Beauty is only skin deep

Really just a Valentines Day story. Sorry for it being a day late! Using my own OC's. Please don't copy!

A story about change and believing in yourself.
Beauty IS only skin deep after all.


1. Beauty is only skin deep

(A/N~ I intend on re doing this story. I'm sorry you had to read this terrible mess of a story. I'm sorry it assaulted your eyeballs. XD)

The sun was starting to set, casting an orange glow on everything, like stained glass. The deep blue of the ocean clashed with the orange of the sun. If you squinted you could make out two figures sitting on the end of the pier, in a world of their own. That was my boyfriend Sparx and I. As I sat on the end of the pier, waving my feet in the cool water, watching the sun set, for the first time in ages, I felt truly happy. That inner peace was broken when Sparx pretended to shove me into the water. I squealed and clung to Sparx's neck, splashing water everywhere. A low chuckle rumbled through Sparx. I glared at him. " You won't be laughing when I shove you into the water!' I growled. I then proceeded to try to shove Sparx into the water. See the word try. Sparx was like a rock. He laughed out loud now, ruffling my hair. " Don't push yourself." He snickered. I huffed. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me onto his lap, resting his head on my shoulder. " Aw... Thyme, you know I'd never push you into the ocean." He smiled. I sighed. "Sometimes I think I put too much trust into you." I giggled. I then looked out to the ocean. " Sparx?" I whispered. Sparx opened his eyes. "Hmm?" He mumbled. "Do you only like me for my looks?" I whispered, terrified of his answer. I remembered a time, not to long ago, when I didn't have the confidence I have now. When I was teased. When I sat alone. No-one had cared, had they?





I sighed adjusting the over sized glasses perched on the end of my nose. Another lunchtime, spent in the varying shades of my loneliness. I pushed my plaits back and straightened. A squeak escaped my lips when I saw 4 girls crowded around a locker. My locker. I frowned. when they saw me coming they ran off in fits of giggles. They knocked me down, knocking my papers everywhere. I looked up. LOOSER was spray painted across my locker. The lock on my locker was broken and the door hung wide open, my papers flying everywhere and books spilling out onto the floor. I took a deep breath, but it got stuck in my throat. 'Don't cry, Don't cry, Don't cry...' I chanted to myself. I picked up the pages that could be salvaged and stuffed them into a folder. Someone pushed past me and knocked my books to the floor. I almost screamed. I couldn't wait to get through 4th period. I spied a group of boys from across the soccer field. They were glancing in my direction. I looked down at the debris that now littered the floor. I sighed and started to pick my books up. I was about to pick up my book 'The Boy In Striped Pyjama's' when someone picked it up for me. I looked up and squeaked. Because probably the most popular boy in the school, Sparx, was holding out my book for me. I grimaced. "Come to laugh at me? we then go ahead. Laugh away." I spat. He cocked his head to the side and smiled. "The Boy In Striped Pyjama's? I liked that book. Kind of a tragic ending though." He mused. I blinked owlishly. " Y- You've read that book?" I spluttered. Sparx laughed, a low deep sexy laugh. Hey don't judge. He was popular, but that didn't mean I couldn't like him. I'm a girl. So sue me. He tapped his head. " Hey, I may be popular, but that doesn't make me an idiot." He chuckled. I sighed. " Well you know stereotypes.They're sorta true sometimes." I smiled sadly. Sparx frowned slightly. "How so?" He asked. I laughed lightly. " Oh.. I'm the average geek. I'm always wishing I could be more pretty and popular,but I'll always be geeky. Never pretty or popular." I laughed. Sparx's eyes lit up. " What? That's a bit pretentious." He smirked. I raised my eyebrows. " For someone so popular you must have a pretty wide vocabulary if you can use the word pretentious." I laughed. Wow. I hadn't laughed in ages. Sparx grinned. " Well, I think we've established I'm not the average popular person." he smiled. I laughed like a little schoolgirl. I bent own to pick up some books and shoved them into my locker. Sparx frowned. " Why'd they do that anyway?" He asked. I looked down at my feet. " Because I'm not pretty or popular." I whispered.I heard Sparx 'Hmmm.' I turned around and he was smiling again. " You certainly have potential though." He mused. I frowned. " Huh?" I asked. Sparx put his hands on my shoulders. "How about you meet me at your locker after school? I want to take you somewhere." He stared at me. I raised my eyebrows. " Are you asking me out?" I said dumbfounded. Sparx turned around and started walking off, hands in his pockets. " Call it what you want." He laughed. I stood there, looking at his retreating figure.


Had Sparx Caduto really asked me out?

4th period could not go fast enough for me. News had already gotten out that Sparx had talked to me. everyone kept asking me what he had said to me, but I just smiled and put my head down. Finally the bell rung I rushed out of the class and speed walked to my locker. Sparx was waiting for me, bag slung over his shoulder. He grinned when I opened my locker. I pulled out my bag and stuffed books inside it. I shut my locker. " Ready?" Sparx asked. I laughed. " You still haven't told me where we're going!" I squealed as Sparx dragged me along the hallway. he looked behind him and at me. He held a finger to his lips and smiled. " It's a secret okay?' He laughed as he dragged me to the car park. He pulled me over to a normal white car ( I don't know what sort of car, I don't study them.) I raised my eyebrows for about the millionth time.  " I thought you'd have something more flashy." I smirked. He opened the door for me. I got in and Sparx started the car. He opened his mouth but I cut him off. " Yeah, Yeah, Your not an average 'popular person' " I laughed as Sparx drove out of the car park. We drove along the highway. I looked around for something to give me a clue to where we were going. Nothing. Only massive houses. Just as I was about to ask Sparx where the hell we were going he drove into a car park. Of a mansion. I couldn't help it. My jaw dropped. Sparx laughed. " Close your mouth Thyme, you're going to catch flies!" He teased. I shut my mouth but kept staring. I glared at him. " And you said you weren't the typical popular person." I said sarcastically. Sparx laughed and started walking up the drive way. " I'm typical in some aspects." He laughed.


Sparx unlocked the door and let me step in. " Woah..." I whispered. Sparx dumped our bags in the hallway. " I'm home!" He hollered. "And he's brought a guest! Surprise, Surprise.." A voice grumbled. I looked towards the grand staircase. A short girl about my age with brown glossy hair that fell to about her waist stood up. she wore a Shoulder less pink shirt with a  black singlet on underneath. She wore black skinny jeans and no shoes. I was about to comment on The nice animal headband the was wearing- It had a black cat ear with two ringed earrings on the left and a white rabbit ear on the right- When the ears twitched. I gasped. She looked at me. "Yeah. I'm a mutation. A rabbit cat freak. So sue me." She growled. Sparx glared at her. She sighed. " Fine. Hello. I'm Zame. Yada, Yada. SO why are you here?" She laughed, sliding down the stair Bannister  and shaking my hand. " Marx is in the kitchen." She pursed her lips. " Better not disturb him, working on DNA." She nodded. Sparx ran a hand through his hair and pointed to me. " Makeover.' He stated simply. Zame's face lit up. " Oh! What do we need?' She squealed. Sparx handed her a list. Zame squealed and ran off. Sparx started to pull me up the massive staircase. When we got up to the top he took a left and started to pull me down a hallway. He pushed me into a bathroom and pointed to a seat. "Sit." He said. I obeyed. Sparx took my glasses off an i couldn't see anymore. I felt him cut my hair, put something in it and then wash it out. He then pushed a box into my hands. " What is this?" I asked. Sparx laughed. "Contacts." He replied. I put them in, and looked at my reflection.

I had platinum blonde hair, my fringe was died an electric blue and so was the ends of my hair. My face was free of the big glasses that framed my face, and that highlighted my eyes, nose and cheeks. I turned around to look at Sparx. "Thank you so much but.... what was all this for?" I asked standing up. Sparx looked down, and shoved his hands into his pockets, suddenly shy. " Well... You said you weren't pretty and I disagreed." He whispered. I walked towards Sparx. I took his warm hand in mine and smiled at him. " Thank you so much." I whispered. Sparx smiled. He leaned in. I leaned in and.....


We kissed.

My arms went around his neck and Sparx's arms went around my waist. When we broke apart He leaned down to whisper in my ear. "Don't get too cocky. Beauty's only skin deep."





I shut my eyes waiting for his answer. " Remember our first kiss?' He asked. I just nodded.

"Well the same situation applies here." Sparx whispered.

I turned around and smiled at him.

" It doesn't matter to me if you change your looks, you're still the same Thyme to me. The same time I fell in love with. The same Thyme I still love now." He whispered. I smiled and leaned in, he leaned in too and...

Sparx pushed me into the ocean. I squealed and dragged Sparx down with me. He laughed and I splashed him. Sparx put his forehead against mine. We bot leaned in and kissed. He tasted like saltwater, which was to be understood.

I was cold, wet, but couldn't be happier.


Beauty is only skin deep after all.



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