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What happens when Emma's 3 year-old daughter Darcy finally has been asking about her father repeatedly and Emma cant avoid the question anymore. She still intends not to tell her until she is older, when she can understand. But 1 tweet of Darcy is seen by her father and he


5. Surprise



Chapter 4



Its been five months since Darcy and I first skyped Harry. We have skyped them like every month and i text harry like nearly every day. He is so nice and he adores Darcy i wonder if i should tell him the truth soon. Its Christmas Day and Darcy is opening her presents that i got her. Of course she runs straight to the biggest present which is an American Doll that her Grandma got her. Then she opened two more which was a new pencil bag and a pair of pink flats. We don't have a lot of money so i couldn't afford a lot of things

"Thank you mommy!"

"You're welcome sweetheart you have one more thing" I said pointing to a small box way under the tree. She picked it up and opened it, it was a charm bracelet. It had 3 charms on it, one was a cupcake, her favorite food, a paper airplane and one more that said 1D.

"I love it can you put it on me"

"Sure sweetie" I grab her bracelet wrapping it around her wrist and clamping one side to the other.

"Mommy and i also have a gift for you" She ran upstairs to her room to grab my present when the doorbell rang. When i open the door i was trampled by hugs

"Emma!" they yelled, when i looked up i could see Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam hugging me while Zayn was holding a bag.

"Hey guys, what are you doing here!?"

"We wanted to surprise you and Darcy for christmas and we also brought you guys presents!" Zayn said holding the bag up in the air.

I gave them a questioning look, "Do you guys do this to every fan?"

"No, only special ones" Harry said grinning, giving me hug.

"And plus Harry just wanted to s-" Louis began to say then harry hit him in the balls. I couldn't help but start giggling.

"HARRY!" Darcy yelled from the top of the stairs. She ran down the stairs and gave him a big hug totally ignoring louis on the floor.

"Do you guys want some Hot Chocolate?"

"yes please" they all replied. Harry carried Darcy to the living room and sat down with her on his lap. 

"Louis do you want to come with me?" I said helping him off the ground looking at where his hand was gripped tightly. He just nodded as i helped him over to the kitchen.

"Thank you" he said as i he jumped on the countertop and i gave him an ice pack. I grabbed 7 muggs and poured Hot coco mix in each

"Is Harry her father?" Louis just said out of the blue

"ummm... what do you mean?" I started to bit my lip, if he knows then Harry knows.

"you know what i mean Allie, Is Harry Darcy's father?" I was starting to get really nervous

"Does Harry know?" i whispered, Louis had his arms out signalling me to give him a hug.

"No, he doesn't suspect a thing?" i had a sigh of relief 

"then how did you figure it out?"

"its kinda obvious, her curly hair and her dimples are exactly like Harry's, it was just a guess"

"A very good one, please don't tell him, i want to tell him when the time is right" I said as Louis who just nodded his head. He started to rub my back, i just started to tear up in his shirt. Louis always felt like my older brother and i loved him, but not the way i loved Harry. The ringer went off signaling that the water was boiled. I let go of louis and wiped my smearing makeup. Louis held 4 cups while i took the 3 cups left into the living room.

"-and i also got this charm bracelet with a 1D charm on it" Harry looked at me as i walked in

"Is that the paper airplane i gave you?

"Yeah" i said grinning

"You gave this to mommy!?" Darcy asked with big eyes

Harry was snickering, "Yes it was a present for your mom."

"Anyway" I said trying to change the subject, "Heres yalls hot coco"

"Thanks mommy and here is your present" She handed me the same box that i put her charm bracelet in. Inside was a macaroni necklace.

"Aww Darcy, I love it!" I gave her a big hug

"We also got you guys presents to!" Niall said pulling out 2 One Direction shirts and on the back was their signatures.

"Seriously, you guys didn't have to!"

"We wanted to" Harry said handing me mine, "We also brought you, your tickets and backstage passes"

"Thank you!" Darcy yelled really excitedly. Harry dug to the bottom of the bag and grabbed 2 tiffany boxes. I gasped as he opened up mine which had a infinity necklace that looked like it had diamonds encrusted in the infinity sign.

"Are these real Diamonds!?"

"Yeah" Harry started to blush

"Sorry but i can't take that, it would take me 3 years to pay you back for that"

"I insist, you don't have to pay me back or anything... Just say thank you already"

"Th-thank you" I stuttered i couldn't believe he bought me this

"And for you Darcy," It was a necklace to that had a small heart on it and in the middle was a diamond, "your own diamond"

"Thank you harry" She gave him a hug, he kissed her forehead before she pulled away.

"So where r u guys staying?" i asked

"umm... yeah about that" Liam said scratching behind his head

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