5 minutes of fame

Kayla has always been bullied for her weight at school. On a daily basis she comes home to her parents arguing about money. She has nobody to open up to, until her life takes a spin when she sends a suicidal tweet to Niall Horan. Who changes her life.


10. Meeting the Boys


Niall and I spend the entire flight talking about food and giggling until our tummy's hurt. Niall told me all about England. He promised to show me where he grew up. It all felt like a dream to me. I could listen to Niall talk all day. His beautiful accent was joy to my ears. I loved to hear him speak.


"Love, are you exited to meet the boys?" Nialler asked me smiling with this eyes


"Oh my gosh, if you only knew how nervous I am."


"Nervous? And why is that?" Niall asked placing his arm around my shoulder.


"Well you see, I've been a Directioner ever since you guys became One Direction on X-Factor. Plus I am really not a fan of meeting new people. You know first impressions and all that." I was about to say some more foolish things when Niall cut me off.


"Sorry for cutting you off, but you are just so cute when you talk" Niall laughed taking a bite of his muffin. This was his fifth muffin so far.


"No, seriously I'd give my first born child  so I would never have to make a first impression with new people."


"Hey, don't go bartering off our children like that," Niall teased.


I blushes. Niall saw that and gave me a quick kiss on the forehead. 


"Everything is going to be alight babe, they are good guys."


When we were walking in the air port towards the exit. Niall quickly looked at me and told me he was there for me no matter what happened. I smiled, and faced the exit door. We opened the door and I saw 4 guys attack Niall.


First it was Louis. He jumped on Niall and messed his hair up and told him to never leave him again. 


Then it was Harry who pushed Louis away and tackled Niall. Liam and Zayn both jumped on top of Harry and Niall and shortly Louis followed. 


I laughed at them. Their bromance was so cute to watch. Everybody looked at me, I guess they didn't see me.


Harry quickly got up straightening his shirt and bend down and gave me a bow, he was about to introduce himself when Niall said,


"She knows who you are, you silly goose. The entire world knows who you are."


Louis laughed, and quickly approached me giving me a hug. 


"Hi Kayla !!!!!" He screamed, "HOW DO YOU LIKE ENGLAND?" He shouted

"How do you know her name?"Zayn asked, giving me a sweet smile

"Leeyum told me !!!!" Louis screamed

"Jeez Louis, You don't want her to go deaf" Harry said covering Louis' mouth with his hand "Pleased to meet you Kayla" Harry has said with his British accent and smiled at me. I could feel my knees melt after that gorgeous smile. I smiled back at him and said hello.

After I met all the boys. Niall insisted to take me to his condo and un-pack. "I'll take you to Nando's after love." He smiled and pulled me close to him.

"When should we meet you at Nando's mate?" Liam asked Niall

"Uh, I was kind of hoping for a one-on-one with Kay" Niall replied 

"Kay? Who is Kay?" Harry asked puzzled

"Yeah, That's what everyone calls me" I replied with a gin 

"That's awesome Kay! I am Hazza!" Harry said and jumped on top on Louis 


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