Last First Kiss; a Liam fanfiction :*

Jessa Parkers lost several people in her lives, and that's basically ruined her reputation, mood, personality, and her relationships. She falls for Zayn, but then swiftly backs out of a love that was blinded by the light... Or maybe she was just distracted by Zayn's hair... Or was it Really Zayn at all?


5. Goodbye

-Diagram of the hospital:


) = door

_________ ___________

|                            |

|                           |

|                          |

)            Hall           |

|                            |

|_________| |_________|

Hospital ^ Mental hospital^


~ = beginning of dream




~ (dream)


I woke up in a blood soaked bed, looking around. "Hey babe, it's Zayn, Colby, get the knife..." ~(end if dream)


I woke up to whispers, "please, pease, please..." I heard, it was Liam squeezing my hand, "Liam?" I stuttered, my eyes fluttering open. "Jess!!" He squealed. "I got you something, well, made you something." He smiled, I smiled. He handed me a box, it was a black box, I thought, 'so soon?' I knew there was noooooooooo way he could've proposed so soon, so I untied the purple ribbon and inside was a necklace with a sapphire gem inside. "Oh, Liam! It's beautiful!" I squeaked, throwing my arms around him. He giggled and kissed my cheek, I said, "EHEH!!" And I kissed on the lips instead.


-next day, back home


"NO, ZAYN!! Get out, now please." I said as calmly as possible. "Really? Really, your really gonna try that? Look at how fat you are!! Ugly, too!!"

He screamed, his voice like knives, clawing at every bone in my body. "But, Zayn-" I said, hurt in my eyes. "Sure, fatass. God lord, maybe you should stop stuffing your face for one second and listen." He said again, clawing at what's left of my soul. "Bai. Loser." He mumbled. "Goodbye, Zayn." I whispered. Liam walked in through the back door, seeing me crying on the couch, he dropped whatever he was holding and ran over to me. "Babe?! What happened?!" He shouted. "N-nothing." I mumbled. "Something, and in gonna find out!!" He pouted, tickling me. "O-KAY- ST-OP-ITTTTTTTTT!! AHHHHHHHH-AH-H!" I squeaked. "Now, what happened?" He pouted. "Zayn is making more comments about me. Now he's telling the press I'm a slut." I said, burying my head in my knees and wrapping my arms around my shins. "Please, don't cry. I promise I'll make it better. Soon, K? Soon. Do you want some popcorn?" He was so sweet and giving. I nodded and he went to make some. He asked me to pick out a movie to watch, so I picked Paranormal Activity4. I've always been afraid to watch it, but Liam made me feel safe. We plopped down on the couch and Liam looked at me with the, 'u ok?' look. "This movie is really scary, and you've never liked scary movies..." "How'd you know that..." He smiled and put it in. After a while I noticed him looking at me. It was embarrassing, though, because I kept biting my finger nails and burying my head in his pillows. He suddenly scooted closer to me. I felt, bubbly. He fake-yawned and stretched his arm around me, I giggled and cuddled up next to him. "Emmp." I squeaked. "Awww, babe it's alright. It's just a movie." I snuggled into his chest and began to fall asleep. "BOO!!" Someone shouted behind me. "AHHH!" I whimpered, jumping out of Liam's strong grip and hitting my head on the coffee table. "Babe!!" He shouted. "W-what's behind me?" Awww, Liam was shaking he was so scared. He quickly whipped around to see... Colby.


"Colby, please, don't take him. T-take me." My head felt super dizzy and all I cared about right now was Liam. "Sure." He chuckled, evilly. He slapped a pair of handcuffs on me and quickly duct-tapped my mouth, I whipped around to see Liam one last time, he had a knife in his stomach. "Mmmmhmmm!! Iam!! I uvv ou!!" I tried to squeal, coming back to reality, realizing what had just happened.


Niall's POV


"Liam!! I brought over some snacks and a few movies!!" I stepped into the kitchen and into the living room. "LIAM?!" He might be alive... Maybe. "Liam!! Please, wake up!!" I said, shaking him. I tried pulling on the end of the knife and it came out. "Niall, Jessa, Colby, Police." He whispered, his eyes were fluttering. "Iall!! Pen a oor!! Iam!!" I herd someone mumbling at the front door. I unlocked it and picked her up. "Jessa. What happened?" I asked, ripping the duct tape off of her mouth. "Uh, ow?! Colby happened." She said, running over to the house phone. "Excuse me, police?" She continued and shortly after, an ambulance appeared outside. We both climbed into the car, Liam was breathing slowly and Jessa was crying silently in a corner. "Jessa, it'll be alright. Liam will be fine."

"No, Niall. Colby, he,-" she burst into tears. "It's ok, you can tell me."

"When my mother rolled off a cliff, she would've survived, but Colby... St-stabbed her. With the same knife. And her blood got in Liam, cross contamination is almost 98% deadly." She squeaked. Liam twitched, "It'll be alright, babe." He whispered, his eyes closing. "NO!! LIAM, PLEASE!!"

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