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What happens when Emma's 3 year-old daughter Darcy finally has been asking about her father repeatedly and Emma cant avoid the question anymore. She still intends not to tell her until she is older, when she can understand. But 1 tweet of Darcy is seen by her father and he


23. sequel and prequel


hey everybody!!!

thank you soo much for taking the time to read this. i'm sorry it ended so erupt, it was meant to be like that getting it ready for the sequel, which i cant wait to start writing. become a fan of me to get the latest updates of the sequel and prequel.

the prequel, i've already started and am getting ready to publish it. its called BEAUTIFUL DISASTER. its the story of how harry and emma meet and what goes wrong. When i publish it i will make the announcement on here and on my page.

again, thank you for reading this book and hopefully you will like and favorite and please spread the word about it. 

lots of love. Stay Perf xx.

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