Waiting For Forever

Only some of the many things Rebecca Tatum had to go through. She's never had the best life. Even with her step mum, but she tries to love her life anyways. Everybody knows her secret. So you can't necessarily say she's hiding anything. But most of the time, people will take it to the extreme and say she wanted to be abused and raped. Then there was Harry who made her feel special and was different from everybody else. Will Rebecca fall for Harry or will Polly get in their way?


2. Chapter 2


Sorry for the crappy chapter!! I've been practicing for The XFactor and I just haven't had the time and I had to write it fast! Also, it's kind of short and that's why. So, I hope you like it anyways! OH! and before i forget! Sorry for all the POV changing. I had to figure out someway to make it work so yeah... sorry guys! _____________________________________________________________________________

No boy has ever talked to me, unless they were calling me names. Harry wasn't one of those boys who would ever hurt any girl, and if he did he'd do anything to make it up to her. He was very civil to everybody, no matter what they had been through. He was even civil to Polly, and she treats him like total shit.

"Is that going to be your song for the project?" He asked. His soft, pink lips moved slowly as he talked. Green orbs connecting with mine.

"Yeah, It fits my life pretty well." I looked down and fiddled with my fingers, wishing I hadn't said that. I know everyone knew because my best friend, or so called, told everyone, but I never liked bringing it up. It already gets talked about all over school, the hallways, the cafeteria, everywhere. I sat on the stage and kept at my fingers.

Harry's POV:

My heart shattered into a million pieces when those words came out of her mouth. I knew about it already, but she is a lady and no lady should be treated that way. No human being in general. I sat next to her on the stage. "You don't need to feel this way, love." I said while smiling.

"Oh Harry!" Someone called from across the auditorium. I jumped up and looked around. Polly. Her hair swaying back and forth in the pony tail, as the walked down to where we met on the stage. "It's lunch time. What are you doing in here? With her." She said disgusted.

"Just making a friend-" She cut me off before I could finish.

"Whatever. I don't care. Now come on. My daddy is waiting for us."

I turned to Rebecca and rolled my eyes, pushing the dark, brown curls out of my face. "I'll see you later, love." I winked and went on my way. I knew she could here Polly bickering about how she hated her and how I wasn't supposed to talk to her, but I didn't care. Neither did she.


Rebecca's POV:

I got home and saw my mum was gone. There was a note on the fridge that said 'Hello, love! I just went to the shop to help Mrs. Johnson. I'll be home soon.' I smiled at the note. She always loved helping at the shop. It made me happy knowing that she was doing something she loved.

I went immediately to the fridge and pulled out a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate icing drizzled on top. It wasn't the healthiest thing to eat, but it was something. My phone buzzed. It was Zoe.

From: Zozo

Hey girl! Sleep over tonight at my house at 7 with Leah and Chanel! Xo

Whenever we had sleepovers it would always turn out to be just us talking about random crap, with the tv on so her mum couldn't hear us. They were always fun though. I got to tickle Leah until she told us her crush one time.

To: Zozo

Kay! Be there soon! xx

I finished my cake and went upstairs to pack. I made sure to pack a long sleeve shirt to hide my scars, even though everyone one knew, I still felt like I had to hide them. What they didn't know is that some of them aren't from being abused.


I walked to Zoe's and let myself in. She, nor her mum, didn't mind if we let ourselves in. "Hello, Rebecca. She's upstairs." Mrs. Worthen said whilst pouring a cup of tea. Her long, black hair was pulled back into a pony tail, letting her bangs fall freely to each side of her face.

"Thanks, Heather." I took off my TOMS and headed upstairs, stopping at her little brother, Dalton's, room. "Hey, Dalton! I've got something for you!" His eyes widened in excitement. He had the biggest "grin I'd ever seen as I pulled out some Pokemon cards that used to be mine, and handed them to him. I always like giving gifts to people. It made me feel happy inside, even if the shittiest thing had happened that day. "Take care of these, okay?" He nodded and jumped on his bed to start playing with them.

"Thanks, Rebecca!"

I nodded a 'your welcome' and headed to Zoe's room to find Leah and Chanel already there. "Hey gurlies! What did I miss?" I plopped down on the leopard print chair and pushed my hair out of my face. It wasn't the most comfortable chair but it was the only thing I had that I could sit on, considering all three of them took up Zoe's bed.

About an hour passed and of course, we were talking, and the tv was turned on so her mum couldn't hear us. We were watching my favorite movie Love Actually, but i've seen it to many times to pay any attention to it anymore. "I'm going to go pee." I said getting up and setting my phone down on the chair.


When I got out of the bathroom, the girls were giggling with my phone. "What are you doing!?" I snatched my Blackberry and saw I'd gotten a text from my perverted ex-boyfriend Nick.

From: Pervert(Nick)

Hey babe. What color underwear are you wearing? (; xoxo

I checked what they replied with. Pink. Lace. Out if everything they could've chose, they choose pink lace! My cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. "What the fuck is wrong with you guys?! I leave for five minutes and I find a text to my ex saying I'm wearing pink lace underwear!" They knew I hated when people touched my phone, but they did it anyways. Just to piss me off, most likely.

"Oh. C'mon, Becca. We were just having a little fun!" Leah said, teasingly. I rolled my eyes and put my phone in my bra so they wouldn't dare try and get it for the rest of the night. For a fact, I'd know they'd have it tomorrow.


"Bye Zoe! Bye Leah! Bye Chanel!" I said, walking away from Zoe's house to mine. I heard a murmur of their goodbyes before I turned the corner.

I walked inside and smelled the scent of apples and cinnamon. I slipped off my red TOMS and set them next to all of my other TOMS. "Morning mum!" I said kissing her on the cheek.

"Morning, love. Did you have fun?" She said taking the apple pie, she had just made, out of the oven and setting it near the window to cool.

"Yeah! We had a lot of fun...." I said. There was a long, awkward pause. "Well, I'm gonna go upstairs" I quickly ran upstairs and plopped down on my bed.

I heard a knock on my bedroom door. "It's open!" A tall, handsome figure came through the door. Harry."Wha- Uh... Hi Harry."

"Hello, love! You're mum said you'd be up here. I hope I'm not being a bother." His voice was soft, and gentleman like.

"No, no! You're fine! So... What did you need?" I asked curiously. I was almost surprised a boy came to my house without being forced to, like if we were partners for a science project.

"I just wanted to come by and say hi, maybe hang out or something? May i sit?" He said gesturing to the spot next to me on my bed. I quickly nodded and watched as he sat. "What would you like to do?" I stayed silent, staring at his plump, pink lips.

I just want to kiss them so badly! He'd probably think I'm a freak if I did. Wait he most likely already thinks I'm a freak. I slowly snapped out of my thoughts as his voice faded back in.

"Rebecca? Are you okay?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah. I'm fine." I said as both of our eyes met.

We didn't do much. We talked and laughed, getting to know each other too. Harry smiled and leant in a little closer. "I've been wanting to do this for a while. I hope you don't mind." His lips were about to touch mine.

"REBECCA!" My mum shouted to me.

I jumped, almost falling off the bed. I looked around for Harry as if he were actually here. He wasn't. It was just a dream. Go figure.

"Coming mum!" I hopped from step to step down the stairs. "What'd ya need?"

"There's a package on the counter for you." She said, gesturing to the counter.

I quickly grabbed the package and headed upstairs, mumbling a 'thanks mum.' I threw the package on my bed and took the blade I hide, taped under my desk, and cut across the middle of the package where it was taped. I opened the package to a card. 

Dearest Rebecca, 

Every time I see you, I want to compliment you. You always look beautiful. Your hair, your eyes, your smile or clothes. Usually most or all of them. Every time we meet your beauty is obvious, but I have never mentioned it. People who might overhear prevent me from saying such things in front of others, and we are only ever alone together for a few minutes at a time.  For those times, I can only say that I'm a little scared of you. I'm scared of the unknown. And I'm sorry that that has, until now, prevented me from saying anything.

I am writing this instead of saying it because it provides privacy where otherwise privacy would be impossible to find, and because it allows you to take as much time as you wish to think and compose a response accordingly. Also, if I attempted to say it out loud I would almost certainly butcher it in the attempt. This is the only way I could think of that would say what I meant to say.

This nothing more and nothing less than an admittance of the fact that I do, in fact, greatly like you. That my mind has not been able to stop thinking about you for almost a year, and that it shows no signs of stopping. Take that news as you will. Don't let it trouble you at all-this shouldn't change how I act around you, except perhaps allow me to relax a bit more in your presence. I hope it won't change how you see me, I'm still me. I'll still be acting on the same influences that I was for years before now. How you act is completely up to you.

If you don't like me in such a way, just tell me. I haven't fought my feelings for you, but neither have I unduly encouraged them. If you say so, I will fight them until they cease and I will prevent myself from feeling such about you. I believe I can stop them if I try, all you need to do is ask.

The choice is up to you. Do whatever you wish with this letter- burn it, put it with the other letters from the boys that like you, or throw it, as a paper airplane, off of a cliff. Show it to others if you want. I trust you. It's yours to do with as you wish.  It's all up to you.

But, please, whatever happens - Don't ever change. You improve the world with your every breath.

May you always have a smile on

May you always have a smile on your lips and a song in your heart.

Sincerely, - 

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