Styles. Harry Styles.

Hailie Merinz is an average girl, loving life in America. Is that all about to change when she meets a certain Harry Styles? This story is for the competition I held on my other fan fiction, Back For You. If you haven't read it, go check it out :)


1. Chapter 1- Hailie's POV

My best friend, Ally and I were sitting in Starbucks sipping on coffees and talking casually. It wasn't really a day that we would call different. This was how we started our Sundays nearly every week. We would sit right here, drinking the usual, then we would go outside and be fools. 

'Oh, I have to go!' exclaimed Ally, checking her watch. 'I am so sorry, I have a job interview.' 

'No problem. Good luck!' I smiled as she ran out the door, giving me a massive thumbs-up. 

And with that I was left alone. I pulled out my phone, so I didn't look like a poor, homeless hobo or something. I began to scroll through me texts and games and all that sort of whatnot when someone slid onto the seat opposite me.

'Hey!' said a familiar voice. My head jolted upwards to see.... Harry Styles!

'Oh wow!! Hi!' I squeaked, trying to contain myself. 

He held his hand out for me to shake. 'Harry Styles.' he grinned, his dimples growing deeper. 

'Hailie Merinz.' I replied, a smile tugging at the edges of my mouth. 'I know who you are!' 

'Great!' he said. 'We are on tour here. I hope you don't mind me sitting here. A beautiful girl like you shouldn't be sitting here alone.' 

I was so busy admiring his accent, that I almost forgot to say something back.

'Thanks.' I said eventually, me cheeks flushed. 'I don't think too much of myself.' I thought of my long, brown hair that fell halfway down my back and my skinny, 4'9 frame. 

'You should. You're perfect.' he blushed, looking at the ground. I did the same, the smile on my face growing. 

After a few minutes of an awkward silence, broken only by the clicking of my thumbs against the side of the table, Harry said, 'Pass me your phone.' 

I did as instructed, and when my phone was handed back to me, I saw a new contact. 

Hazzaaaa ;) it said. I laughed. 

'So where are Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn?' I asked. 

'They're at the hotel. Niall was sleeping as usual, and I was sick of being holed up in a room that I'm sharing with four other guys.' 

'I can imagine it getting pretty annoying?' 

'Kinda. The guys themselves are fine, it's just the size of the room. It's so small!' 

I laughed at the face he made. 

'I was just about to take a walk to the park. Wanna come with me?' I invited Harry. 

'It's snowing....' Harry pointed out. 

'That's what makes it fun.' I smiled, and with that we walked out of Starbucks and to the park. 

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