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What happens when Emma's 3 year-old daughter Darcy finally has been asking about her father repeatedly and Emma cant avoid the question anymore. She still intends not to tell her until she is older, when she can understand. But 1 tweet of Darcy is seen by her father and he


6. Something



Chapter 5



   After Dinner, Me and Harry followed Darcy to her room. All the boys are going to cram on to the pull out couch and the air mattress while me and Darcy had our own rooms. Darcy wanted us to tuck her in goodnight and for Harry to sing her a lullaby. 

   "What song do you want me to sing to you tonight?" Harry asked

   "umm... i dont know, mommy you choose" Darcy looked at me

   "how about Ho Hey" Harrys eyes lit up. This was the song i sang when we first met

   "Emma you should sing it with me?" 

   "Harry, you know that Mommy can sing?" Darcy questioned

   "Yes, that was how we first met" 

   "Then can you and mommy sing it for me"

   "Come on Emma" Harry said as he started to tickle me

   "okay, okay, i will" I said gasping for air, "but you have to start Harry"

   "No problem,

   I've been trying to it right,

   I've been living a lonely life"  I decided to join in

   "i've been sleeping alone here instead,

   I've been sleeping in my bed, sleepin in my bed

   So show me family...

   I belong with you, you belong me

   you're my sweetheart..." We sang together beautifully the whole song, joking around as Harry would point at me our hug me when we sang 'you're my sweetheart'

   "You're my sweetheart, ho!, Hey! ho! Heyyyyy!" We sang together giggling when i noticed Darcy asleep.

   "Shhh... she's sleeping" I whispered trying to stop my laughter pointing at Darcy. He grabbed my hand and took me out to the hallway. Once we got out we burst into laughter, his back went to one side of the hallway and i rested on the other side. I put my hand over my mouth trying to calm down. Harry stopped laughing but just stared at me with his big green eyes, his lips slightly parted in a smile. 

   "Why did you ever stop singing?"

   "Well obviously, I had Darcy..." I said looking down at my feet

   "Oh..." He bit his lip, "i guess i'll go to bed now". I watched him turn away for a second. it startled me as how quickly he spun back again. He slowly backed me into the wall. I gasped at his actions, this is the first time i've seen the seductive Harry in the past four years. "Unless you want to join me?" He put out his hand as i playfully slapped it away. He laughed as he got closer to me. His hot breath sent shivers through my body. I struggled to compose myself i wasn't use to this. I've kind of missed Harry and his ways. His curls were tickling my cheek as his lips grazed my ear. "you can still be a singer if you want to be," he whispered softly then he kissed my forehead. I knew i started to blush because he smirked at me as he walked out. He left me to sit there and think; He hasn't called me, Em, since that summer, does he still have feelings for me? No its been a long time since i've seen him, and plus i can't get in a relationship when i have Darcy. I promised to myself that i will always put her first. Also, I should start posting videos again of me singing, just for fun.

   I walked into my room slowly. I changed into a tanked top and pajama pants. I layed in bed when i saw a crack of light come into my room. When the door shut, i could hear my bed sheets rustling bringing back memories of me and Harry. When i turned around to ask what Harry was doing i saw a mess of blond hair.

   "Niall? What are you doing in my bed?"

   "umm... sorry but it was really crowded downstairs, Is it okay if i sleep here for the night?"

   "sure, but don't steal all the blankets okay?"

   "okay" I laid my head back down I heard feet scurry across the ground as zayn's head popped up in front of me.

   "yes Zayn?"

   "umm, liams stole all the blankets... do you think i could..."

   "yeah sure, go next to niall" My bed was super warm now and i could hear niall cute small quiet snores. I was startled by liam's hand tapping my shoulder.

   "Its cold downstairs..."

   "Its okay, come on in, go to the otherside"

   "thank you" Once Liam pushed Zayn over, Niall turned towards me and put his tattooless arm around me. I snuggled my head in Niall's chest as he pulled me closer.

   "Emma?" i guessing louis asked me

   "jump in" i said pointing to the other side of the bed. I bet any girl in the world would love to be where i am right now.

   "oww..." I whispered rubbing my bum on which i just fell on. I stood up and looked at 4/5 of One Direction in my bed all snuggled together. I sighed as i walked out my door and downstairs to find Darcy sitting on the bottom step, "sweetie what are you doing down here"

   "i can't go to sleep, what are you doing?"

   "my bed is occupied at the moment so i was going to come down here to sleep on the trundle"

   "Can i sleep on the trundle with you?!"

   "sure" We walked into the living room and saw Harrys shirtless body sprawled across the bed. I had to take a minute to take in his body... those back muscle, and the ends of his tattoos showing on the backs of his arms. At least he wasn't naked i thought to myself. I walked over and tapped on his shoulder, all he did was groan. "Harry... Harry, its Emma and Darcy"

"Oh sorry, wait where are all the boys?" He asked in his super sexy sleepy voice.

"ummm... they are all in my bed" I replied, "and we were wondering if we could sleep with you?"

"sure, i was kind of getting cold anyway" I crawled right next to Harry as he wrapped his arms around me cuddling me, "You smell really good" 

"Thank you, Darcy come here and lay next to me" I hugged Darcy in my arms as Harry hugged me from behind. This felt so right, the way it should've been for the past 3 years. I stayed up thinking and imagining things that could've happened if i would have told him. He probably wouldn't have stayed anyway and i would not have let him stay and risk his career anyway. I was right about not telling but i was scared on how he would react when he finds out. All of a sudden i feel coldness on my back, Harry got up and went to the restroom. I decided just to close my eyes and act like i was asleep. When i heard foot steps come back i saw a flash, i slightly opened my eyes and saw that Harry took a photo of me and Darcy. Then he crawled back in bed right next to me. "I love you Em and i will always come back for you," Harry whispered and then kissed me on my cheek. I wanted so bad to say i love you too and kiss him back but, i don't know... something was holding me back.

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