5 minutes of fame

Kayla has always been bullied for her weight at school. On a daily basis she comes home to her parents arguing about money. She has nobody to open up to, until her life takes a spin when she sends a suicidal tweet to Niall Horan. Who changes her life.


4. Goodbye My Love Goodbye


I woke up and it was already night time. I didn't understand what was going on. My whole body ached and I was butt naked. It hit me what had happened and I started crying. Why were they picking on me? What did I do to them? My clothes were all dirty, My bra was ripped. I wouldn't take my clothes off and Remy ripped everything. I am a slut. I lost my virginity to a guy I never even knew.


When I got home my mom was sitting on a chair with her head in her hands. When she heard me walk in she didn't ask me what happened she got up slapped me right across my face. I looked at her face. Her eyes were blood shot red. It looked like she cried for hours. 


"My daughter is a prostitute." She whispered and slapped me again


I didn't try to defence myself I knew I was a slut. I was a fat ugly slut. 



I couldn't take a shower, because we had no running water so I went to my bedroom and changed. My panties were in blood . I couldn't look at them. I changed to a shirt and sweatpants and went on twitter. When I logged in my heart sank to my feet. Felicia uploaded today's video on Twitter saying


" @NiallOfficial this is the girl you tweeted this weekend. She is a fat slut. Just look at her. I don't know how she manages to live with herself."


That video got over 200 re tweets  People were tweeting me calling me a slut, a whore, a fat cow. Some girl tweeted saying I was a disgrace for being a Directioner.



I was sobbing my eyes out. Everyone were coming at me. No body was ever going to stand up for me. I felt so alone. My directioner family didn't want me. Nobody wanted me even Niall. 


I wanted to write my last tweet.


@KayKay: I just want everyone to know that bullying will scar you for life. I am going to make many of you happy by committing a suicide. Goodbye. @NiallOfficial please know that I am not that person."


I went to my kitchen and got some rope. I tied the end to my closet ceiling hook. I stepped on a stool and tied the rope around my neck. I took my last breath and kicked off the stool. 


That moment 3 police officers barged into my room and picked me up and untied me. They were saying something to me, but I couldn't hear them, and slowly closed my eyes.


I woke up in the hospital. I was feeling nauseous  I had a huge headache. I pressed a button on my bed for assistance and a nurse came into my room.

"Where am I?"

"You are in St. Thomas hospital. You were attempting to commit a suicide."

She was talking on and on, on how suicide is a serious topic and I was making a mistake. 

She looked me in the eyes and said somebody was waiting for me outside

She went out the room and called somebody to come in

I heard a door open , I looked and I saw a boy with blonde hair and a wool jumped walk inside. I didn't know who this person could be. I looked hard and my heart stopped. Niall was standing in the same room as me.

"Kayla how are you feeling" Niall asked in his thick Irish accent

"Hhi! Niall! I-I'm ok-aay." I stuttered

"I saw that video on twitter 9 hours ago and I got so angry. I called the police when I saw your tweet. I flew in Canada as fast as I could. I am glad you are okay." Niall said smiling for the first time

"Thank you Niall." I said smiling back


"Yes Kayla?"

"How long has it been since I was in the hospital?"

"12 hours now dear"

"Oh I see"

"I don't think your friends are here yet." He said

"I don't have any friend's" I said embarrassed 

"I can be your friend Kayla" Niall said



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