Forget Happily Ever After

I am in love with someone. They were meant for me. We will be together today and forever. We will never break up. EVER. The only problem is.. I have no idea who that person is???


1. Joey

I sprayed my self with a lot of my perfume. Just so when i walk by him I will smell pretty. I walked out and walked by him. He looked at me and smiled. My cheeks got bright red. "Hey" I said. "Hey" he said. "Hey Angie" Alexis said as she came up behind me. "Hey Lexi" I said. "Checking out Joey again" she said as she moved her eyebrows up and down. "No" I said as I looked down at my shoes. "Comon everyone knows you have the biggest crush on him" she said smiling. "Uhh I know" I said as I groaned. "You also know he has a girlfriend!" she said. "Ya I know" I said looking down. Nick came up to me. "Hey Angie" he said. Nick is my friend. Just friends! We are like brother and sister. And me and Alexis are best friends. "Hey Nick" I said. "Did you hear?" he asked me. "Hear what?" I asked. "Well....Noelle and Joey broke up" he said happy for me. I hugged him. "yay" I said. Alexis smiled and rolled her eyes. "Now he's yours" she said. "Not really" I said. "I have to go to my next class" I said. I bit my lip and walked away. I smiled happily. I walked into my next class. Joey was in that class. "Hey" I said to Noah. Noah is like Nick's brother. He is my friend too. I sat by him. "Hey" he said. I took out my binder and looked through my tabs. Joey came up to me. "Hey" he said. I turned and looked into his deep blue eyes. "H-hey" I said nervously. "Do you have a pencil I can use?" he asked smiling. I could see his braces. "Ya here" I said. I handed him my pencil. He walked away back to his seat. I blushed. "Wow" Noah said. "What?" I aske him. "He just asked you for a pencil" he said. "Ya...he's holding my pencil" I said. He laughed a little. "Well your crush wanted me to give you this" he said. He handed me two tickets. "Irvin again?!" I said annoyed. "Yup" he said. "Ugh" I said. I looked at the tickets. They were tickets to go see a guy named Ed Sheeran. "Well tell him I said thanks but that I also said but the answers still no" I said. I stood up and put the tickets in my back pocket. I put my binder back in my backpack. "Just give him a chance" Noah said. "No" I said. Then Class ended. I started to walk home. "Hey Angie.. Here is your pencil" Joey said as he handed it to me. "Have it" I said. "Thanks" he said as he put it away. Then I walked home. The tickets were for tomorrow night. I put them on my dresser and fell asleep.
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