Last First Kiss; a Liam fanfiction :*

Jessa Parkers lost several people in her lives, and that's basically ruined her reputation, mood, personality, and her relationships. She falls for Zayn, but then swiftly backs out of a love that was blinded by the light... Or maybe she was just distracted by Zayn's hair... Or was it Really Zayn at all?


13. These loves are coming to an end

We arrived at Liam's mother's house at 9:30am 3 days later.

"Josh!! Mommy's home!!" Liam shouted.

We stepped inside and Liam grabbed my hand.

"Hey, mom."
"Hello, Mrs. Payne." I smiled.
"Hello, other Mrs. Payne." She smiled and a tear rolled down her cheek.
I gave her a hug and grabbed Josh. He smiled and said, "Cookie!"
"I HEARD HIM!!" He said. 'COOKIE!'" Josh shouted again.
"I HEARD IT TOO!" Liam's mom screamed from the other room.
He laughed, and again, said, "COOKIE."
Then he pouted. "What?" I said.
"Cookie." He pointed to the jar, and Liam and I looked over at Mrs. Payne, who slowly backed away.
"Mom..." Liam rolled his eyes. I laughed. So did Josh.
"Lou." Josh cooed. "Lou."
"He said 'Lou'!"
We drove to Louis' apartment and handed Josh to Louis.
"Lou! Lou! Cookie! Lou!"
"AWWH!!" Louis cooed. "Hi, Josh! I'm Lou! Lou's right here!" He said.

"Haeee. Haeee."
"He said 'Harry!'"

Louis watched Josh for the rest of the night.
"No drugs, No shots, No parties, No girls-" Liam explained. Louis jumped in, "-No breathing air, No blinking, No stepping on the carpet..."
"Lou!! That's mean!" I pouted.

Liam and I went to the park together. They were having a karaoke night on the grass.
"Who's next?"
Liam pointed to me and the manager signaled for me to walk over. I turned red and glared at Liam while walking up to the stage.
"Wutcha wanna sing?"
"Ask him!" I pointed to Liam.
Everyone turned to Liam.
"Hey There Delilah!"
My eyes turned pale. My stomach dropped. My jaw fell to the floor. Liam smirked at me. I glared again.

The music began, I felt my throat drying and my stomach sweating. I thought to myself, "Not now, not now, not now..." No more stomach pains... No more stomach pains... Ouch... I wanted Liam to hold me... If only he knew...

"Hey there Delilah what's it like in New York City
I'm a thousand miles away
But girl tonight you look so pretty, yes you do
Times Square can't shine as bright as you, I swear it's true"

I began calm down...

"Hey there Delilah don't you worry 'bout the distance
I'm right there if you get lonely give this song another listen
Close your eyes, listen to my voice it's my disguise
I'm by your side

Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
What you do to me"

Liam smiled and I inhaled

"Hey there Delilah, I know times are getting hard
But just believe me girl, someday I'll pay the bills with this guitar
We'll have it good, we'll have the life we knew we would
My word is good

Hey there Delilah, I've got so much left to say
If every simple song I wrote to you
Would take your breath away, I'd write it all
Even more in love with me you'd fall, we'd have it all

Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me

A thousand miles seems pretty far
But they've got planes and trains and cars
I'd walk to you if I had no other way
Our friends would all make fun of us
And we'll just laugh along because we know
That none of them have felt this way

Delilah I can promise you
That by the time that we get through
The world will never ever be the same
And you're to blame

Hey there Delilah
You be good and don't you miss me
Two more years and you'll be done with school
And I'll be making history, like I do

You'll know it's all because of you
We can do whatever we want to
Hey there Delilah here's to you
This one's for you

Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
What you do to me"

I stepped off stage, and ran towards the restroom. "Babe? Babe, wait up! Jessa?!" Liam shouted. He caught up to me and slammed the door before I could burst it open.
"Jessa, baby, stay."
"Liam, that was horrible."
"No. Just, no. You were great. What's up with you lately?!"

Liam's POV

She caught me completely off-guard with that. "Jessa.... I-I" I could tell she was hurt. I yelled at her, when all she really needed was some live and comfort. I went to pull her in for a hug, but someone else beat me to it. "Jessa? Jessica!? Are you ok?" Her face was... Frozen. She didn't move. The front of her shirt began to turn red and droop. "Jessica.... No, no, no, Jessica..." I whispered. I bent down and looked behind her. She flinched. "Jessa, I'm here, it's ok......" I was telling myself, "GET THE POLICE! CALL AN AMBULANCE! GET SOMEONE! DO SOMETHING!", but I was, too, frozen. Frozen with shock. She looked at me, "Liam.... Do something..." She mouthed. Suddenly, I jumped to my feet. I ran to the manager and explained how Taylor Swift had stabbed her in the back.

Jessa's POV

"I told you to BACK OFF. But, no. Little Jessa didn't wanna listen to Taylor..." I heard a scowl behind me. "G-go. G-go. G-go." My brain was trying to say, "Go get Liam. I'll probably die here, anyways. He likes you more than me; everyone does." But the words didn't flow like they were supposed to.
"Shut up, you little- Oh... Hello, officer." Liam ran to my side. He was crying pretty hard. His eyes looked as if he was saying, "Don't go, please don't go.", but he just looked at me with that, "Why didn't you tell me Taylor was out to get you? Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant? Why, Jessa, I could've helped you..." He grabbed my hand and traced a star on it. I pushed him away and pointed to her. He shook his head in confusion; I crawled over to the dirt outside and traced, "Liam + Taylor... "
He shook his head in disbelief. "Y-yes Liam-m. I can't stay- Her-." I fell to the ground. "No!" Liam's cries faded to black. I mouthed, "I love you." He hugged me and slightly exposed my lower stomach. I could feel his energy. He wanted me to stay... I felt him trace my star tattoo. "I never noticed this..." A tear dropped in the middle of the star. Suddenly, I felt the power to be able to stand up. I sat up abruptly, and Liam looked at me funny, "Help. Help me. I wanna stand up..." He looked shocked again and he helped me up.
"SHE'S NOT DEAD?! IMPOSSIBLE!" Taylor shouted. Somebody walked me to the back of an arriving ambulance and I told them I wanted Liam to come. They said that he would be fine to stay overnight if he pleased, and I smiled. He walked over to the ambulance and stepped up the steps. "I love you." I whispered. "You'll be ok, Jessa, ok? I love you more."
"I love you mostest."
"So... You're pregnant?"

"Excuse me, sir, did you say that the woman that was stabbed was pregnant?" A nurse asked.
Liam nodded.
"Ooooh.... That's bad news.... Se was stabbed in her lower back region.... I'm sorry..."
She replied.

Liam looked over at me with tears in his eyes, "I can't lose another.... It'd kill me.... We can't lose another...." I knew what he meant. "I know, babe.... I know...." I felt as if the world had crumpled.... "Here." He handed me a copy of S.E. Hinton's 'The Outsiders'. "How did you-?"
"I thought you'd like something to entertain you.... And I knew you liked to read..." He squeezed my hand a little tighter, and we arrived at the hospital.


Louis' POV

"Hey, Lou. It's Harry."
"Oh really... I don't have caller I.D. on my iPhone.... Ur a dork.... What's up?"
"Um, well, I just found out that Niall loves Jessa... As well as Nina....-"
"Yea... I know... Well, she just got knifed in the back by Taylor and-"
"Just go to the hospital... She's there already... She wants to see all of us... And tell us something, 'Important...' and she wants to see Josh."
"Yea. Ok. Thanks for filling me in, man...."
"Sure. Um, Louis?"
"Do you, 'like like' Jessa...?"
"Please don't tell her. Or Liam. Or Melissa. Or anyone.... Please!!"
I whispered. How did he know?
"Ok. She got... Married...."
I crumbled inside....
"No.... No, she couldn't have.... She's only nineteen...."
"And you're 21, Lou...... She can't..."
"Louis, wait-"

Jessa's POV

"Liam. Liam, stay."
"I was going to get some water, but ok....."

(This part is tragic, but someone has to die!! Sorry!!)

I threw my head back in stomach pain, and I heard a scream, "WHAT THE-?!" I sat up swiftly to see Swift standing there with a bloody knife in her hands, "IF I CAN'T HAVE HIM, NO ONE CAN..." And with that, she left Liam lying in the floor with a gash in his neck, "BABE?!" I jumped to my feet and a nurse ran in and carried him away. I just sat there, sobbing, when Louis walked in. "Hey. I heard about Liam."
"Oh. Is he...-?"
"No, Jessa-"
"My name is Starce. Pronounced stars...."
"He... He passed a few minutes ago.... I'm so sorry, Jess."
"Kiss me...."
He leaned forward, as if he had been waiting, just like i was....
"I'm sorry, Jess, I should've-"
"I'm not. I'm not sorry at all. I've loved you for a while now...."
"Is the baby ok?"
"Yea. Will you.... help me?"
"Of course, babe."
"Should it be a.... Tomlinson?"
"I don't know. You should rest a while before deciding. Maybe you shouldn't move on so fast...."
"I've been waiting so long, Lou, this isn't even fast enough. Can you keep a secret?"
"Yes.... Why, babe?"
"Liam hates me.... He would always make fun of me.... Of my looks.... Of my weight.... Of my-"
"Shut yo mouth!"
"No, it's true...." I giggled.
"He... He really did that shit? To you?!"
You could see the rage in his eyes and feel his happiness at the same time....
"I love you, Louis. Keep that a secret.... For now...."
"Okay, baby.... I love you, too."
He leaned in for another kiss as soon as Harry walked through the door. "WHAT THE HELL, LOU?!" Everyone enjoyed shocks, so everyone burst through the door before Louis could back away.
"Lou... I have some.... Bad news..."
"W-what?" He looked nervous.
"Melissa got in a car crash on her way home from the bar... She died..."
"Oh, Harry... No.... Why was she at the bar?"
"She was hooking up with some guy.... Louis, I'm so sorry, but......."
He looked more pissed than he did sad.
I couldn't stand it when he was upset, so I smashed my lips against his.... Again.... Everyone gasped loudly. "Shut up...." I mumbled.
"I-I know who the guy was...." Niall blurted.
"Who?" I squeaked, I suddenly thought... No, no it can't be-
"Liam.... Guys, I'm sorry, but they're in a better place now.... They're together...."
I ripped off my wedding ring and threw it across the room, getting up and running towards the exit. Louis caught up to me and wrapped his arms around me tightly. "Stay a while, oh, you've got to stay a while, these days are wild, so baby won't you stay a while?" He sang in my ear, quietly, out of earshot.

-home, a few days later

Louis was out with Josh.... Somewhere.... I was at his house, all my house reminded me of was a blinded love and days wasted. "Oh, it's what ya do to me, oh it's what you do to me, what you do to- AH!" I spun around, Louis looked at me, smirking. He had his hands firmly on my waist and he was holding Josh. "YOU SCARED ME!" I said, playfully slapping his arm. "Josh wanted to see you, he looks pretty tired." He smiled. I picked him up and put him to bed. I walked downstairs to find a shirtless Louis flipping pancakes. He smirked, "Like what you see?"
"Oh, shut it. I'm going to go take a shower.... See you in a minute?" I smirked as his eyes got wider.
"Uh, uh, yea, s-sure...." He stuttered. I glided upstairs, I felt his eyes watching me, and I undressed silently in the bathroom, sliding on a bikini, I take showers like that... I don't know why. I turned on Hey There Delilah, since it was stuck in my head, and hopped in the shower. I squirted some, 'I Love Mango And Papaya' shampoo in my hands as the invigorating bubbles crossed my arms with scents that left me in shock, suddenly, the door busted open. Louis was wearing swim trunks, how did he know-? My thought was cut off by him gripping me tightly by the waist. He kissed my neck from behind. I tried to hold back a moan, but I couldn't. "Louuuuuuuuu........."
"Mmmhmm?" He was smirking, I could tell.....
He began sucking on my neck, I wriggled and threw my head back. "Mmmhmmm, interesting..." He smirked, once again. He untied my bikini top and slowly traced a finger across my breasts, "Louissssssssssss....." I whispered. He sucked on them as they got hard. He was bulging. He slid my bottoms down and slid a finder inside me and I groaned loudly. He slid in another finger and pumped hard in and out, in and out. I squeaked and he spun me around and pushed me against the wall. I slid down his shorts. He looked at me with the, 'you sure?' expression on his face. I nodded and he slammed into me, he waited for me to adjust. He slammed in and out again. I was moaning now, louder than ever. "LOU!" I screamed. "Again, babe." He whispered. I refused, and he said, "Oh, you're going to regret that one, Jessie." He slammed in even faster and harder, "I-I'm close...." I managed to sputter out. "Hold it. I'm close, too, babe. Mmmm, YOU'RE SO TIGHT...." He shouted. A few seconds later, he whispered, "N-now!" That was all I needed to hear, I squirted harder than ever. We both screamed out in pleasure, we both orgasmed at the same time. "That.... Was.... Brilliant...." He panted.
"I, know.... I can't breathe.... Hold me?" He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. "I love you." I could hear the passion in his voice. The hopefulness. He truly did love me. More than Liam ever had. "Stay with me, Louis. I need you."
"But, but I can never replace Liam...." He sounded... Almost guilty.
"Please, Louis...." I was crying now. "I won't go." He whispered. He secured his grip. I loved him. And he loved me. We fell asleep in each others arms.

~ Next day-

I was practicing 'Secrets' by One Republic on the violin. I was finishing the intro when I heard clapping behind me. I spun around, I was shocked. Louis called me on Skype about an hour ago, and he had to go, and so did I, but we didn't close it, it was still open. "OMG.... Uh, I have to go, I'll text you later. I said, walking to the laptop and clicking the hang-up symbol. "NO, JESSA, WA-" *click*
"I wonder what he wanted to say." U said aloud to myself. Suddenly, the door busted open. I screamed, "YOU CHEATING BITCH!" He screamed. "Liam, I-"
"Liam, I thought you-"
He flicked open a switch blade, and slowly walked towards me with his shoulders bent forward. "ALL I EVER WANTED WAS FOR YOU TO LOVE ME." He gritted.
"But, Liam-" Tears were forming in my eyes. "SHUT. UP."
"I only married you for publicity, but all you did was hurt my ego. My rep is trashed because of you, you ugly ass bitch."
He took a swing at me and slashed my cheek.
Louis ran inside, "WHY DID YOU HANG UP?! Babe... JESSA?!"

(Remember, ~ = dream)

I woke up in a cold sweat, breathing hard, screaming. "BABE?! WHAT'S WRONG?!" Louis shouted, "WHAT'S HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE?!" My cheek was slashed oped.
"J-just a bad dream...."
"But.... Your cheek...."
"Louis, I had a dream that Liam slashed my cheek with a knife...."
"But...." There was a silenced pause. "Liam's .... Dead...." He finished. Suddenly, a window broke open, and a piece of glass landed next to us. We were still in the bathroom. "Louis...."
"Yea, babe?"
"Get Josh..... Pack your stuff..... Pack everything...."
"Let's get out of here...."

8 months later, new house, 8 months pregnant

"I love you.... Do you know what today is?"
"I love you, too, Louis. Our anniversary. The day my ex died...."
"Yeah, baby. I know. I'm sorry. I can never be as good as he was...."
"Shut up, Louis. You loved Melissa. She loved you. I loved Liam. He hated me. Please stay with me...."
"Okay. Just, please, no tears...."

He took me out to breakfast.... And lunch.... And dinner.... Busy day....

At home-

"Is Josh asleep, Josh?"
Josh, the drummer, was watching Josh.
"I'm so flattered you wanted to name him after me....." He winked. "Yea. We had fun. I taught him the colors yellow, red, purple, and green, and the numbers 1, 2, and 4."

"What happened to 3?" Louis butted in.

"Oh.... I forgot to teach him 3.... Wow........."
"Wow Josh.... Wow...."

He left our house, which was painted dark red with a white carpet. My face was almost all healed, it took a while, since it was gashed pretty deep.
"Come lay with me, baby. I've missed you." Louis whispered.
"Ok." We walked up the stairs and I put my pajamas on. Black shorts and one of Louis' T-shirts. "Whoah." Louis mumbled. "What?! What's wrong?! Is something wrong?!" I whispered-shouted, looking at my stomach. "No, you just look really good in my shirt...." I smiled and sat in bed with him. A few minutes later, I had to pee, really, really badly. "Babe, let me up, I have to pee."
"Mmmm.... Stay with me...."
I felt warm fluids gush out of me,
"BABE!! You pissed the bed!!"
"START THE FUCKING CAR!!" He carried me to the car and set me in the passenger seat. "You'll be ok.... Ok...."
I screamed out in pain. My contractions were worse than they were last time....
Louis told our neighbor, Mr. And Mrs. Jones, to watch Josh, and we sped off to the hospital.

"Hello, Jessa. You seem to come here often...." The doctor said.
"Mr. Tomlinson...? Where's Mr. Payne?"
Louis answered for me, since I was clenching my jaws shut in pain.
"Uh.... Liam passed."
"But, Mr. Tomlinson, if you don't mind me asking, weren't you going to be the father of Melissa's baby? She was one week pregnant before the crash-" he was cut off by me screaming out in pain and collapsing to the floor. Everything went black.

~ I was falling. He was falling. A pit of black surrounded us, "DON'T LET GO!! PLEASE, DON'T LEAVE ME!!"

I woke up in a quiet room.
"Hello?" I said, softly, an inch away from a whisper.

~ "Hey, baby, I'm here. It's ok. It'll all be ok. You're ok."
"Lou? Is that you?"
"No.... It's your daddy. Daddy's here."
"Dad? Dad, I thought you lived in-"
"I couldn't miss this. I've been waiting for you since the day your mom died...."
"Dad.... I- I'm sorry...."
"Shhh, baby. It's ok."
"Where's Louis?"
"He's holding the babies in the nursery."
"So Josh is here, too?"
"No, baby, you have birth to two babies. Plus Josh." ~

I suddenly saw nurses around me, four or five, holding different parts of my body, arms, legs, shoulders, "SHE'S COMING TO, BACK UP," I felt a sudden excruciating pain, spreading from my lower back to my stomach. "GAH!! OW, WHAT THE HELL?!" I shouted. Louis was holding my hand, squeezing it roughly. Someone swiftly sat me up, and abruptly stabbed a needle into my back, Louis' grip slipped out of reach, he turned to mist and got blown away. His shout of, "NO!!" echoed simultaneously throughout my head. Everything was black and I was falling again. ~

I sat up, I was breathing heavily again. "Babe?" Someone whispered. "Louis?" I whispered back.
"Hi. Yea, it's Lou. Your ok babe. Everything's fine."
"You had a girl and a boy."
"I... I had two?"
"Yeah. There was a DNA test. They're not Payne's."
"It's Colby's"
"No.... No, no, no, Louis...." I whispered. "I.... I can't.... But, he raped me.... What if they have chromosomes from him?! But, they can't-"
"Baby, it's alright. Be quiet. Get some rest. They can do a second test. Something in the test went wrong, their calculations could've been off, I'll have them take another test."
"Okay...." Suddenly, I screamed and my hands flew to my head, pulling on my hair. "GET AWAY FROM ME!" I shouted, I thought, "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?! WHO'S DOING THAT?!" I wasn't doing that. I slapped Louis and left a bruise. "Louis.... I-"
"What...." He started, tearing up, "What was that, Jessa? What did I-"
"Nothing.... I don't know."
Suddenly, a nurse busted thorough the door.
"Good news and bad news. What first?"
"Good...." Louis said.
"The DNA test was off, it's Payne's, and the babies just died...."
"Oh, my god, that's horrible........"
"Yes, but the boy had autism and the girl had down-syndrome. We traced nothing that could've caused the diagnoses........ Nothing had shown up."
"Jessa, I-" he started. I was staring out my window. I was crying, crying hard.
"We can try again." He whispered in my ear soon after the nurse left. I nodded, and threw my arms around his neck. He chuckled and gripped my waist. "I love you." I mumbled against his neck. "I love you, too, babe."

Liam's POV

Where am I?! "Jessa?! Jessa?! I'm sorry, Jessa!!" I felt something inside me say, "No. Melissa."
"Melissa.... Melissa." I was falling in a dark pit. Not even a pit, really, it's just.... Blackness for miles around. "Liam. Liam, I'm here." I felt her whisper, I couldn't see her, I couldn't hear her, but I felt her.
"Melissa!" I saw her, but she wasn't there. I reached out a hand and she blew away, she was made of fog...
I hit the ground, hard, and when I looked up, I saw white, never ending white covered in blue flowers. "You will now see what you have done wrong." I felt that, too. I suddenly saw a clip of me having sex with Melissa. "I'm sorry." I truly was. Suddenly, I heart a throb and I was sitting in a hospital bed. "HE'S AWAKE, HE CAME OUT OF HIS COMA!!"

Jessa's POV

We were on our way home too see Josh. He was almost one now. We stepped trough the door, "HI MOMMY!!" I smiled and hugged him back, "Where brudder and shissy?"
"Well, little guy, lets get you to bed." Louis answered. After putting him in bed and 'adultishy' Josh left, Louis carried me to the kitchen, "WHAT THE HELL? PUT ME DOWN!" I laughed and he ran down the stairs carrying me bridal style. "Sit." He pointed to the chair. I sat. "What the hell are you doing?!" I smiled.
"Making popcorn, what the hell's it look like I'm doing?" I laughed again and fell on the floor. "OH EMM JAY, ARE YOU, LIKE, OKAY, JENNIFER?!" He impersonated a drama-queen. That made me laugh harder. "YEAH, LIKE, O M TRIPLE G, WHAT THE H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS WAS THAT?!" I played along. He laughed, too, and handed me a bowl of popcorn. "I'm happy I'm here with you." He whispered. "Me, too, Louis." He cuddled me closer to him. "So...." He started. "Wanna try again?" He smirked at me and kissed me roughly. He pounced over onto me and started kissing my neck. I groaned softly. He smirked again, "Found it." He was right, he had decoded my sweet spot. He kept kissing me as he carried me up to our bedroom and unbuttoned my blouse. He ripped off my undershirt and my heels. After two minutes, we were naked besides my bra, underwear, and his boxers, which looked as if they were about to rip open. He unclasped my bra and gently fingered with my breasts. I moaned softly and he sucked on them, that made me cringe. He smirked, for like the billionth time in the past minute, and he bulged even bigger, Jesus, how big can he get?! "Mmmmmmmm, Louis, how big can you get? You can't hurt me, ya know, I'm really petite...." He smiled.
"Hmmm, maybe a quick demonstration is in order?"
He suddenly jammed his middle finger inside me, rubbing my walls, then he jammed in another one, and pumped in and out, added another, and another, waiting for me to adjust, smirking, he pumped in and out, "that's about equivalent...." He smirked, once again, and shouted, "Get on your hands an knees!" The only time I had rough sex was when I lost my virginity at 15.... He slid down my underwear and I slid off his, his erection slapped his lower stomach. He suddenly jammed into me, pumping in and out. He pulled out and squeezed lube onto his fingers. He slid them in and out, in at out, he pumped into me again, making me wince. He went harder and faster, "Oh, Louis...." I was breathing heavier with every thrust, "I-I'm c-clos-se...." I managed to stutter out. "Me.... Too...." He panted. He suddenly shot into me with one last thrust and we both collapsed onto the bed. He continued to finger me and I squirted all over his chest... Again.... "That... Was too much...." I commented. I was squirming around, "I know, babe, you're still flinching," he smirked, AGAIN.... We laid down and he let me put his sweater on. I got him some boxers and I put a pair of underwear on. We watched movies until both of us fell asleep. He stayed up later than me because he knows I'm afraid of the dark.... He really cares....

We had Niall watch Josh and we went to Harry's to go swimming. "I'm going to go change." Louis said when we got there. He changed in the bathroom, but I already had my white bikini on underneath my loose tank top and my short shorts. I unbuttoned my shorts outside on the porch and took off my tank top. Harry was watching me. He stepped up behind me, and gripped my hips. "Harry.... What're you doing?"
"Okay, don't hate me for what I'm about to do, but I've been waiting for too long now...." He smashed his lips against mine, "HARRY?!" Louis shouted. He jumped off of me and fell into the pool. I laughed and walked over to Louis. He kept staring at my legs. Louis bit his lower lip, "Louis, you know we dated in high school, and he misses me...."
"He's better than me...."
He ran upstairs, sobbing, I tried chasing after him, but he was too fast. "Lou!! Lou, no, it isn't that way!!" He locked himself in the bathroom.... "No.... Please, no...." I thought to myself.

Louis' POV

I rapidly searched the medicine cabinet, and without thinking, I swallowed pill after pill. I ripped open his razor and slit my wrists. "Help...." I whispered towards the door. She busted it open, "Four years of karate.... LOUIS.... WHAT DID YOU-" I was sitting in the tub and blood was running down the drain. "Jessa, I.... Just help me...." Tears of regret were forming in my eyes, "Hey there Delilah, how's it like in New York City, I'm a thousand miles away, girl, but tonight you look so pretty-"
she started singing. She was so beautiful.

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