5 minutes of fame

Kayla has always been bullied for her weight at school. On a daily basis she comes home to her parents arguing about money. She has nobody to open up to, until her life takes a spin when she sends a suicidal tweet to Niall Horan. Who changes her life.


17. Hayla or Niayla ?

Kayla's P.O.V


Niall took me out for a romantic walk. Paparazzi were everywhere  They kept on asking Niall who I was over and over again. I kept my mouth because I didn't know what to do. When finally Niall said


"Yes, Kayla is my girlfriend. Now please leave us alone."


They kept on snapping photographs, and asking us relationship questions. Didn't these people understand what leave us alone meant? Clearly not. 


"Niall can we go somewhere away from these people?" I whispered to the love of my life.


He smiled and nodded his head.


We lightly jogged to his car. Niall being the gentlemen that he is opened his door and held out his hand for me jump in.


When the paparazzi saw that they were going even more crazy. 


When Niall got into the safe zone, also known as his huge Rolls Royce. He kissed me and we were off.


When we got back home I took a shower and was drying my hair when Niall walked in and told me that I should get ready because Harry wanted to take me out.


"He wants to take me out? Out where?" I asked Niall


"I don't know, he said it's a surprise for you" He sounded so sad that I could hear my heart crack. 


"Niall come with me!' I pleaded 


"I wish, I could love but I have to meet Louis to prapare for our new album.


"Aw, I'll miss you."


"I'll miss you more" He replied


Before I knew it, we were making out in Niall's bathroom. How romantic.



"Hey gorgeous" Harry called out out of car


"Hey Styles"


"How is the girlfriend of Niall Horan doing?" He laughed and raised his eyebrows up and down at me


"How did you know?" I asked. I looked at the clock inside his car. Niall only asked me 3 hours ago to be his girl


"The magazines babe." He showed me a magazine with Niall and I on the cover there was a writting under it, it said 

"Niall's new girlfriend" In large yellow letters. 

"Wow" I said

"Yeah, haha" He said and chuckled

"Harry, where are we going?"

"To the shore, it's really relaxing there."

The whole drive there Harry was joking around and I was busy laughing my butt off. Who knew Harry was so funny. I thought Louis was the funny one.

When we arrived we took our shoes off and walked on the soft sand. It was almost 7 o'clock and the sand was cold. 
We walked to the shore and sat on a giant rock. 

"It's so beautiful here, Harry" I said not taking my eyes off the scenery 

"It's beyond that, babe." He said and leaned in to kiss me

I didn't even realize what was happening until I saw a flash in the bushes. 

I quickly pulled away. I looked at Harry. I couldn't believe what he just did.

"K-kayla, I didn't mean it." He started

"Save it Harry." I said and stormed off

"Wait Kayla!" I heard Harry run after me

"Don't come hear me Harry Styles."


I didn't know where I was going. I was pretty positive I was lost. I couldn't believe what Harry did. This wasnt going to be pretty. 30 minutes had passed since I walked away from Harry and already my twitter notifications were blowing up. It was all hate. People were calling me a two-timing skank. I saw a tweet from Felicia it said

"I told you @KayKay was a two timing whore bag"

Tears ran down my face. It was all happening again. This couldn't be true. 

My phone rang, it was Niall. He probably wanted to break up with me. I swallowed my fear and pressed answer.




I told him the address and 10 minutes later he was there. He parked his car close to the rock I was sitting on. He got out of his car and sat beside me. Niall didn't say a word. We sat there for about 30 minutes. 

Then he said, "Why did you kiss Harry?"

"I didn't Niall. Harry kissed me."

'Why did you let him kiss you then Kayla? I asked you to be my girlfriend not so that you could run off with Harry and kiss him. If you didn't want to be with me, all you had to do was to tell me."

"Please Niall believe me. I'm not interested in Harry in any way. He kissed me and before I knew it somebody took a picture before I could pull away."

He didn't respond and took a few steps back.

"You see what is happening? Its the media, they over exaggerated the entire thing They're trying to sow seeds of doubt between us. People on twitter are sending me hate and trying to break us up." I stood up and walked towards him. I grabbed his hands and said, "You have every right to be concerned. But please know that I truly do have feelings for you."

Niall stared down at his hands. He wasn't convinced.

"And all I want" I continued "Is you." 

I kissed him gently on the lips. He did't return it. 

"Please, believe me."

He looked down and shrugged his head like he didn't believe me.

"Niall, I love you" I said. 

Something in him snapped and he kissed me like he never before. He wrapped his arms around my waist. His kisses were slow and deep and warm and perfect and send a shiver of delight down my spine. 


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