Waiting For Forever

Only some of the many things Rebecca Tatum had to go through. She's never had the best life. Even with her step mum, but she tries to love her life anyways. Everybody knows her secret. So you can't necessarily say she's hiding anything. But most of the time, people will take it to the extreme and say she wanted to be abused and raped. Then there was Harry who made her feel special and was different from everybody else. Will Rebecca fall for Harry or will Polly get in their way?


3. Chapter 3


Welp I didn't get on and they won't tell me why so I think that everyone that told me I was good lied to me..... on the bright side I have a 3.4 so wish me luck that it doesn't go down! P.S. The Benvenuti is the place where we do plays and dance shows and stuff at my school, so it's really just a theater thing. ____________________________________________________

I was blushing extremely. My cheeks look like someone had took red paint and painted both of my cheeks. Then I realized something.

There was no name signed.

Who would send me letter this thoughtful? Who would send me a letter at all? I looked inside the box and pulled out a large, red raspberry candle and immediately smelled it. It smelled fantastic! Raspberries are my favorite out of any berry. How did this person know I liked raspberries? That's creepy... Well, they could have just guessed. I thought. Shrugging, I set the candle on my vanity right next to my Katy Perry perfume. I went back to the small, brown box and pulled out the second item. It was a golden heart locket. I opened the locket. On one side there were words engraved saying 'I love you.' Smiling at the words, I checked the other side. On this side the letters spelled out 'Forever and always.'

I took a seat at my vanity and held up the necklace, putting it on. I was never going to remove this necklace, even through sleep and showers. It was never coming off.


I was late for homeroom for the first time in months. I really did not want to go in now. I know what treatment I was going to get, but I had to go in sooner or later, so I chose sooner. I walked into the room and, of course, 62 eyes all staring at me at once like I had just murdered somebody. My head stayed looking down at the floor as I walked over to my seat. Their eyes followed me like that Mona Lisa painting, watching my every move. I got to my seat and slightly looked over to Harry. He caught my eye and mouthed an 'are you okay?' to me. Nodding, Polly shot a look to me and mouthing a 'What's the matter, bitch? Did the poor baby get raped again?' with a smirk on her face. She always new the right words to break me. And they always worked. I stayed quiet the rest of the period. I didn't talk, or raise my hand, or even look up. I just stayed silent.

The first five periods went by pretty quickly. It was now lunch. I didn't bother to get lunch because I know Polly and her clique were just going "accidentally" bump into me and spill it on my shirt. I just sat at an empty table until she, and her clique, decided to walk over to me.

"Why aren't you eating, anorexic freak?" All of Polly's minions laughed as she smirked. I kept my face lined up with my phone and tried ignoring her until she grabbed my face and made me look at her. "Look you little whore. I want you to stop talking to Harry. He is mine, and I won't let you or anyone else have him until I've beaten him into the ground. Got it?" I tried looking away but her claws-she calls hands-were gripping my face tight. Pushing her off of me, I slung my backpack over my shoulder and started to get up. "Oh. So you want to play that game?" I just ignored her and walked away. When I was far enough away she turned around to the girls following her; "If she wants to play like that, then maybe I should literally beat Harry into the ground."


Anorexic freak.





Polly, and my parent's lies, were swarming around in my head. I knew they weren't true, but I'm just to stupid to realize that. I can't take it anymore! I want to. No; I didn't want to. I needed to. I ran into the girls bathroom and locked the entrance door so nobody could get in. Walking to the sink, I took out a plastic, blue pencil sharpener and took out the blade. I pulled up my sleeve and put the blade to my wrist. Slowly, I slid it across mumbling 'pathetic' and again mumbling 'whore'. I slid it across one more time, whimpering in complete pain. "Anorexic freak." I mumbled and tears started streaming down my face. I'd cut deeper than I'd thought. I fell to my knees, keeping my hand over the sink to keep the crimson fluid from dripping on the floor. I stayed there, on my knees, not wanting anything to do with life. I slowly stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. All I saw was this helpless girl who needed somebody in her life who really loved her. I shook my head. "That's never going to happen." I mumbled.

The bell rang and I quickly cleaned up my wound, making sure not to leave any trace of blood left. I wiped what I could of my running mascara off and headed to class.

I got to class, right before the late bell rang, and slowly walked to my seat. You could tell I'd been crying, my eyes were red and puffy. Harry looked at me with hurt in his eyes, like he was going to start crying too. I didn't look at him for long since Polly walked into the room. "I won't let you or anyone else have him until I've beaten him into the ground" Her words echoed in my head. What did she mean by that? Is she going to kill Harry? She can't do that, can she? I shook my head at my thoughts. I knew she could. She could make anyone do anything for her, since she was the most popular girl in school. The world, maybe. I just didn't want to believe it.


I walked into music class and sat in my usual seat in the corner of the room. "Good morning class. Please take a seat." Mr. Wilkinson said, sitting down at his desk. "Now, I hope you are all prepared because it's Friday and you will all be doing your performances in the Benvenuti." My eyes widened massively. Friday? Already!? It can't be Friday already.

We got to the Benvenuti and everybody sat down. Lots people, that I payed no attention to who they were, went before I was called. "And lastly, We have Rebecca Tatum" Mr. Wilkinson stated. My head quickly shot up and looked around. My eyes immediately met with Harry's.

"You've got this," he said quietly, giving me a thumbs up. I pulled off my hood and quickly paced on stage. I pushed my bangs out of my eyes, hesitantly looking at the crowd. I've never sang in front of anybody. Not even my own mum. My body, and my breath, was shaky. The music started playing softly, getting louder within a couple seconds seconds. I can do this. I can do this.


I shook my head and clenched my fist, shutting my eyes. I could feel everybody's eyes burning right through me. Their glare mocking me. Especially Polly's. Her beady brown eyes seeping right through me. "You can do this, Becca!" I heard a voice shout. Harry. He believed in me. A wide grin formed on my face as I opened my eyes and unclenched my fists. 

Do you ever feel like breaking down? Do you ever feel out of place? Like somehow you just don't belong, and no one understands you. My voice was shaky, you could definitely tell I was nervous. 

Harry's POV: 

"You can do this, Becca!" I shouted to her from the crowd. She was nervous. I honestly don't get why, I mean she's probably the best singer I've ever heard. And she's beautiful too. The way her brown hair rests on her shoulders. The way she talked. Everything about her was just... perfect. She opened her gorgeous blue eyes and relaxed a little.

 Do you ever feel like breaking down? Do you ever feel out of place? Like somehow you just don't belong, and no one understands you? She started, her voice shaky. "SLUT" Polly scoffed and the whole crowd laughed, even the teacher. I shook my head. Polly just loved making everything worse than it already was. I don't even know why our parents arranged us to date. Yeah we were both born into rich families but I'd like to choose who I date. Rebecca stopped singing and looked down at the floor, missing a couple verses. I had to do something, I didn't want to see her like this. That's when it hit me. 

No one ever lied straight to your face. No on ever stabbed you in the back. You might think I'm happy but I'm not gonna be okay. I sang, smiling at Becca. She looked up at me with wide eyes. I could tell she'd been trying not to cry. Her eyes were glossy and as blue as the ocean. It almost felt like we were the only two people there. Everybody always gave you what you wanted. You never had to work, it was always there. You don't know what it's like, what it's like. We sang together for the rest of the song. We harmonized perfectly throughout the song. Almost like we were ment to sing together. You know, like fate or something like that? 

"Good work today class. It's lunch time. You're dismissed" Mr. Wilkinson said, walking out of the Benvenuti. I waited till everybody was out of the room and looked over at Rebecca, smiling. There was a wide grin on her face. She jumped off stage and ran to me, giving me a giant hug. 

"Thank you, Harry" She said smiling. 

"Anytime, love." I rubbed her back and she pulled away. "Hey uhm... Would you like to, well uhm, basically hang out tomorrow?" I asked nervously. 

"Yeah, I'd love that." She nodded. 







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