Waiting For Rain (One Direction)

Samantha Blake is your average 17 year old but she does not live in the average place. Her family live in a small town called Ashville where Sam, her siblings and a few other families are the only children. That's not the only thing though. It also hasn't rained for five years in Ashville despite the constantly grey skies and even far off lightning that they never hear the thunder of. For Sam life is boring until one dreary Saturday five teen boys move into the house next door. Sam's life immediately brightens, but only until she discovers that the boys have a dark secret that could either destroy Ashville or save it.


2. Meeting


Okay chapter 2: time to meet the boys. Not really much to say except please leave a comment (good or bad or both!) and I'll try to get into the better stuff soon like the boys' perspectives and such.


I rushed to the open window and looked out to see a removalist's truck parked outside the next door house and the removalists were talking to a middle aged woman. In front of the truck there was a beat up people-mover sedan in which a man and five teenage boys were sitting boredly. There was motion in the car and soon all six males got out and stretched their tight limbs. Wow, those guys were fit. I hoped they'd be in my grade. They looked about my age so there was a chance, even though our school was a mixture of people from all the little towns around Midlands so I wouldn't see them much at school. I watched the removalists bring a mixture of furniture and boxes into the antique house for a good half hour before my annoying pesky side took over and I just had to go say hi to the new neighbours. It was only polite.

just as I was about to leave the house I looked down and realised I was still in my pajamas! Wouldn't that have been an interesting first town experience for the family. Rushing around in my room I shoved on some jeans, ugg boots and a sweater, violently combed my unruly wavy blonde hair and then sprinted down the stairs. I flung the front door open and rushed out the front garden where I knew Ben was only ten minutes ago heading of to the pub.

I calmed down and walked normally down the footpath and to the house to our right's front door. I knocked sharply three times and waited for a good two minuted until I realised there was a door bell which I pressed immediately. I waited another minute before I heard a woman yelling and footsteps coming towards the door. I had a sudden nervous feeling in my stomach so I put on my nicest and most normal smile and waited for whoever it was to OPEN THE DAMN DOOR ALREADY!!!

The door with ornate stained glass windows slowly opened to reveal a handsome chocolate curly haired boy with unreal emerald green eyes who looked about my age.

"Uh, hi,"he said, slightly confused as to why a teenage girl was standing on his doorstep moments after he'd just moved in.

"Hi," I started, "I'm Samantha Blake although most people just call me Sam. I live next door, number 12" I pointed to my house with it's yellow brick walls and finely hedged garden with the little birdbath in it.

"Oh, I-I'm Harry Styles," he stuttered, "Do you...want to come in?"

"If that's okay, sure!" I said bouncily, even though on the inside I felt like I'd taken a hundred sleeping pills. It was still too early to be outside, especially in this wild breeze. Despite the house's emptiness felt suddenly warm when I stepped inside.

"Mum!" Harry yelled through the house, turning the attention of a couple of boys carrying part of a bed up the stairs, "We have a visitor!" the middle aged woman who had been talking to the removalists hurried down the stairs grumbling about something but immediately switched her frown for a smile when she saw me.

"Hi sweety, I'm Mrs Smith but you can call me Cathy," She had a simple name. I wonder if her IQ suited it.

"I'm Sam Blake, I live next door at number 12," I introduced myself politely even though I was eager to explore this new and different house. Harry appeared to be phased out of the conversation already and began to drift away to a side room until his mother called,

"Boys! Come down here for a sec! That includes you John!" Harry sighed and moped back to his mum's side and waited for five other males to join him. "Sam sweety this is Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall and my husband John," She pointed to each guy in turn, "And obviously you've met Harry," He went a slight pink colour at the mention.

"Hi," I waved and stood waiting for something to happen. I didn't want to ask to come in, they might not want guests while in the moving and unpacking frenzy. At my thought a pair of men carried a couch in a side door and Cathy walked away pointedly yelling at the men to leave that somewhere else. John hurried after her, trying to calm the stressed woman down and immediately Louis was in my face yelling his head off.

"HI! I'm Louis I like carrots do you like carrots? It's pretty cool we moved in next door, good to have some not elderly neighbours! I can't wait to go to school on Monday, can you?" He babbled on about nothing for two minutes, constantly intruding the imaginary bubble that marked the barrier where people could and could not stand around me, until Zayn put a hand on his shoulder and Louis appeared to almost whimper as he backed away seeming shameful.

"Well, you know Louis now," Zayn laughed lightly.

"Do you want to see the house?" Niall asked politely yet his voice has an excited and nagging undertone. "You'll probably be over here a lot with your family anyway," Niall was nice. He had bleached blonde hair with slightly pale skin, which complemented his hair. His cute crooked smile was hidden behind clear braces that even at two metres away I could barely see, but his most stunning feature was his glowing blue eyes that twinkled in the sunlight from the many windows, mesmerising me so they seemed as deep and vast as oceans, but the blue with a gold tint was unlike anything I'd ever seen.

Suddenly I snapped out of my trance. "Sure, if you're not busy," I acted casually and followed the boys up the wooden staircase and onto a landing with a metallic shiny railing for safety. As we reached the top I saw six doors in a completely straight even line, each labeled with a yellow sticky note.

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