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What happens when Emma's 3 year-old daughter Darcy finally has been asking about her father repeatedly and Emma cant avoid the question anymore. She still intends not to tell her until she is older, when she can understand. But 1 tweet of Darcy is seen by her father and he


22. the end



Chapter 21:


   I sat in the back of the car half asleep with darcy, while harry was driving us home. As i look at my baby girl sleeping... i cant believe i almost left her today. the only positive side to this is that i realised the truth and what i want more than anything in this world. when harry turned onto our block my eyes slowly shut.

   I woke up in harrys arms as he layed me down in my bed. i made sure not to move as he took off my shoes and tucked me in. He went into the restroom and took a shower. I layed there in thought slowly closing my eyes.

  I awoke when i felt harry slide into bed next to me, wrapping his arms around me. He kissed below my ear and whispered "I love you" so softly, i thought i was dreaming.

   "I love you too" i whispered back turning around. My chest was pounding, the last time i heard that he was begging for me to come with him on tour many years ago.

   Harrys eyes darted to his hands, "I thought you were asleep." I pushed his chin up so that i could look him in the eyes.

  "I'm sorry about what happened earlier" i sniffled, i felt so stupid for doing something so stupid. I felt his grip get tighter as he leaned in for a kiss. My insides exploded, i knew that from that point on everything would be okay and that i truly loved this boy. I couldn't risk losing him again. I immediately stopped this kiss, "what are we going to do? your going to be gone all the time. Me and Darcy are going to never see you. If we left i would have to quit my job therefore not getting any sort of income..." harry interrupted my rambling.

  "Calm down we can worry about it in the morning" Harry said holding my face.

  "No Harry, i'm freaking out i don't know what we are going to do" i said starting to have a mental break down.

   Harry snuggled even closer to me, rubbing my shoulder with his thumb, trying to calm me down. "Everythings going to be okay love" he whispered in my ear "We will just take one day at a time and get through this"






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