Waiting For Rain (One Direction)

Samantha Blake is your average 17 year old but she does not live in the average place. Her family live in a small town called Ashville where Sam, her siblings and a few other families are the only children. That's not the only thing though. It also hasn't rained for five years in Ashville despite the constantly grey skies and even far off lightning that they never hear the thunder of. For Sam life is boring until one dreary Saturday five teen boys move into the house next door. Sam's life immediately brightens, but only until she discovers that the boys have a dark secret that could either destroy Ashville or save it.


11. Explanations

Sam's POV

The rest of the day continued slowly and I couldn't wait to get home and have this whole situation explained. Luckily, by the time I was beginning to calm down it was time to drag myself onto the bus and wait thirty excruciatingly long minutes until I arrived home. On the bus I made arrangements for the boys to come straight to my house when we got off the bus and we would go from there.


I slammed the door to my bedroom violently and swivelled to face the five innocent looking boys sitting on my bed.

"Okay, so what was that?" I asked, fuming.

"What was what?" Niall asked innocently, his big blue eyes staring straight into my own. What a bastard.

"What do you mean, 'what was what' you know exactly what I mean!!! What was that AT LUNCH?!" I nearly screamed. The boys just looked between each other nervously, avoiding my gaze, and formed a little huddled circle. I stood outside the circle waiting as they mumbled between one another, completely ignoring my existence let alone my question.

"So, Sam," Liam spoke up as their circle straightened into a line once again. "What you saw at lunch..."

"Yes?" I asked, expecting them to come out with a full explanation right away. Obviously, but not to my aggravated self, they didn't.

"Well, you see Sam the thing is, and you may have noticed, we're not exactly...normal," Harry grinned. How could he find this situation funny?

"Damn right!" I roared sarcastically, surprised with my tone of voice.

"Well you may have also noticed that we're, um..." Louis trailed off.

"We're werewolves," Zayn mumbled looking at his palms. The boys all immediately turned to him in shock. It nearly made me want to laugh my head off, but this was not the time for such foolishness.

"Uh...explain?" Now that they had admitted it I didn't really know what to ask. Did I want to know why they could turn into carnivorous beasts at any given moment? Did I want to know why they had been away from school those few weeks ago, because now I knew about the whole wolf thing surely they could tell me.

"What do you want to know?" Harry piped up from the head of the bed and I seated myself on an office chair, not wanting to stand if this was going to take a while.

"Um...how about why you guys can do what you do?" I asked sweetly, and watched the boys exchange nervous glances again. This was becoming a recurring motif, it really needed to stop.

"Well, it all started about eight years ago,” Louis started, then launched into a full flashback.



I clambered out the tiny dormitory window, my bum barely fitting through. Harry and Niall were already on the ground outside waiting for me to drop, but I had always had a fear of heights.

"Hurry up Louis!" Liam whisper-yelled from inside as to not get caught.

The thing was we were trying to sneak out of the abusive orphanage we lived in. The conditions at the orphanage were terrible. We barely got enough to eat so our stomachs were constantly growling ferociously, and the dormitories were packed to the brim to fit as many mismatched children as they could. The boys and I had been playing in the overgrown backyard one day when we should have been doing homework when Zayn had had a Brilliant idea.

Looking up at our window from outside he had realised that, due to the window sill and balconies on lower levels, we could actually exit through the window and escape the orphanage to the forest that backed onto it in the small village where the orphanage was based.

So, after a few nights breaking curfews and staying up to the crack of dawn we finally put our well thought out plan into action. Seeing as Harry and Niall were the lightest they had gone first to put the least strain on the rusty sills and balconies. Luckily all the other boys in the dorm, ranging ages 8-16, were all asleep so we could avoid awkward explanations and potentially being caught in the act.

I toppled down noisily to the nearest balcony earning a few well deserved 'ssshhh's from the boys. "Sorry," I whispered sassily, clambering down the last few balconied while Zayn slid out the window. Liam was last simply because he was the tallest at the time.

"Okay boys, off we go!" I exclaimed and marched off towards the dense overgrown masses of bushes and trees making up the forest. Harry ran to catch up to me while Niall stayed as the middle man and Liam and Zayn lagged behind just a little. They had been close ever since Zayn's first day at the orphanage just over a year ago. The boys all came from different backgrounds, all arriving at the orphanage at different times.

Niall had been at the orphanage since he was left on the doorstep as an infant and was the first of our group to arrive. Liam arrived a year later at the age of one after his entire family besides his two older sisters had been killed in a multi-car crash on the way to an extended family holiday.

Next was Harry, left on the doorstep as an infant just like Niall the same year Liam arrived. I was next; at the age of five my parents died in a house fire so my four younger sisters and I were sent to the orphanage. As soon as we arrived Harry and I were attached at the hip even though he was two years younger than me.

Last but not least to arrive was Zayn, whose parents were both shot in a bank-robbery-cross-hostage-situation, leaving eight year old Zayn and his three sisters in the hands of child welfare authorities who just ushered the children off to the cheapest place they could find.

So now, a year after Zayn's arrival, here we were. Niall Liam and Zayn were nine, Harry was eight and I was nearly 10 (damn birthdays at the end of the year!).

The forest was damp and dark and smelled of mould and wet. Luckily we had brought our torches so when the noises of night creatures fluttered our hearts we could check to make sure nothing was there. We had been walking for what felt like an eternity, so I looked back and, to my surprise, could not see the orphanage. This put me into full panic mode. How far had we come? What was the time? Would the orphanage staff know we were missing by now?

"Liam!" I whisper-yelled to the feathery haired boy up front. He whipped around to face me and slowed so we were walking side by side. "Do you know where we are? I think we might be lost,"

"LOST?!" Harry squealed, and I could have sworn birds flew out of their nests at the noise.

"No Hazza, I'm sure we're not lost," Zayn reassured the trembling eight-year-old, but I could see in his eyes he didn't believe a word he had just uttered. Not one of us had any idea where we were, where we were going, or where the orphanage was.

"WE'RE GONNA DIE!!!!!" Harry yelled, his bottom lip quivering and tears threatening to spill from those bright green eyes of his. Tears dribbled down his pale cheeks and I ran to his side, comforting my little friend.

"Ssh, ssh Harry, it'll be okay, I'm sure we're not too far away," I whispered to Harry alone. The others had continued walking; we had a while since there was no sign of the sun rising any time soon.

Just as Harry calmed down and we began to follow the others, I heard what sounded like a growl coming from the trees. I stopped dead in my tracks in fear, but it was probably just an animal, right? So I kept going, hurrying Harry to keep up with Liam's fast pace. We kept walking for a while until I heard it again: a ferocious growling from the bushes, and this time the boys heard it too.

"Wh-what was that?" Niall trembled, flashing his torch into the bushes surrounding us. We all frantically searched, nothing meeting our eyes, but the wolf-like growling was becoming gradually louder until it seemed as though the creature was above us, and the bushes rustled as though there was a hurricane. Suddenly, it died down, the only sound now our heavy breathing and speeding heartbeats, until suddenly, a thundering roar resounded and a giant creature leaped at us from the bushes. We screamed in fear, although I was sure no one would hear us. I looked over to Harry; tears were streaming down his face in fear.

The creature, a midnight black wolf, stared us down menacingly with its fiery blue eyes, not daring to make a move, its senses working out whether we were a good enough meal. I remember quaking in fear as it crouched low on its hind legs and sprung forward knocking Liam to the ground. I knew I was crying now too, but I was too paralysed with fear to wipe away the tears or steady my trembling body.

The wolf took down each of us in turn before any of us knew what was happening. My head hit the ground with a painful crack.


Sam's POV

"And that's all I clearly remember because my vision began to swim and spots flickered in front of my eyes until I blacked out," Louis concluded his leg of the story. I was sitting there like a stunned mullet, feeling like I was about to faint.

"I think that's all any of us remember," Niall continued in his cute Irish twang, "until we woke up,"


I woke to a pounding sensation in the back of my head. I had to blink a few times before my vision returned fully, but when it did the purples and oranges of the early morning sky began to make sense. I jumped up in worry of being caught, only to fall back down when an excruciating pain shot through my entire body.

I watched as the other boys woke up around me, all with similar memories of the night before and similar throbbing headaches and pains. Another thing we all noticed when we could finally stand was that we each had an identical bite mark on our inner forearms, four canine like teeth marks indented in our skin. Liam, Zayn, Louis and I were all okay, but Harry just stood there in shock, doing what we asked of him but not uttering a word unless asked. It was a lot to take in for an eight year old.

We hurried back in the direction we thought we had come and luckily it was correct. Just as the sun was becoming visible above the treetops we managed to manoeuvre our way back into the high window of our dormitory and back to bed, only to be woken twenty minutes later by shrewd Mrs G, one of the dormitory staff at the orphanage.

Everything continued as normal that day, despite our unusually tired behaviour and pain in doing basically any physical labour, until lunch at school.

We were sitting in our little group as we always did, just us five and a few other orphans - Stan, Josh, Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie. Across the playground from us sat Dylan and his friends. Dylan was the coolest kid in our grade and he had a habit of picking on kids from the orphanage. We were just sitting talking as we always did when I noticed Dylan and his posse stand and begin to move towards us. No biggie, this happened nearly every day but it didn't affect us. We were accustomed to the orphanage staff's bullying and that was much worse than Dylan's.

"Hey rejects," he spat, towering above us in his standing position. "What reject lunch have you got today? Oh right, you're not even worth feeding," he laughed and his 'crew' laughed along with him. This was what really got to me; how Dylan could try and push us around and not a single teacher cared, except maybe Mr Cowell our music teacher who would often, just by chance, come over and say hi when Dylan was torturing us with his words.

Not today though. Today, Mr Cowell was nowhere to be seen, not even in class.

"Dylan," Liam spoke up, sighing; he usually did, but to no effect, "do you really need to waste your time doing this? Why don't you go off and play football or something? I mean, it's not like we're worth any attention or anything,"

Liam was a freaking genius; he always came up with the best arguments.

"No, it's just more entertaining to see you suffer." Oh my God how much was he going to assault his own mouth? Not for much longer, as Liam was now standing up to come face to face with Dylan.

"Look, Dylan," Liam continued, now in a much more threatening tone, and I noticed Dylan recoil a little, "I don't care what you say to us, it's nothing compared to how we are treated in that shitter of an orphanage, and your words will never be harmful, so why don't you just take you and your gay buddies away from us and go partake in some recreational activity, eh? Because here you're just wasting your breath." Liam spat stepping forward, and Dylan took a tentative step back, now with worry practically written on his face.

"Uh, o-okay, um, y-yeah, you know what? I-I've got better things to be doing that talking to you losers." He picked himself up a little by the end.

"Good, now off you go," Liam shooed Dylan away with his hand, and returned to sit down with us. I looked straight into Liam's eyes, so proud of my friend for standing up to that loser Dylan, but I was met with a strange sight, and I think the others had noticed it too, but only Louis, Harry and Zayn. Instead of the usual chocolate-hazel eyes we saw in Liam, they had changed to be a deep grey colour. I looked frantically at Louis across in our circle from me and he gave a barely noticeable nod. This self-control of motion Louis had came in rather handy, especially when pulling pranks on staff and teachers. Yeah, we were never the most obedient students.

"Uh, Liam, can you come with me for a sec? Lou, Zayn and Harry too?" They all stood, knowing exactly why while the others looked at each other questioningly. We speed walked a safe distance from the group before starting our conversation.

"What's going on?" Liam asked; obviously he hadn't seen the change.

"Um, Liam, let's go to the bathroom," I stuttered and ushered Liam off, the others close behind. "Now, look in the mirror," I pushed Liam towards it once we arrived.

'Gladly!" Zayn pushed past and began smoothing out his hair.

"Zayn!" Harry scolded the older boy who slumped and moved away from the mirror reluctantly. Liam stared in the mirror, not noticing anything, until,

"WHAT THE HELL?!" He pointed at his reflection in the mirror, his face one of complete surprise, neither good nor bad. He had finally noticed that his dreamy chocolate eyes were missing, but also noticed something else. His hair, not just on his head, seemed to have grown a centimetre in absolutely no time and, under inspection closer to the mirror, his teeth seemed to have become more pointed, especially his fang-like canines.

"Hang on a second," Louis muttered as Liam explained the other changes he had experienced, including a pinpricking sensation underneath his skin and aching muscles. We all turned to face Louis, who was staring intently at Liam, "Look at his eyes, they're back to normal." And they were. The big brown puppy dog eyes I had known for nine years were back and bright as ever.


Liam's POV

The boys were handling this pretty well; we hadn't ever recalled the full story as far as I could remember.  I think Sam was waiting for more of the story because she sat there an her chair with her mouth hanging open silently.  Neither Harry or Zayn seemed prepared to continue, and Niall seemed either out of breath or just tired of talking, so I continued.

"That's when everything began to change,"


After that, nothing much really happened until about a month after our midnight expedition.  We were all seated on Louis' bed while everyone else in the dorm slept, playing a friendly game of cards.  At one point I looked out the window, always cautious of the colour of the sky just in case it was too close to dawn to be up, to be met with the dazzling light of the full moon shining through.  For no particular reason that same pin-pricking feeling began to happen under my skin and my muscles began to ache as though trying to move around.  I groaned in pain a bit receiving strange looks from the boys, but moments later Louis and Harry were both pulling a ridiculous face in pain; god those two were always so in sync.

"I feel...weird," Louis said to no one in particular, but Harry nodded in agreement.

"It's like there's pins but they're pricking me from inside," he added with a groan and Louis and I nodded in agreement.  Zayn and Niall looked at us like we were mad, but suddenly Zayn doubled over, clenching his stomach as though a searing pain had just shot through him.  Niall looked around frantically, unsure of what to do because if he ran to the staff for help they would get in trouble for being up late.  We all looked between each other in confusion, until Louis let out an agonising groan and something extra strange began to happen.  Loud clicking noises filled the room and I was surprised no one had woken up, but before I could think any more every part of my body began to throb in pain and I felt like something was ripping me limb from limb, twisting anything connected to my nervous system and making me lie down in pain.

We were all feeling the same thing, even Niall now, and it was getting just a little scary.  I rolled onto my back just as the worst pain yet struck my head like a migraine, but I had never had one before, and then things began to get woozy and I flopped onto Louis' bed unconscious.

I woke up to a clear head and flexed my muscles easily, gently and steadily standing on four legs.

Hang on a second.

Four legs?!

I looked down to find, where my nose should have been, a grey furry muzzle and under that two furry front paws.  Scared out of my wits and thinking I was dreaming I looked at where the boys had been sitting, but in their places were four more...wolves?

Slowly they began to stir and, in realisation at what they had become, began to panic, yapping and howling and jumping frantically over the bed we were still on.  "What happened?" a white wolf, who I assumed was Louis, barked.

"I don't know" I yapped back.  It was then that I realised that the boys weren't actually full on wolves, but wolf pups, which I guess resembled our ages in real life.

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