5 minutes of fame

Kayla has always been bullied for her weight at school. On a daily basis she comes home to her parents arguing about money. She has nobody to open up to, until her life takes a spin when she sends a suicidal tweet to Niall Horan. Who changes her life.


16. The Media

Kayla's P.O.V

I was laying down on Niall's lap while we watched a movie. I wasn't really interested in watching it, I mostly used it for a background noise. I was thinking about Harry. The gift he gave me was over the top. The chocolates he gave me were amazing but the shoes were even better. I wondered how much they cost, probably around a grand. Why would he spend so much money on me? Did he like me? I felt a tingle in my stomach. 


No, it can't be. Harry knows I am with Niall. Am I even with Niall? Ugh this was all so complicated. I knew I had feelings for Niall, I really did. And even if Harry did like me I don't know how I would feel about that. 


I looked up, and saw Niall's beautiful face. He was  busy stuffing his face with popcorn and totally interested in the movie. He didn't realize I was watching him. A smile crossed my face. Niall was so cute. I was beyond lucky to have him.  I was viewing his face structure when a piece of popcorn dropped on my eye.




"Oh sorry love! Are you alright?" Niall asked pausing the movie and putting his hands on my cheeks observing my eye


"I'm alright Niall." I laughed "You can let go on my face now."



Naill laughed and pinched my cheeks. I laughed and did the exact same to him.


"There's something I want to ask you Kayla." Niall said. He sounded more serious now


"What is it boo?" I asked and grabbed some popcorn and shoved it in my mouth


"Do you want to be official?" 


I nearly choked on the kettle corn. Holly cow! Did Niall just ask me to be his girlfriend? This wasnt true, was it? Was he joking?


"I'm sorry what did you say?" I said. I thought I was hearing things.


"Uh do you want to be my girlfriend?" Niall asked and quickly added "If you don't feel the same just say it I-I m-mean it is no big dea-"


I didn't even wait for him to finish his sentence. I grabbed his face and kissed him. The kiss was amazing. Way out of this world.


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