5 minutes of fame

Kayla has always been bullied for her weight at school. On a daily basis she comes home to her parents arguing about money. She has nobody to open up to, until her life takes a spin when she sends a suicidal tweet to Niall Horan. Who changes her life.


13. Party's Here


Harry's P.O.V

As I sat in Liam's car. I placed my gift bag carefully to the back seat. Liam noticed the bag and asked what was inside. I told him it was only chocolate and Loubotons. 


"ONLY chocolate and LOUBOTOUNS? Harry are you out of your mind?" Liam asked me. He seemed a bit intimidated.


"No, I want to make a good first impression." I said firmly


"Louis got Elanor a pair of Loubs for their one year anniversary and you get a girl Loubs who you've met 5 hours ago."


"Liam, I'm going to give them to Kayla."


Liam focused on the road. We didn't speak for a while, I could tell that he was ticked off but I waited for him to let it all out. Liam can cool off really easy. 


I was just about to open my mouth to say something, It was getting really awkward with all the tension when Mr. Grumpy pants spoke.


"Harry do you like her?"


"Liam she has a name"


"Kayla. Do you like Kayla?"


"I don't know. Maybe." I mumbled. Liam's car slowed down when we pulled up to a traffic light.


"You can't do that Hazza. She is with Niall!" Liam said and stared at me.


"Go its green" I told him. When we were rolling I continued, "Liam there's something unique about her. I know she's Nialler's girl but he still didn't ask her to be his girlfriend."


"Pal I don't know. From the entire group you and Zayn were always getting girls and it was always Niall and I who were the "backups" If I was you I would let Niall have Kayla, even if I liked her. That's what best mates do." Liam said and parked right in front of Niall's condominium. 


I sighed, grabbed my gift and got out from the car. Liam was right. He always was. What a guy. I thought.


"Liam, you should of become a psychologist, instead of an world wide known singer." I joked and poked him


He laughed and replied, "Right, and give up all this." He pointed to his iPhone wich was blowing up with tweets from our fans. Oh Liam. Typical Liam.


Before we knew it we were in front of Niall's door. Liam rang the bell and  Kayla opened the door. She looked so flawless. I couldn't help but to check her out. She was wearing tight back jeans which showed off her rear end really well. She wore a tee top that had "One Direction Fan" written in the centre.


"Hey guys!" She said and smiled at both me and Liam


"Awesome shirt you got there" Liam told her "Lemme sign in" 


He found a pen and started scribbling on the sleeve.


"Haha thank you so much Liam" Kayla 


"Where's Niall" Liam asked 


"He's in his room"


"I'll go see how he's doing" Liam said and left the room.



"Kayla I got you a present" I said shyly


"Sweetie you didn't have to" She said and smiled at me


She called me sweetie. I was the one who was going to say that to her. Styles you are an idiot.


"I wanted to make you happy, love. I got you chocolates and shoes." 


Crap why did I tell her what I got her. She was supposed to find that out herself. I am such an idiot. An idiot with curly hair.


"Ohmygodness Harry!" She said and hugged me tight. "Loubotouns really? I love you !" She squalled 


"Anything for a charming lady like you." I whispered to her ear and hugged her tighter.

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