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4. imagine 4 (15+)

You are Niall’s girlfriend, but it’s been a secret for a couple months. None of the boys know that you are, they just think that you two are friends. You and Niall are going on a fancy date tonight. You peak inside to see what’s taking him so long


Your back is against the wall now, since you didn’t want him to know you were watching him, because he might think that you were a creep


You smiled to yourself because he was so cute. He came out of his room, looking absolutely fantastic.


“Hi,” He says.

“Hi,” You reply.

The awkward silence surrounds the room so he just takes your hand.


You blushed and he smiled at you. He lead you to his car, and you both drove to the restaurant. 

You entered the restaurant, and you quickly sat down. Niall stared deep into your eyes and your face was crimson


“I love you,” He said softly. He grinned and you smiled.

“I love you too,” You replied.

The food came and you both ate quickly.

You both drove home together and you walked into the kitchen for some water. You heard footsteps behind you, and as soon as you turned around, Niall’s lips crashed onto yours. He picked you up and sat you on the counter.


He began undressing you, and you did the same. Your lips never left his. He lead you into his bedroom and continued kissing you.


He threw you on the bed gently 


His warm hands softly touched you and you shivered. He got on top of you, and entered you. You let out a moan. 


You clawed his back. He felt so good.


You flipped over and began taking control. His warm hands moved across your back.

You both climaxed at the same time and he kissed you once more.


You knew he was the one. He was absolutely perfect.

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