Niall Horan imagines

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7. he gives you the silent threatment

Niall; You and Niall had a awful fight over something so stupid. You couldn’t even remember what it was over but you knew niall wasn’t letting it go. You went into the living room to find niall playing fifa soccer his eyes glued to the screen. “Niall, I’m going to the shops. What do you want for dinner?” You ask and he completely ignores you. “Baby?” You say walking toward him thinking he didn’t hear you. You touch his shoulder and he shrugs you away. “Oh. Okay.” You say getting pissed. “We’ll two can play at that.” And with you walked out of the door and to your car. Within thirty minutes you were back and started cooking. You made just enough for yourself. When niall came through he grabbed a plate and opened the pot and it was empty. “Where’s mine?” He asks. “Oh so now you can speak? Well I asked you if you wanted anything and you didn’t answer so.. I figured you didn’t want any.” You say picking up your empty plate and putting it in the sink. Nialls face grew angry as you passed by him in a ‘fuck you’ manner. You walked up the stairs of your bed room and layed in your bed. You heard a knock at the door knowing it was niall. “Baby can I come in?” He asked his accent thick. “Yeah I guess” you say in a bitchy tone. “Im sorry I was such a dick last night and all today, please can we just stop this?” He asks sitting next to me on the bed. “Yeah i guess. I don’t really like being mad at you.” You say scooting closer to his body. He leans forward and kisses your lips. Then you hear his stomach growl. “Niall I made a plate for you, it’s in the microwave.” You say kissing his lips once more. “Thank you babe.”

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