Last First Kiss; a Liam fanfiction :*

Jessa Parkers lost several people in her lives, and that's basically ruined her reputation, mood, personality, and her relationships. She falls for Zayn, but then swiftly backs out of a love that was blinded by the light... Or maybe she was just distracted by Zayn's hair... Or was it Really Zayn at all?


6. I'm sorry

"It's alright ma'am. He's fine, just tired, that's all. Once we get to the hospital, he'll be fine after about a day or so..."


-next day-


Harry's POV.


Why would I let Liam date Jessa?! He's never home!! He's always... Rehearsing... I saw him looking at Tiff... Maybe... A fair trade is in order... No. No, that's wrong. But, Zayn... Still likes her... And, she loves Liam... And I love Tiff... And Tiffy loves me. "Hay!!" *gasp* "oh, sorry for scaring you... Are you and Tiff coming to the baby shower?" "Baby shower? Jessa, I was never informed of a baby shower..." Please done be pregnant please don't be pregnant... "For Callie... My poodle... From when I was seventeen... She's pregnant now... Who'd you think I was talking about...?" "Oh... Nobody... For a second there I thought you were pregnant... *lols* But.... I wasn't invited..." "I told Niall to tell Zayn to tell you... But then Zayn- um... Never mind. Nothing..." "He what? Jessa, you need to tell me..." "He... He just... R-raped me... Then hurt me..."




-PLEASE NOTE... I know Zayn would never do this, it's just a story...-




"Oh my god, Jessa. Why didn't you-?! Where are you going!? Come back!! Jess, please!!"




Jessa's POV.


I don't want him to hurt me anymore...! I just... Can't take it!! I can just rip my razor open and... "Harry!! Please help me!!" W-what have I done!! I've never... I didn't even... "WHAT THE HELL?! Why did you-?! How did you-?!" "Please Harry!! Just please make it stop burning!! I'm s-sorry. Just please... Make it stop... I promise I won't do it again!! Owww."


-4 weeks later-


Jessa's POV.


"No... I can't be... Pregnant... Dr. Smith there must've been a mixup... Can you do a DNA test? To see who's the father?" "I suppose so... It'll take about an hour, but I have no more patients for today."


-1 hour, 30 mins. later-


"The father seems to be... Mr. Zayn Malik." "NO!! It can't possibly be... But... I was raped... And..." "I'm sorry, Ms. Parkers, but the results have spoken. Metaphorically....... Well, goodbye Ms. Parkers. You've been scheduled for an appointment on the 27th. Would you like me to call a cab for you?" "Oh... No. I'll be fine..."



Harry's POV.


"YOU'RE WHAT?! YOU CAN'T BE PREGNANT!! WITH ZAYN!! I DON'T BELIVE-" "Harry, p-please stop yelling at... M-me." "I'm sorry... But-" *ring ring* "I'll get it."



"Hello Jessa?"

"Yes... Who is this?"

"Mr. Smith. There's been a... Sort of a mixup with the tests... Mr. Malik is not in fact the father. The father is Mr. P-"


"HELLO?! HELLO?! Mr. Who?! Shit... My battery died... He started Mr. P. Colby's last name is Pandora... He raped me too.... Before Zayn did.... Jesus, Harry help me..."


"Just charge it, then call him back... K?" "Ok..."


-12 mins. later-


"Hello, Mr. Smith?"

"Yes, hello Jessa."

"Who's the father?!"

"Mr. Payne."

"WHOO!! Wait, we've only been dating for 3 months!! How am I supposed to tell him?! I'm only nineteen!!"

I'm sorry, but you'll have to figure this out on your own, Jessa. Good luck!!"



"it's not Zayn's or Colby's... It's Liam's..."

"Why do you look so sad?"

"Because... We've been dating for a 3 months now... And I'm only nineteen... So is he... I... Just don't know what to do now... Maybe I should move to Florida... And get away from all this."

"Please stay. I'm sorry, and I know your so young and you've barely started dating, but we'll work through this, and in sure Liam will be thrilled when he hears your going to be a mom. Or he sees you eating our fridge whole..."

"How do you always know how to cheer someone up?"

"I don't know..... It's a gift!!!! IM SUPERMAN!!"



"I've always had a crush on you. And I know I'm with Liam and you're with Tiffany, but I still like you..."


-several seconds later-



"Tiff, please, it's only because-"

"Harry, I don't blame you. It's obvious she kissed you. It's her fault. She's just a lying bitch. She never loved Zayn or Liam. She's just a loser."


Then, she punched me in the stomach. I fell backwards, and an excruciating pain occurred in my lower stomach, spreading to my lower back.



"WHAT?! Wow, she is a whore!!"

"Ow, tiff, I'm sorry. For being born. And for not dying with mom. I'll fix it."


Then I ran upstairs and cut my stomach and my wrists, deep. I felt light headed and fell down. "Liam. Harry. Help me." I whispered, I couldn't yell. "JESSA!? PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR!!" I heard the banging get softer, and the lights got dimmer, and I got tireder, and my eyes got heavier, and the ground fell inward, I was falling. Slipping. And there was no way to get back.

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