," I joked, before turning my tone serious, "I need to talk to you,"

"Oh," Louis' tone changed too, "I'll be down in a minute, wait out the front," he told me before slamming down the glass pane. I crunched over the gravelly side path and leaned against the wood panelling beside the door.

"Finally," I huffed when Louis arrived and he just laughed. He was now more adequately dressed in a v-neck t-shirt, black jeans and black converse, and was carrying a brown leather jacket which he slipped on as we walked out the front gate.

"So, what did you want to talk about?" He obviously wasn't too shaken up about leaving.

"Well, your mother didn't let me in this afternoon; said you were still packing,"

"Packing?!" Louis scoffed, "By that time we were watching Spongebob; we all finished packing by at least lunch. Except Zayn. After he got this phone call this morning he took the Audi and didn't come back until 4pm. I guess he's just a little shaken up about leaving," Louis shrugged and I felt a pang of guilt. "So, what was really on your mind?"

"Um, well, it's just...I'm really going to miss you so so so so much Louis," I swooped in and hugged Louis with all my might, fighting to hold back tears. He rubbed my back and hugged me back, relaxing slowly into my grip. "I'm sorry," I murmured into his shoulder, the tears starting to dribble down his jacket and my cheeks.

"Hey, hey, Sam, don't be sad," Louis cooed, "We can still talk over the phone and email,"

"B-b-but i-it won't be th-the s-s-same," I wailed into a fresh round of tears.  I felt Louis guiding me softly somewhere but I could barely see through the sheet of tears sticking to my eyelashes.  He pushed down softly on my shoulders and I sat down obligingly on a hard slatted wooden bench.  I felt Louis' hand gently tilting my chin up and my teary eyes met his bright blue concerned ones.

"I'll never leave you, Sam," Louis whispered, now closer to my face, my lips.  I closed my eyes and exhaled to calm myself down, but before I knew what was happening I felt a soft warm feeling on my lips.  I kissed back and Louis leaned in wrapping his arms around me in a tight, warm embrace.  My fingers tousled through his feathery hair as I deepened the kiss, felling fireworks tingling all through me.  Louis' lips on mine was honestly the best feeling ever.

I was so absorbed in the kiss I barely noticed the flashes of lightning illuminating our park bench or the rumbles of thunder, giants clapping their hands to shake the earth.  I didn't notice any of it until I felt something cold and wet hit the exposed back of my neck.  Tiny tinkling noises filled the air and I slowly pulled from the kiss, wanting to know what the noise was.  The sound was getting louder not, more like children's toy hammers tapping the roof of a wooden house than fingers hitting keys on a keyboard.  My back was also getting rather wet as well; this could only mean one thing, one thing that had not happened in a very long time.

It was raining!!!!!!!

I stood from the park bench, Louis now looking like a lost puppy with a confused look on his face.  I looked up at the crying sky and a raindrop hit my nose.  I let out a laugh; it hadn't rained for forever!!!

"What?" Louis asked, utterly quizzical about why I was suddenly so excited.

"I-it's raining, Louis." I said, my voice nearly a whisper, "It's actually raining!!!" my voice got louder and I pulled Louis from the bench, swinging him around with me, dancing under the dripping sky.

"So it is, Sam," he laughed back, enjoying this experience.  We danced around for ages and played games under the erupting clouds: puddle jumping was our favourite.  There were dents in the soaking concrete sidewalk where water was collecting in cloudy pools. We splashed around for ages; Louis' converse were ruined by the time we rounded the corner of our street.  We were utterly soaked: I could have sworn my hoodie was so heavy it was making it hard to walk, and Louis had given up on the leather nearly as soon as we started walking.

"So, um, I'll...see you tomorrow?" I muttered when we reached my house, now with a saddened mood.

"Yep, sure," Louis replied apologetically.  I turned and was about to open my gate, when I felt Louis' hand grasp my wrist, and he spun me back, pulling me close and planting one last firm kiss on my lips.   I kissed back willingly before breaking away with a quiet gasp. "Bye, Sam," he grinned, and strolled off to his own front garden.

I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight.

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