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5. for lauran

*Jan. 1, 2013 morning *
Niall's P.O.V
I opened my eyes and find my self entangled with this beautiful girl . I look at her and smile this girl has given me the best time of my life last night I think about last night and can't help but grin wow I've never has this feeling before . Last night was just perfect . She was perfect . I pull her closer and kiss her on the head softly . I look at the clock on the night stand and saw it was almost noon Damn . It's only been 6 hours since we finally went to bed . I smile at the thought . I sign and stare at the ceiling I hope. When she wakes up , she doesn't regret it . I grab my phone and tapped on the twitter app . I tweeted " Happy New Years! 2013 started with being with my amazing girl x :)" . I skim though twitter and notice a few drunk tweets from Harry  . I shake my head and chuckle . I decided to go to her twitter . I twitted to her " babe wake up :) ( this lazy girl loves sleeping like me !) " I texted Louis "are you up "...BING!..."no I'm texting while sleeping " he replies " smartass:p " I text back ....BING!... " I know ;))) so how was last night eh " I chuckle and text back " it was AMAZING PERFECT " .... BING...." Wow you seem pretty fucking happy there mate lol :) glad you had a great time congrats ;) I hope she didn't get scared by your friend there ...." I laugh a bit to loud and she stirs. I quickly text back ""  HA NAH LAD ;) she quite enjoyed it !" Louis: " good :) you think she won't get pissed that you told the guys that you planned this "Me:" no she'll understand she's waking up ! Cya later " I kiss her forehead " good morning princess " I say quietly she groans , rubs her eyes and stretches " owwww.." She whimpers " are you okay " I ask looking of bruises or something " yeah just sore," she says looking up at me and smirking . I smile and squeezes her gently " ah did you sleep well ?" I ask she nods slowly and snuggles into me " I had a great time last night thank you again " she whispers I kiss her cheek and rub her back " your welcome I also had a great time " I reply . She pokes my nose and says " I would hope so ! Since I WAS so inexperienced " I laugh and lay my forehead against hers " I think we solved that problem last night babe ," I say grinning she blushes and nods slowly . " are you going to tell the boys ?" She asks . I look at her and reply " do you want me to?" She drugs and says " I'm sure zayn will figure it out anyways " I laugh and shake my head " that is true ". " bet he's going to be like , OMG ! IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT ABOUT YOU ?YOURE NOT A VIRGIN NO MORE EH ?" She says in her attempt of impersonating Zayn . I laugh so hard I nearly can't breath " Omg that was so bad babe " I say she smiles and says " I know . He he" " is there anything you'd like to do today?" I say she replies " besides the obvious ? Um.... I'd like to take a shower, eat lunch , and the idk " I shake my head and pat her cheek " then go have a shower while I order food pizza ? I ask . She nods and gets up slowly " pepperoni please !" She says as she walks into the bathroom . I grab the phone and call the same  place where we ordered last time . After I put the order in I put some clothes on and walked onto the balcony good thing no one is outside our hotel today I  take a deep breath in if the fresh air. It was a bit chilly bit I have a hoodie on with a Snapback . I think back when I first met her beautiful , so shy and so insecure I smile and remember our first kiss . It was our 2nd date I took her out to an arcade . She just beat me in a basket ball shooting game " I believe you owe me a kiss ," she says hugging her giraffe " it was totally rigged !" I say she shakes her head and puckers her lips she starts making kiddy noises and I raise an eyebrow at her . She looks at me and laughs " heh I just wanted to scare you and see how you'd react she says smirking . I roll my eyes and grab the stuff animal " hey!," she says pouting "hello ," I reply grinning at her . She looks so cute pouting I say " want it back ?" She nods " then kiss me " I say she blushes a bit " c'mon " I tease puckering my lips . She grabs my arms and kisses me slowly . I'm taken aback by it . She pulls away and stares up at me " so can I have my giraffe back?" I blink a couple of time and reply " sure no thing " and hand back her the giraffe she smiles and hugs it tight . Luckily little stuffed animal " thank you " she says and kisses my cheek I blush a little and grab her hand " c'mon lets get you home bella , before I demand a rematch I say . She giggles and says "yeah you'll owe me another kiss " I laugh and kiss her cheek " yeah sure uh hi okay " I say smirking " Niall ?" I hear her voice . I am brought back to reality and shake my head " coming I reply walking back into my room . She's dressed in just sweats and a large t shirt . Still beautiful " i hungry " she whines making a puppy face . " Let me call the front desk and see if they have it or not " I say already phoning the front office " Yes this is Niall horan . I was wondering if my order of pizza came oh okay thank you " u hanged up and turned to her " they're bringing it up " she brushes her hair and asks " do you think we can hang out with the others later ?" I shrug and replay " I'll text them right now " I send a group text to the lads " bella wants to. Hang out with everyone you guys up to it " . Hey Lauren I hope you liked it


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