Forbidden Secrets

Jeremiah a new face in Westwind harbor, is making girls go weak on their knees. He is a dark and mysterious boy who has a charm of his own. But he is here for a mission. A very important mission that will change everything.

Loki is another dark and seductive young man who lurks in the Westwind harbor for someone. Someone he loves very much and he is fully determined to get her..

Arizona is a beautiful nineteen year old living in the Westwind Harbor. She also notices Jeremiah’s new face in the town but she is not one of those girls who go crazy seeing a stud. After her breakup with her long term boyfriend she loses faith in love.
Arizona’s encounters with Jeremiah and Loki changes her life forever. Loki shows her the wonders of love and Jeremiah brings her face to face with the biggest secret of her life.

Arizona is torn between her loved ones and her duty.

What if her real identity was a secret?
What if her whole life was built on lies?
And what will she choose finally?


1. ~Prologue


"Is she the one?" Lorossi asked, utterly confused.

"Yes, according to king's descriptions of her appearance, she should be the one." Loki said, full of confidence.

"So should we take her home?" questioned, Lorossi.

"No, king will send someone for her. It is not our place to do it. After all, she is his daughter and the only heiress of our kingdom" Loki replied, with his brows furrowed,

"So we should keep going. I don't want anyone to suspect us" With that Loki gave the princess a one last look then turned around and paced.

"Loki! Wait up!" Shouted Lorossi, "What happened?" he said after finally reaching him.

"Nothing, now speed up, will you?" Loki kept his gaze down and started walking faster.

"I don't believe you Loki, tell me what's wrong?" Lorossi asked again, sure of the fact that something was going on with Loki.

After all, they had been best friends since childhood. They first met when they were 10 years old. Both of them were roaming around in the dense forests on their own different paths when suddenly loud moans kept echoing through the trees. They started running and soon their paths collided. They ran towards their vicinity only to be faced by the dark and monstrous ogres ruining their homes.

Both Lorossi's and Loki's mothers shouted, asking them to run. Being young as they were, they ran towards the opposite direction only to be chased by another bunch of ogres. Finally they escaped but both of them lost their mothers. The ogres took them away to the trylle land, where, when one enters can never get out.

"Loki tell me!" Lorossi said with a brotherly tone.

"You wouldn't judge me, will you?" Loki said timidly.

"Of course not! Now tell me what's wrong" repeated Lorossi.

"Remember when I used to leave the kingdom every now and then? I used to come here, the Westwind harbor. I've been doing that for a few months now." He replied, shyly..

"Yeah I do remember. You used to disappear and then come back after a few days. But why were you coming here?" Lorossi asked, full of concern,

Loki just shrugged.

"Loki tell me.. Why were you coming here?" He said in an authoritative tone.

"I used to.. I used to come to see the princess." Loki muttered.

"You were coming here to see the princess? Why Loki? At that time we weren't even given our duties. So why were you coming to see the princess?" Lorossi said, astonished.

"Lorossi, I am falling for the princess. And I'm falling hard. I used to sneak into her house and watch her sleep. She is so beautiful and charming. She acts so mature but has a heart of a child. I can get lost into her eyes. I-"

"You love the princess?!" Lorossi cut him off.

"I-I-I th-think I d-do.." Loki said, very timidly and inaudibly

"You can't love the princess Loki! Do you know what you have done? If the king gets to know about all of this, he'll have you killed!" Lorossi shouted.

"I know Lorossi! But what can I do? She is so special.." Loki said dreamily.

Lorossi slapped him. "Look at me Loki. I don't care if you love her. Just forget her. Forget everything about her. We can never have feelings for a royal, Loki. Did you forget that?"


"You what?! Just forget about the princess. You two can never be together. Jeremiah is her mate and you just can't change that. They are written in the stars Loki. Now, if you want to live, just keep your mouth shut and forget about her." Lorossi lectured him while he just stood their, tears threatening to spill from his eyes.

"I will never ever forget her Lorossi. And I don't give a damn about who she is destined with. I will get her and call her mine!" Loki snapped while a tear rolled down his cheek.

Lorossi wiped the tear and hugged Loki and said something in his ears.

"Okay" He started, "I won't tell anyone about this. But for the meantime, just act normal like nothing happened. We will give the news to the king that we found her daughter." He said, satisfied with his plan.

"Sure.." Loki said, his voice gave away his lack of enthusiasm.

"Now shall we get to our kingdom?" Lorossi said with an obvious tone.

"We better get going!" Loki said and they started running with their inhuman speed and then disappeared into thin air.


Author's note

Hey guys! This is my very first story.. I'm hoping to get a lot of likes and comments!

This is just the prologue, I will start writing the chapters if I get positive comments on this. If you don't like it then I will just delete the story so please make sure to comment. I will need your opinions..!

Thanks for reading this.. Please do like and comment.. I really need your feedbacks..!

Thanks once again,

With love,

Aparupa :) xoxo

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