Forget Happily Ever After

I am in love with someone. They were meant for me. We will be together today and forever. We will never break up. EVER. The only problem is.. I have no idea who that person is???


2. L.A

The next morning I woke up happy. It was Saturday. I sat up in my bed a yawned. I picked up my phone. I had three missed calls from Irvin. And one missed call from Joey. I called him back as I walked out of my room to the kitchen. I heard him say "Hey". "Hey" I said biting my bottom lip. "Umm you called me yesterday?" I said. "Umm ya I herd you were going on a date with Irvin?" he asked. "Umm no!! Who said that!" I said. "Umm everyone" he said. "Well that's not true" I said upset. "So your not going to the concert thing?" he asked. I walked and grabbed the nutella out of the cabinets. I took out a plastic spoon. "Ya just not with him" I said. I opened the nutella and grabbed some with the spoon and put it in my mouth. "oh well I have to go" he said. What was Irvin telling everyone?! I walked into my room. I grabbed the tickets. They were for tonight. In Los Angeles. I took one and sent it back to Irvin. I took the other one in my hand. I bit my bottom lip thinking. I put it back. I got dressed. Then I heard my mom come out of her room. "Hey your up? Do you want breakfast?" she asked. "No thanks. I'm going to L.A" I said as I put on my shoes. "Okay" she said as she walked into the kitchen. I put on a sweater. I packed clothes just for the weekend. I grabbed my moms keys. "How long will you be gone? Because I need the car on Monday." my mom said. "Uh I will be back tomorrow" I said. I put my bag in the car. I also packed other stuff. I put it in too. Then I got in the car. And started driving. I drove for about an hour. Then another and another. Finally I was in L.A. I grabbed the ticket. Now it was 4:00 p.m. And the concert starts at 7:00. So might as well get an early hotel. I went from hotel to hotel. Full,full, and full. It was now 6:30p.m. I just drove to the staples center. I got off the car. I walked in. It was crowded. I got to my seat. I have no idea why there are seats if no one ever sits down?! But I sat down. I was in the first row. I checked the time. It was 7:45. I just sat there alone while everyone was hanging out with their friends of boyfriends or girlfriends. Then two guys walked by me and sat by me. The one closest to me smiled. "Hello love" he said. "Hi" I said smiling. I was just happy I had someone to talk to. "I'm Harry" he said. "I'm Angie" I said. "Do you know Ed?" he asked. "Uh no just here to have fun" I said. "Oh me and him ate actually really good friends" Harry said. "Cool" I said. "Oh this is my friend Niall" he said as he pointed to the guys next to him. Niall waved. I waved back. Then finally Ed came out.
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