Last First Kiss; a Liam fanfiction :*

Jessa Parkers lost several people in her lives, and that's basically ruined her reputation, mood, personality, and her relationships. She falls for Zayn, but then swiftly backs out of a love that was blinded by the light... Or maybe she was just distracted by Zayn's hair... Or was it Really Zayn at all?


7. Names

Liam' POV.


I wonder where Jessa is... I want her to meet Eliza and JoAnne. I hope she's alright.



"Hello, Harry?"

"Oh... Haha Liam..."

"What happened. Tell me."

"How did you-?"

"Tell me, Harry."

"I... Um... Well... I kissed Jessa, and-"


"Liam, wait!! I just, we both thought..."

"Oh, both of you wanted it?! Fine, tell Jessa we're over."


"W-wha-? Jessa might be... Dead? No... Nonono, she can't be... She was just so-"

"Liam, I've got to go. Go to the hospital."

"No, Harry, wait!"


He's gone... And Jessa might be, too...


I drove to the hospital, but I couldn't see very well... I was balling my eyes out, but I still needed to get there. It looks like I'm here... I thought to myself, bracing for the worst...



I walked in the double doors, greeted by a tall woman.

"Excuse me, sir, are you Mr. Payne?"


"Ms. Parkers has sadly passed on. Mr. Horan asked me to inform you. We are all very sorry for your loss. Your friends are over there in the waiting room corner."

"P-passed on...? No, she couldn't have..."

"Sorry, sir."


I walked over to Tiff, she probably had more information. "The last thing I said to her was I hate you, you whore..." Tiff said, staring blankly into the ground. "I'm sorry, Liam. I can replace her if you want. She really wasn't 'all that'." "WHY IS SHE HERE?!" "Because Taylor's pregnant..." Harry squeaked. "And Colby's the father!! Yay!!" "Impeccable. Please, move to Florida with him."


"Mr. Payne, Jessa has just been revived by Dr. Jefferson." I ran into the room, her eyes were fluttering. "L-Liam?" "Yeah, baby. I'm here." "Niall said you wanted to break up." "No baby, I'm sorry, please, I didn't mean it!" "Babe, stop crying. It's alright. Maybe you should get someone better." "No, Jessa, please."


"Mr. Payne? I thought you'd like to know, the baby was nowhere harmed during the incident."


From the hospital bed, Jessa softly whispered, "surprise."


"Your... Pregnant?"

"Liam, please don't be mad... It wasn't my-"

"I'm gonna be a... Father?"

"Yes, Liam, but I can't help tha-"

"This is absolutely fabulous!!"

"I know, but I can't- wait, fabulous?"

"Of course!!"

"So you're not... Mad?"

"Why would I be mad?! I'm the happiest person in the world!!"

"Phew. 'Kai have a huwg?!"

"Of course."

This was... Fabulous.


Jessa's POV.


"Hay babe?"

"Esh, iam?"

"Swallow, silly."

*gulp* "Sowwey. What's up?"

"How do you eat that?! It's a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, smothered in ice cream, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, and honey!"

"Oh, shush. What'd you want to talk to me about?"

"Boy, or girl?"

"You said you wanted it to be a surprise!!"

"I need the paint color for the baby's room! You can tell me!"

"Well, HER name is... Eliza."

*ring ring*



"Hello, Jessa? This is nurse Macey. There's been a switch up with your files. JoAnne Parkers is having a girl. You are having quadruplets, two girls and two boys."



"Babe, calm down." Liam said.



"The thing is, I'm only nineteen, I'm not capable of having... Four children...."

"I apologize, Ms. Parkers. Good luck!!"



"What were you saying about four? Four what? Appointments?"

"Liam... I'm pregnant..."

"Uh... I know..."

"With bloody quadruplets."

"Oh... Dear Jesus..."


"Babe, please don't cry. It'll all work out.... We just need... A bigger house..."



1 month later; new house


"Good morning, beautiful."


"Get up, sleepy head! We have an interview to go to at three!!"

"What time is it?"

"Six thirty."

"Then I have exactly seven hours to sleep."

"Then it'll be one thirty!"

"But I'm pregnant!!"

"Don't whine, baby. You still need to be productive!"

"Just lay here with me..."

"Fine... Only for... Two hours, maximum, alright?"



One hour, thirty minutes later


"I wanna take a shower!"

"Great! I make breakfast!"

"Can I have... Three egg mcmuffins?"

"Three... Alrighty then..."

"... Can you help me... Sit up..."


"You try sitting up when your one month pregnant with quadruplets!"

"Um... I can't... Here. Grab my hand."

"I can't see your hand over my fetus-filled stomach."

"Haha. Come here."

He picked me up, softly, and carried me, (us), to the bathroom. I took a warm shower and wore this:


"Feeling refreshed?"


"Niall, Nina, Harry, Tiff, Louis and Mel say hi. Taylor says to check your twitter and Zayn says... Never mind..."

"Zayn says what?"


I ripped his phone out of his hand and read aloud, "You need to love a little and fuck with Taylor, me, and Colby. Interested?"

I burst into tears, I was pregnant, and ran up stairs. Liam chased after me, and he swaddled me from behind. "Liam, stop it. You're too good. You always know what to do. I'll never be as perfect as you. I need to go."

"Please stay. I need you."

He whispered. His voice was cracking and he was crying now. "Ok. Just, please... Don't cry..."





"Have you met Eliza and JoAnne?"


"The baby poodles!"

"Oh. Not yet."

"Their still at the vet."

"We need some names ourselves."

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