Waiting For Rain (One Direction)

Samantha Blake is your average 17 year old but she does not live in the average place. Her family live in a small town called Ashville where Sam, her siblings and a few other families are the only children. That's not the only thing though. It also hasn't rained for five years in Ashville despite the constantly grey skies and even far off lightning that they never hear the thunder of. For Sam life is boring until one dreary Saturday five teen boys move into the house next door. Sam's life immediately brightens, but only until she discovers that the boys have a dark secret that could either destroy Ashville or save it.


12. Explanations Part 2

"What's going on?" Niall yelped, jumping back in surprise at his 'voice'.  His wolf was a golden yellow colour that reflected the light beautifully.  Wait, the light?!  Oh no, the sun was coming up!  The dorm staff would be here any minute to wake everyone up, I could just tell.  That got me thinking - how do I turn back to normal?

"Hey guys, the sun's coming up!" I yelped and when their attention was on me I asked "Do you have any idea how to get back to normal?"

"Maybe if you, like, think about it really hard?" little Harry suggested from his place slightly disjointed from us at the end of Louis' bed.  Realising that he was alone Louis pounced over to Harry and snuggled in close to comfort him.

"Good thinking Hazz,"  Louis agreed, and sqeezed his dazzling blue eyes shut in concentration.  Harry followed his lead nad I felt somehow compelled to as well.  Soon enough we were all sitting there with our eyes shut, not only thinking about being normal again but also hoping the staff wouldn't walk in too soon.  Slowly but surely I felt a strange tingling sensation and then the same pain I had felt turning into this creature, only less painful.


I woke in my own bed with the covers pulled to my chin, being yelled at painfully loudly by a growly voice.  I sat up tentatively to see everyone else sitting up, rubbing their bleary eyes, and yawning awake from sleepy happiness.  I let out a yawn and swung my legs off the side of the bed; the memories of last night came flashing back into my mind, then the memory of our midnight adventure.  What had happened last night seemed so unreal; had it just been a dream?  I decided to ask the boys at school.

I had just slipped into my school uniform, an azure polo shirt and tan pants with black shoes, when someone started tugging on my arm, stubbornly trying to get my attention.  I was forcefully pulled in their direction and to the boys who were waiting outside the dorm.

"Okay, so do we all remember last night?" Louis asked, deep in thought.  So it must not have been a dream if Louis remembered it too.  Strange.

"Yeah, why? And how did I end up in my own bed?" I asked accusingly.  If it really wasn't a dream I didn't understand how I could have been in bed when I woke up this morning.

"You and Niall were asleep when we went back to normal so Louis and I carried you back to bed," Zayn explained, "Good thing we did too because the dorm staff were on their way,"

"Oh, okay, but what exactly happened last night?" Niall interrupted.  Louis and Zayn shared a knowing glance.  They always seemed to think they could act like parents because they were the oldest.

"Well," Louis started, "Zayn and I were talking earlier,"

"You remember the wolf in the woods when we snuck out?" Zayn continued, finishing Louis' sentence. "And how it attacked us?"  We all nodded.

"Well, we think that the wolf in the woods was actually a werewolf and now we are too," Louis finished, looking down at his feet sheepishly.  I stood gawking at his words.  How was that even possible?! Being from a strict background the phase of imagination had skipped past me and the idea of mythical creatures existing did not mix well with my mind.

"B-b-but how is that even possible?" I stuttered in shock and I could tell Niall and Harry were in shock too.  I kind of felt sorry for Harry, he was the youngest and he had been so scared that night; the prospect of it affecting his life forever would be extremely daunting.

"Actually, we ran some tests," Zayn mumbled and pushed forward his left arm so we could all see  Band-Aids covering a patch on his lower arm. Louis made the same action to show an identical patch of Band-Aids on his arm. "Turns out our blood is different now.  It's black, not red,"


Sam's POV

"We still have the scars, if you were wondering," Zayn turned his arm out towards me and Louis followed his action to reveal a patch of taut interrupted skin.

"W-why do you still have the scars?" I stuttered; there was no way the scars would have stayed after only one cut.

"Well, we kind of didn't believe it at first..." Louis started.

"So we did it again, and again to see if it was real," Zayn finished the sentence, his voice cracking at the end.  I rushed forward to encompass him in a warm hug and felt him slowly relax under my grip.

"Thanks Sam," he sniffled, nearly invisible tear tracks marking his cheeks, "but it's not the end of our story,"


We soon accustomed to the change and learnt how to do it painlessly and more often than the full moon.  We lived with the curse for three years, escaping through the window every full moon and meeting with the other werewolves of the area, who we discovered were actually Mr Cowell and his family.  We had also discovered that Mr Cowell was the one who had attacked us that fateful night.  He had been so overcome with guilt that he had reported sick to school for the next two weeks.

Life continued like that until one dreary Sunday we were sitting in our group in the main dining room of the orphanage when a couple came to visit, and hopefully adopt a child.  At their entrance all hopeful eyes turned towards them and I could see they were quite taken aback.

Immediately Cher jumped up to greet them being the little social butterfly she is, only making the couple more surprised.  I guessed they had never been to an orphanage before.  They spent the morning walking around, talking to kids in the main room.  After two hours I felt them approaching our group and stiffened subtly as they neared.  Harry moved closer to Louis who wrapped his arms protectively around the younger boy, and Liam and Niall shared a wary glance.

"Hello boys." The woman, who Cher had earlier named Cathy, sat down between me and Niall.  She was pretty; brunette with hazel eyes, and she smelled of sweet flowers, perfume and spring time.  "What are you doing at the moment?" she asked in a friendly manner. but I could tell none of the boys were in the mood for talking.

Suddenly Harry broke from Louis' grasp and leaned forward slightly, "We're playing snap," he said in nearly a whisper.  Cathy seemed quite surprised at his shyness; most of the other kids she had met were outgoing and friendly. "Zayn's winning." Harry pointed in my idrection; my cheeks felt suddenly hot and I knew they were turning a polite shade of red as everyone turned to face me.

"Hi," I muttered before looking down at my cards sheepishly.  I knew what was coming next.

"I'm Louis," Louis stated.  He was always the first to talk after the awkward starter conversation.

"And how old are you Louis?" the man, John, asked.

"I'm nearly thirteen, those three are twelve and Harry's eleven," Louis ruined our chances at making contact without it being awkward, pointing at us in turn.

"Actually I'm twelve-and-one-sixth," Liam pointed out, always the smart sensible one.

"Oh, okay then, what's your name young man?" Cathy asked Liam.

"I'm Liam, I'm twelve-and-two-sixths, my favourite colour is purple and I enjoy watching the movie Toy Story," Liam listed off, finishing with a satisfied smile.  He had a chance of being taken, I knew it.  Who didn't want a smart, sensible, good looking son?

"I'm Niall!" Niall piped up in his Irish accent that was slowly disappearing.  His crooked smile made the couple smile too and I concluded that he would be an obvious choice for adoption.

The conversation continued but I tried to contribute as little as possible, being the introverted soul I was.  Eventually, after about twenty minutes of awkwardness for me Cathy and John disappeared to go talk to some toher people.  The rest of our morning went smoothly until lunch.

We walked into the dining room to be met by Mrs Callista, one of the senior staff. "You're requested in the office, all five of you," she said sternly, turning us back towards the doorway overflowing with people.  I looked worriedly at Louis; had something happened?  Had our monthly escapades been found out?  had we supposedly done something we hadn't?  Had we been violent at school? I didn't think so.

We hurried down the long hallway towards the head office, a red carpeted room with a heavy oak desk sitting in the middle.  On one side was a matching oak chair with red leather seating and five smaler wooden chairs.  On the side facing the door there were two chairs where Cathy and John were seated.  In the head red leather chair sat Ms Upteen, a round lady with a foshbowl face and short podgy limbs.  She also had a distaste for children so I had always wondered why she would run an orphanage.  Cathy and Johns' faces lit up when they saw us enter the room but Ms Upteen remained tight lipped as she always was.

"Come and sit down, boys," Ms Upteen sneered.  Well, that's what it looked like on her plastic face. "Mr and Mrs White are here to see you." We exchanged glances; why would they wand to see us?  We took our seats on either side of Ms Upteen, still nervous.  When we had been called to the office this was not what we expected.

"Hello again boys," Cathy smiled in a motherly way, "Johmn and I have something very important to ask you," she continued, taking John's hand as she spoke. "We would like to ask you...if you would be our sons?"

What? Did - did they want to adopt ALL FIVE of us?!  My stomach started backflipping in excitement, but that feeling was almost instantly extinguished with another thought.  What about our siblings? WE all had siblings and we would just be abandoning them.  Sure, I was eager to get out of this shitty place, but not without my sisters.  No, I decided against my selfish instincts to say yes.  In that moment I realised all eyes were on me.

"Well, Zayn?  Do you want to go?" Upteen snapped.  I had been so involved in my thoughts I had missed the others' answers.

"I, um...I-I'm not sure," I admitted.  I wondered waht the others had said.

"Well, in that case you are all dismissed." Upteen motioned for us to leave.  I jumped from my seat and folllowed the others' blank faces out of the office.  At the click of the door closing Louis spun around to face me, his face one of immense anger.

"What were you thinking Zayn?!" He yelled, "Our one chance to get out of here and you RUINED it!!!"  His hands were balled into fists so hard they were turning white and his body was shaking with anger.  Normally I would have kept a straight face and not induced a violent environment, but this time I was ready to shift and fight him.

"Well at least I actually thought about it!" I snapped back and I could tell he wasn't expecting that kind of answer, "Would you really leave your sisters so easily?" My gaze softened. "Greg? Gemma? Ruth and Nicola?" I turned to each of the boys in turn. "Would you really leave them without a second thought?"  I could see tears brimming in Niall's bright blue eyes but he quickly wiped them with his sleeve.  Niall was really close with his brother and I knew they wouldn't separate for the world.

"I suppose you have a point Zayn," Louis sighed, shoulders slumping in defeat, "but we would still keep in contact if we did leave," he perked up, and I had to admit I hadn't really thought of that.

"Should we go?" Liam asked from his position as an onlooker into our argument, "I say yes."

"I say yes," Harry decided.

"I vote yes," Louis said more confidently than the others.

"Okay," Niall sighed.  The yall looked to me.  I sighed in defeat.


We knocked politely on the office door and were greeted coldly. "What do you want, boys?" Upteen rubbed her forehead in frustration.

"We would like to accept to be adopted as your sons," Liam said formally.  He always had a way with words, even if he couldn't spell them.  We all nodded vigorously and smiles spread across Cathy and Johns' faces.

They signed the papers and it was official.  We left the orphanage two days later with teary farewells from our siblings and even friends.  It was hard saying goodbye, but it wasn't like we would never see them again.

My eyes brimmed with tears as I hugged my sisters for the last time and slid into the bronze people-mover car alongside Louis and Liam with our small bags filed with our most important belongings - toiletries, a change of clothes, my teddy bear and the only thing I had salvaged from home before we were whisked off to child safety: a pearl bracelet that had once belonged to my mother.


Sam's POV "And that's how we ended up here," Zayn finished.

"Oh, just so it doesn't get awkward, Cathy and John don't know our secret either," Harry butted in. "They just think that after our 'troubled' upbringing we are kind of rebellious and that's why stuff happens that makes us need to move all the time,"

"Oh." I replied simply.  I really had no idea what to say.  I checked the clock hanging above my door; it was nearly eight PM already. "Um, well, maybe you could explain more tomorrow seeing as it's a weekend...you guys probably need to get home," I said standing from my chair and opening the door for the boys.  They left in awkward silence and I watched them traipse down the footpath to their house.  

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