Last First Kiss; a Liam fanfiction :*

Jessa Parkers lost several people in her lives, and that's basically ruined her reputation, mood, personality, and her relationships. She falls for Zayn, but then swiftly backs out of a love that was blinded by the light... Or maybe she was just distracted by Zayn's hair... Or was it Really Zayn at all?


1. It All Begins

"I was falling. Slipping. My boyfriend cheated, then he broke up with me. I'm a directioner, so Little Things really helped me, I guess. My name's Jessa. My mom picked it out. 3 years before the crash, the "accident".


Jessa's POV


I was walking to my car, I'm on my way to a one direction concert. I'm super exited, the first time I've been exited since before the funeral. When I was 2, I was all about miniskirts, bows, and sweaters. Now, I like black. I'm going with my best friend, Nina. She, on the other hand, talks about glitter and pink, and other really really annoying things... I dress pretty badass now.


My mothers name was Megan, Megan FikkleBerger. Silly, so she embraced it. She would giggle and smile and just have fun with her life. Until the accident. My name is Jessa Parkers. My mom was getting married on my birthday, when I turned three. On her way to the salon, she braked for a squirrel, swiveled too far and fell off a small cliff. She died trying to save me, so I always feel guilty for that. The last thing she said was, "I will always love you, bobo." My nickname was Bobo.


Nina's POV


Jessa had that, don't-touch-me-or-I'll-kill-you look on her face, again. "Hey, Jess?" I asked, nervous for the answer. "Omg!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!" I guess I was wrong. "What if I told you I had tickets to hang out with the boys for one day, one whole day?" Her face turned to the no-'effing-way look. "NINA, NO WAY?!" She squealed. "YEPERDOO!!" I couldn't believe it either. I'm Irish, but I speak with an American accent. My favorite was Niall. Jessa loved Zayn, because he was mysterious. She's British, but speaks with a don't-touch-me-ima-kill- you accent.


Jessa's POV


Shit, what about Harry?! We went to school together, we were dating, Nina didn't know, my sister Tiff knew and Harry knew, thats it. We dated for 7 years. We met in 4th grade. His hair was so soft. I missed running my fingers through his hair, his soft apple-smelling curls, I miss being the popular sweet-hearts, the unbreakable couple, the ones who would kiss sweetly with my neck up all the way and lips puckered and him looking down because I was too short. I still have the picture of us.


Tiff was always the bigger person. She was a badass-sweetheart. She wore bows, but they were grey and covered in black lace. She wore pink... Brass knuckles. She was pretty tall too, so I guess she kinda has to be the 'bigger' person. Ha.


You can kinda imagine my family. Sister lives in New York, I live in Bradford, Nina lives with me, dad lives in Maine, don't ask, mom gone, no boyfriend, well, since Colby, that's about it.

I pull out of the line of cars and drive on the curb around the accident in front of us, flashing pictures of my mom, Nina screaming. "NINA SHUT IT. We'll get there faster." I gritted. "NO! THERE'S ZAYN!!!!" She squeals, pointing near a curb. "HOLY..." I whisper-yell. I drive around, noticing he's outside of Starbucks. I walk right past him, head up, pretending not to care. He's smoking outside and he looks at me for a while. "What?" I say, kinda bitchily.( Is that a word? No autocorrect...) He kinda stutters a little. "Sorry. My moms dead. I live in Bradford with my best friend, just us." He looks really happy, I probably do too. "I'm from Bradford too." He says. His accent makes me melt inside, wow that was cliche.... "Do you know who Zayn Malik is? You look a lot like him..." He looked happy again. "Hi, I'm Zayn." He says, putting out his hand. "VAS HAPPENIN?!" I yell like a complete idiot shaking his hand. "I dated Harry in school when I lived in Cheshire. Come with me!!" I grab his arm, dragging him to my black convertible. "Gah!" He shouted, he was cute. "NINA!!" I squealed, pulling him in the car. "Take the wheel, Nina!" I said. "Uh, y-yeah. Sure." She said, looking around, dazed. "Niall's still single, right?" She asked, worried. Zayn laughed, "yeah. What 'bout you?" He said, turning to me. "After Harry, who was my first boyfriend, came Colby. He called me his "bitch" all the time, ugh I hated him. I was ugly, fat, stupid, and a whore to him... Then he cheated on me and dumped me. That's bout it." I said, kind babbling. "That sucks." He replied. "I'm single, so is Niall, Harry, and Liam." He added. "I thought Harry was with Taylor... And Niall was with Selner." I said, making faces. "No, Selena is with Justin, and Harry tried to kill himself because of Taylor. So, Paul squared that away pretty quickly. Do you have any other friends?" He answered. "Nina is my only friend, really, but my sister Tiff is going with her friend Melissa." I said. "Oh, alright." He said, smiling. "We're gonna meet up with her at the concert, but we have to change first." I said, smiling back. "Ok."


-at the concert-


Tiff, Melissa, Nina, and Jessa


We dropped Zayn off at a hotel where the boys were and went to the concert. After the concert, Zayn texted me, inviting us over and giving us directions. "Hay, gurls!!" Harry greeted us oddly at the door, motioning for us to come in, looking at Tiff. "Is he drunk...?" I shouted out. Louis smiled when he saw Mel's outfit. Then, he mentioned El broke up with him, we all said we felt bad, except for Niall, who was talking to Nina. "Ooooooooh!! Niall's got a girlfriend!!" Me and Zayn chanted. Everyone laughed, then Louis walked over to put some ice in his Pepsi, stopping to talk to Melissa on the way. We stayed the night there, and we all dressed like this:


It goes Tiff, Melissa. Nina, and Jessa.


We all sat on the floor playing truth or dare, Zayn next to me, Niall next to Nina, Harry next to Tiff, Louis next to Mel, and Liam alone. He looked kinda sad and I was gonna say something, but there was a knock at the door. "Room Service." She squeaked and we all looked to Niall. Liam sighed and said, "Niall..." While getting up to answer the door. She handed him a plate of cookies and said, "Uh, hi. I'm Liam." He looked nervous. "Ashlynn. You're cute." She said, looking down. She had on a sweater, but she changed later, looking like a slut. "You are too. Wanna join us?" He asked. "Sure." She said smiling, grabbing Liam's hand. "AWWW!! LiLi!!" We all chorused, except for Niall and Nina. They were exceptionally quiet tonight. We all looked over at them, and they were kissing. "Ooooooooooh!!" We all chorused. Nina motioned for us to shut up. Liam yelled, "KISSING SESSION!!" And Tiff and Harry made out near the couch, Liam and Ashlynn kissed, Louis and Melissa kissed, and Zayn kissed me, it was soft. We all stopped after about five minutes, ate popcorn and watched Elf. Niall shared a whole tub of ice cream with Nina. "WHOAH! You got him to share?! He must really love you. Really!!" Zayn blurted out. Harry looked over at me a few times, but he finally dragged me off of Zayn's lap. "Have I seen you before?! I dated a girl named Jessa once, you look exactly like her." He babbled. "I am Jessa, Styles. I'm sorry, but I think Za-" he cut me off by smashing his lips against mine. "Harry!" Zayn shouted. Thankfully, Tiff was in the bathroom. "We dated in school, I'm sorry, I've just missed her, and when YOU broke my phone, I lost her number." Harry explained. "And we aren't officially dating yet, so it doesn't really matter!!" I added. Zayn sighed and said, "I guess you're right." Zayn walked away and I sat on the couch. "I'm just a Cotton-Headed NinnyMuggin." The tv blared. "Harry, we can be friends, K? Best friends." I whispered to Harry and he just smiled. "I won tickets to spend the whole day with you guys!!!" Nina blurted out. Everyone cheered but Ashlynn. She just glared at me. "Well, I'm going to bed, Melissa?" Harry said, making his puppy dog eyes at Mel. She sighed and took him to his bed. We all walked to our rooms, checking on Harry. He was snuggling with Melissa, they were both fast asleep. We all walked to our bedrooms, except for me. I was hungry, so I walked downstairs. Ashlynn followed me for some reason. "You know, you're really fat, you shouldn't stuff your face so often. You're really ugly too." She said, glaring at me. "Uh, I-I..." I stuttered. "Ha, your stupid too." She gritted. Tears began streaming down my face. Sobbing loudly, I ran to the bathroom. Everyone came out of their rooms, running to the bathroom door and downstairs. "Jessa?!" Zayn yelled, banging on the door. I let him in. He cradled me and I just cried harder.

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