Waiting For Forever

Only some of the many things Rebecca Tatum had to go through. She's never had the best life. Even with her step mum, but she tries to love her life anyways. Everybody knows her secret. So you can't necessarily say she's hiding anything. But most of the time, people will take it to the extreme and say she wanted to be abused and raped. Then there was Harry who made her feel special and was different from everybody else. Will Rebecca fall for Harry or will Polly get in their way?


4. Authors note!! ~Please Read~

Hello everyone! I will not be posting on Movellas.com anymore for it is not working for me. I will still be continuing the story on my Wattpad and Quotev accounts! 


Wattpad & Quotev username: @Niallers_Gummybear


If you go to my works, you will find the story there! Thank you for reading my story! I hope you've liked it! 

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