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8. i miss you for lillyrox

“I HATE YOU NIALL HORAN!” you yelled at your now ex boyfriend of 4 years. You had just left him home alone for 15 minutes and already he had another girl over.

“Please lilly! stop!” he got down on his knees crying. You were beating the shit out of that girl! You stopped once the tears leaked out of his eyes. You threw her outside with her clothes.

“So you’re crying over that skank getting hurt than our relationship of FOUR FUCKING YEARS?!” you yelled. He covered his face in shame. You ran to your room and started packing. Niall came in and tried to stop you.

“P-please please pr-rincess” he cried hysterically. You threw him off of you and gathered you things. 

“Goodbye Niall…” you said slamming the door. 

~*The next morning*~ 

You drove to your best friend’s house and stood the night. Harry and Louis called you back to back but you didn’t pick up. Then you got a text from Niall which you deleted, and Zayn tried to find you multiple times while Liam stood with Niall.

lilly! someone wants you at the door!” your friend said from downstairs. You quickly got dressed and walked down. When you got there, Harry was standing in the living room with your best friend. Once he saw you, he quickly ran to you.

“You had us worried sick! why haven’t you picked up any of our calls?!” he questioned. 

“Because you guys were going to give me the guilt trip!” you said. Harry sighed and asked you to go with him. You nodded and told your friend you’ll be back later. 

Harry drove you all the way to a little park for you to relax and clear your mind. You thought this was no help at all but Harry insisted you try to relax and tell him what happened.

“So that’s why….” you breathed. Harry nodded.

“Well look, this was one big mistake but you can’t be mad at the poor lad forever. I understand if you’re still mad at him but, please talk to him?” he beg. You sighed and agreed causing Harry to smile.

“Hold on I have someone calling me” he said answering his mobile.

“WHAT?! OH GOD NO OK BYE” Harry hung up. He carried you to the car without saying a word.

“Harry whats going on?!” you said as he was driving. He started to cry.

“It’s Niall! they don’t know where hes at” he said. You heart started to pound. Where could he be…? You looked up at the sky asking yourself, where and why did he hide?

When you arrived at the house, four cars were there. Liam,Zayn,Harry and Niall’s car all parked outside the house. Louis ran out crying. He threw up for some strange reason.

“LOUIS!” you both yelled running toward him. 

“Whats wrong?!?!?!?” Harry asked. Louis cried so hard he couldn’t talk.

“T-t-t-t-he rr-o-o-om!” he managed to say. You and Harry ran to the room. There standing was Zayn, Liam and Niall. Zayn was in a trance while Liam was pounding the wall. 

“Why did you do this mate?!” Liam yelled. Harry saw the sight and broke down. You were scared to look. Harry grabbed you and hugged you. At that moment, you started crying yourself. You looked up and saw Niall lying on the ground. Gun in one hand, a note in the other. Harry covered your eyes.

“Don’t look love” he sniffled. Liam came toward you and gave you a hug, then came Zayn and later, Louis joined the hug. 

“My heart is breathing for this…moment in time I’ll find the words to say, before you leave me today…” Zayn started to sing. Then soon enough everyone was singing. All of you were begging for one last moment with Niall…

~*One hour later*~ 

Paramedics and police arrived, carrying Niall into the car.

“Excuse me, are you lilly?” the police man asked. You nodded. 

“I think he wanted you to read this,” the man handed you the blood splattered note. 

“You can keep it, we don’t need this for evidence… we’re so sorry for your loss” the man patted your back and walked away. You read the note:

Dear lilly,

                 I remember it like it was just yesterday, when we first met at the concert. You were wearing you favorite blue fleece sweater with your rip jean short, your hair was flowing so beautiful whenever a breeze came in. I knew I had to have you the moment when I saw you. Well I did get you. Four beautiful years, four years of beautiful memories. But every precious moment will be a waist by now. When you caught me, I regretted my choice. I know I lost you, but please, please still love me. That’s all I ever want. All I want is for my princess to love me forever. By the time you get this, the lads probably discovered my corpse lying on the ground. I’m so sorry princess. If you do miss me, please… keep this with you at all times. Have the boys sing you Miss You, I was going to sing you that later today, but I guess the lads will have to now. I love you princess, I’m no longer on earth to harm your heart anymore. I’m up there guarding you now. Bye my love, see you soon… 


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