5 minutes of fame

Kayla has always been bullied for her weight at school. On a daily basis she comes home to her parents arguing about money. She has nobody to open up to, until her life takes a spin when she sends a suicidal tweet to Niall Horan. Who changes her life.


21. If she touches you like this, will you touch her like that?


Kayla's P.O.V

After my brunch with Harry. I was about to text Niall and let him know what happened. To my surprise he already knew about it. From: The Love of my life <3 RE: Hey, babe. How was your casual brunch with Hazza?                                                


To: The Love of my life <3 Hey! It was really good. I am glad everything is fine now. How did you know anyway? I was about to tell you that :)))                                          


From: The Love of my life He told me today when we had a break during the interviews. I'm glad you had fun. I have to go now. I'll be home soon. Can't wait to see you. XOXOXOXXO   I had a wide smile on my face as I put my phone away.

Harry saw it and chuckled.  "Love birds" He shook his head and shot me a cute smile

I hit his rock hard abs playfully. "Oh, stop it." I laughed

"Where do you want to go?"

"Let's go shopping!"

"Sounds fine by me."

After spending a few hours with Harry, I could tell that he was getting exhausted from walking so much. I suggested we head back home. He smiled and quickly agreed. When we reached Niall's place. Harry parked and got out the car and opened the door for me.

"Thanks for today Harry!" I said and gave him a hug.

His muscular arms tightened the hug. "Hazza, I'm going to suffocate in your arms," I joked

"Haha, oh sorry, love." I was about to say bye when Harry asked "Aren't you forgetting something babe?"

Oh no. He didn't think I would kiss him. Crap! What should I do?

"Uh...what?" I mumbled nervously

"Your flowers."  He walked to his trunk and handed me the huge bouquet of white roses.

"If you get me another one of those, Niall's condo can turn into a rose garden." 

He laughed. "Kayla your sense of humour is something."  

After Harry left I unlocked Niall's door and placed the flowers on the counter. I still needed to find a vase that would fit all these flowers. I placed the shopping bags near Niall's bed and went to look for a vase.  Niall walked in while I was opening the cupboards in the kitchen. When I heard him walk in I rushed to greet him. Niall didn't see me walk into his corridor and I ran towards him and hugged him from behind.

"I missed you." I said

"Hey love, I missed you more." He turned around and kissed me.

"How was the interviews?"

"Long, I couldn't get my mind off you."

"Aww you little Irish flirt."  Niall smiled and stared at me with his eyes more intense than Wagner overture. I could tell he wanted to continue where we left off this morning.    

After our hot make out session. Both me and Niall were laying on his couch. It was a late afternoon and I didn't want to go to bed, even if I was a little bit tired.

Niall got up and pulled me into my knees.

"Hey, lovebug. You alright?" His voice, full of concern.

"I am fine." I smiled 

"Do you want to take a shower?"

"Um, okay." I said, unsure of what he ment. Did I smell? Was my body odour that bad? I showered this morning too!

Niall interupted me from my thoughts and added,"With me."

I looked at Niall with a smile. His eyes sparkled and he had a cheeky smile on his face.

I got up and walked into Niall's shower. His shower had a roof head which felt like rain when you got in. Niall was not long after me.  He made the first move by cupping his hand behind my neck and pulling me in. 

I groaned and he began, pushing me against the shower wall. He had mastered getting hard all over me. His hands slid down my back and cupped under my rear end. He groaned and hitched me up, holding me as he pushed into me again. He pulled my thigh up and hinched my leg around his waist. He had a steady rhythm going while I was against the wall. He lasted a while and I kept it up too.After he pulled out, which by the way hurt. He grabbed the body wash that was nearby and poured a bit into his palm. He turned to me and kissed my neck whilst giving me a soapy massage. It was a hot situation.

"Wow" He said and smiled while turning the shower off, and grabbed me a towel. I wrapped it around me. He leaned in and kissed me. "Now my body will be yearning for you even more."

I laughed. I had officially lost my virginity to the sweetest guy ever. 

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