5 minutes of fame

Kayla has always been bullied for her weight at school. On a daily basis she comes home to her parents arguing about money. She has nobody to open up to, until her life takes a spin when she sends a suicidal tweet to Niall Horan. Who changes her life.


27. Panic.

Kayla's P.O.V

It's been a couple hours since I left Niall's apartment. My phone kept on ringing non stop in my back pocket, then eventually stopped. I'm guessing my battery died since it had a few percent of battery left. I didn't know where I was going, or why  I was going. The alley I was walking on was very narrow and it was hard to take a look around. The sun had already set and there were barely any people or cars out.  I wasn't mad at Niall or Harry. What Harry said was true, he was being honest. I guess it's better to hear the hurtful truth than a heart warming lie. No matter how truthful it was, it still hurt me.

Maybe I was just to weird. Maybe I just bored people too much with all my insecurities. I shouldn't have worried about it. I should have just been happy that I didn't get hit on by strange men all the time. I should have realized how lucky I was in that regard.

"Hey pretty lady," A man said to me as I was walking. I ignored him and kept walking. 

"Don't be so stuck up. I just want to talk to ya. I thought I knew all the pretty ladies 'round here." An unshaven man of about thirty with missing teeth stepped in front of me forcing me to stop. 

"I'm Ray." He said leaning in closer. His breath smelled like a mixture of marijuana and alcohol. It was foul. I tried to step around him, but he blocked my path.

"Ain't you gonna tell me yo name before you go?" 

I turned and walked in the other direction. In three steps he was in front of me again.

I looked around into the darkness of the neighbourhood  Not a single person was outside. How did I end up in this situation? Why did I leave? 

I turned again and walked quickly towards a steep hill. My heart raced quickly and I could feel a lump developing in my throat soon to be followed by uncontrollable tears. Ray grabbed my arm and said,

"I just wanna talk to ya. Where ya goin'?"

"Let go of me!" I yelled as I flung my purse at him with all my might. Ray gripped me tighter. I closed my eyes and tried to squirm away from him. Then I heard a click and Ray instantly let go of me.

"The only reason you're not dead already, is because I don't want to get blood on my friend," Zayn said calmly as he pointed a gun at Ray's temple.

"Yo, Malik, I-"

"Shut up." Zayn pushed Ray away from me with the barrel of his gun.

"This is how this is going to work. You are never going to touch her again. You are never going to look at her or even speak her name. If you do, I'll go to your home and kill your mother. your father, your grandmother, your aunts, uncles, and cousins." He said in an eerie matter of fact manner. 

"But I won't stop there. I'll wait a few years. Let your children have children. I'll kill them. Then I am going to come for you. Do I make myself clear?" My assailant nodded his head furiously. I think he might have wet his pants.

"Get out of here before I change my mind and empty my clip into the side of your head right now." 

After Ray scurried away, Zayn said to me

"Get in the car." 

When we sat in Zayn's Lexus. He asked.

"You alright Kayla?"

I didn't respond. I was in shock. Zayn tucked his gun into the back pants then put his arm around my shoulder. I leaned in and buried my face in Zayn's chest. and tried to gain control of my breathing.

"I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner." He said as he his arm held me securely to him.

"Thank you, Zayn." I said as I drank a cup of tea at Zayn's kitchen table. He brought me to his penthouse, since he wasn't sure if he should take me back to Niall's.

"I am glad I took that turn. Niall told the lads to search every part of the city. I hate to think what could have happened. I can't believe he would try something like that."

"It's all my fault. It's my fault Harry and Niall are fighting. It's my fault that Ray came. I always cause a chaos." I said as I hit my face in my palms.

"Hey now." Zayn said and put his arm around me. "Everything is going to be alright."

I felt a little better after listening to Zayn. He knew exactly what to say and his words soothed me. 

"Zayn, why do you have a gun?"

Zayn quietly chuckled and said, " I am a Bradford's bad boy. I carry it in case of an emergency. It's not like I shoot people for fun."

"Oh, that makes sense now."

We talked for a few hours about his fame. He said he missed seeing his family. And that made me think about my parents. If it wasn't for Niall, my mom would still work 2 jobs and argue with my dad. Niall helped my family a lot, and I broke his heart by leaving  him.

Zayn stared at me.

"Kayla you are so different, don't ever change."

"Excuse me?" I asked nearly chocking on a sip of tea.

"Don't be mad at me. I am just saying you are not like other girls. It's sad that you don't give yourself credit for that."

I didn't reply. I quietly sipped on my tea. I didn't believe Zayn. I was fat. And I would forever remain fat.

"Do you want me to call Niall, and tell him you are with me?" Zayn asked and pulled out his phone.

I nodded and smiled at Bradford's bad boy.

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