Last First Kiss; a Liam fanfiction :*

Jessa Parkers lost several people in her lives, and that's basically ruined her reputation, mood, personality, and her relationships. She falls for Zayn, but then swiftly backs out of a love that was blinded by the light... Or maybe she was just distracted by Zayn's hair... Or was it Really Zayn at all?


9. Hello, It's Nice to meet you


Jessa's POV.


I was bleeding... Hard..I was cut by the glass from the accident. I just hope Eliza, Jessica, Aiden and Joshua are alright. Liam just pulled up. His face was white. He looked over at me on the ground and cried harder. "Oh my god..." He cried. "You're ok!" He ran next to me and held me. He stroked my hair while staring at my huge stomach. And I was only three months pregnant... And I was freaking ginormous... We wanted to see who the victim of the car crash was. It wasn't me :) that's probably what you were thinking though... "Is he... Ok?" I whispered. "I can't lose him. He was so sweet." "I know. We can't replace Niall!! He was always so nice..." "HOLY SHIT." I yelled. "ZAYN! He's still in a cellar somewhere!!" "No... We got him out... He went to see his mum." "Oh. Liam, I'm sorry. I can't be here right now. I have to get to the airport. I'll see you later. Actually, no. I won't see you later." "Baby, there was a mixup. It was Anne that she though was to young." "ANNE IS LIKE THIRTY-FIVE!" "I'll explain later. Lets go home. I have some... Stuff to try out." He looked... Mischievous. But I agreed. I wonder what's in store...



Harry's POV.


Louis and me are sleeping over at Liam's house. Niall was just released from the hospital and Zayn's with his mommy. Haha. We just heard a scream, so we ran upstairs and into the hall. We stopped at their door. "Liam, harder! Gah! Yes! Yes!"

Louis and I exchanged fake barfing looks and we walked back downstairs. "JESUS LIAM! GO SOFTER!!" Louis shouted. I laughed so hard my nose started bleeding. After getting it to stop, Liam and Jessa stepped out. They both looked tired and their hair was all in knots and Jessa were panting. "Well you two were pretty... Loud..." louis teased. Liam pointed to Louis, "You, shut up, and you," he pointed to me, "Quit laughing." "I-I'm s-sorry!!" I still couldn't stop laughing. "Liam!!" Jessa squeaked. Her voice sounded cracked. "I wanna watch toy story!!" "You guys just lived 'toy' story!" Louis shouted. "LOUIS I SWEAR TO GOD." She yelled. "What? Maybe you should stop mouth-banging and spend time with us!" "WE WERE NOT!" They said in unison. We laughed even harder and they both turned cherry. She pouted and waddled over to the couch. She plopped down and Liam sat next to her. "Where's Tiffany and Melissa?" "I thought you called them Tiff and Mel..." "Harry, she told me to kill myself." "And Mel?" Louis questioned. "We're ok. Melissa is just such a pretty name." "Cool. I like your ring, but shouldn't it go on your right hand?" Harry continued. She looked over at Liam, and Liam smiled. "OH MY GOD." Louis shouted. "Yay!!" I shouted. We spent the rest of the night laughing and eating popcorn.



Niall POV.


Where the fuck am I?! "Hellooooooooo?" I yelled. I looked down. I had my shirt and my boxers on and I was on a bed. "Can I see him?" I heard someone cry from outside. "Thank you." Nina walked in. "NIALL!!" She shouted, running towards me. "Hey beautiful." I whispered. She cried on my neck, I still had no idea where I was... We lied there, I was still clueless, but we never said a word. I could feel her thoughts, and I could see her whispers. I could touch her and she wouldn't vanish, I knew this was real, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.


Harry's POV.


I stepped into my flat where me and Tiff were staying. I heard screams...

"Aww, yeah! Harder, Justin, harder!!"


My body just shattered. I couldn't believe she would... Her... I ran upstairs, and swung open our door. "ON OUR ANNIVERSARY?!" "Oh, H-Harry, fuck yeah, It- D-doesn't look like it, harder Justin!!" "Get out."



Melissa's POV.


"Mmmm, Louis! Harder! You feel so good!" "Scream my name! I want the world to hear it!" "LOUISSSSSSSSSSSSS!!"



Liam �������� Jessa

Louis �� Melissa

Niall �� Nina

Harry �� Tiffany



Nina's POV.


"I love you, Niall. You're so sexy." He pushed me up against the wall in our room. I kissed his pink lips. He really was sexy. Really really sexy...



6 months later, 9 month preggers-



"I hear you're expecting, Ms. Parkers."

"Yes, due in about four days, actually."

"Oh my! That's wonderful!"

"Thanks, Mrs. Jones."

I was just greeting the new neighbors.

"Well, I really must be going, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, you have a lovely home."

"Oh, bless you, thank you for the cookies, Jessa. Hope to see you soon!"

I smiled and waddled out. My stomach was fully pregnant... Times four...


Liam opened the door, "Babe, careful, don't fall."

"If I do, I'll just bounce..."

He laughed and nodded. We sat in the couch. As soon as I sat down, I felt a burst of warm goo. "LIAM! OW, LIAM!"


He rushed in, he looked at me and turned pale.

"IT'S... TIME..."

He carried me to the car and squeezed my hand. I screamed every 10 minutes, then 5, then 1. "OH MY FREAKING GOD, HELP ME." I shouted as he helped me out of his sports car. "It's, ok, it'll be, ok." Liam was breathing heavier than I was.

We rushed into the hospital and I just felt like crying, it hurt like hell. Liam called everyone and and they all arrived in about twenty minutes. I was there overnight and had Eliza at 2:59, Aiden at 3:04, Joshua at 3:15, and Jessica at 3:19 am. Liam was freaking out the whole time, everyone else was in the waiting room. At 9:19am, I was aloud to get up and walk around. They said I could put my yoga pants on and my tank top after I took a shower. I looked at my stomach, this will take a lot of work... I went to meet Eliza, Jessica, Aiden, and Joshua. Liam was in there and they were all taking turns holding them and taking pictures. I walked in and everyone gave me a big hug, except for Harry, Liam's mum, Anne, and Nina. "Hi!" Nina squeaked. "I love your outfit!" She was always so nice. I smiled and she handed me Eliza. Eliza smiled at me and I smiled back, "Hi Eliza, I'm your mommy. This is Liam, he's your dad." Liam blushed and Anne started crying. "I love you Liam."

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