Last First Kiss; a Liam fanfiction :*

Jessa Parkers lost several people in her lives, and that's basically ruined her reputation, mood, personality, and her relationships. She falls for Zayn, but then swiftly backs out of a love that was blinded by the light... Or maybe she was just distracted by Zayn's hair... Or was it Really Zayn at all?


10. Goodbye, I'll really miss you

Jessa's Pov.


"The kids are sleeping now, Liam." They're two and a half months old. Jessica had just been diognosed with Autism earliar today, Eliza has Whooping Cough, and Aiden and Josh are fine. They all sleep in the same crib. "Good, now come watch Pitch Perfect with me, It's really funny." I sat down next to him and began laughing. We watched hit comedy titles all night and we finally fell asleep around six thirty.


Next day-


I was doing my workout routine, my stomach was beginning to slim down,and Liam was waking he kids up. "Honey!!" He shouted, running down the stairs, "What?!"        "Eliza and Aiden aren't waking up, nor is Jessica..."         "Oh my god... She probably gave Aiden Whooping Cough!! What're going to do?!"    "Emergency room, Get dressed."    He ran and grabbed Josh and the rest of the kids.


"I'm sorry, Ms. Parkers and Mr. Payne, but Jessica passed in her sleep due to lack of breathing, and Eliza and Aiden passed fom Whooping Cough... We can provide  $300,000 for proper funeral services. I'm sorry, Ms. Parkers."  I just burst into tears, shaking my head, "No... No... No..." Liam looked sad, too. We took Josh and went on a walk in a circle around the block. Josh cooed and Liam smiled, "I love you Joshua..."




At home we removed the signs that read, "Jessi", "Eli", and "A.". "Joshi" still remained. We removed the pink decorations and played peek-a-boo with Josh. Liam taught him about Toy Story and I put him to bed.


"Ugh. I'm pooped." I mentioned after walking down stairs.

"Me, too. Let's go to bed. Your stomach looks really... toned..."       

"Awww! Thanks, Liam, that's sweet."       

"I love you, Jessica Edwinn Parkers." 

"I love you, too, Liam James Payne"

"I think we should go on a trip."

"A trip...? A trip to where?"

"To... The Bahamas."

"Whoah... Ok! But who will watch Josh?"

"My mom can."

"Ok, but why are we going there exactly?"

He stepped closer, held my hands, and pressed his forehead against mine.

"To Escape."

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