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What happens when Emma's 3 year-old daughter Darcy finally has been asking about her father repeatedly and Emma cant avoid the question anymore. She still intends not to tell her until she is older, when she can understand. But 1 tweet of Darcy is seen by her father and he


13. Never gets old



Chapter 12



    "Who said that tonight was over yet?" Harry smirked pushing me up against the door and began kissing me. His hands were on my hips pushing his against mine. My hands were playing with his hair gently tugging it. His tongue gently licked my lips wanting permission which was instantly granted. Our tongues, our lips, our bodies moved together perfectly. Harrys hands grabbed my bum gently lifting me up as i wrapped my legs around his hips feeling his big bulge against my thigh. Harry opened the door leading us inside a dark quiet house, closing the door with his foot. We broke our kiss trying to find our way to my bedroom but i was still in Harrys arms. I start giggling every single time we bump into something with me still wrapped around harry.

   We finally make it to a bedroom door and open it. We were about to take off my shirt when we heard something. "Mommy? Harry? What are ya'll doing?"  I broke out laughing but i quickly covered my mouth with my hand.

   "We are trying to find our way to Mommys room" Harry said in a sweet voice

   "Why are you carrying mommy?" Darcy questioned

   "She hurt her foot so she cant walk on it tonight" 

   "Oh okay" Darcy yawned then laid back down, slowly closing her eyes. We gently closed the door and finally make it to my bedroom.

   "That was close" I said giggling

   "Too close" Harry grinned throwing me on my bed and climbs on top of me. His lips gently touching mine, "Your going to enjoy this, its been a long time" he whispered roughly. He stripped me of my clothes leaving me in my bra and thong. He started leaving a trail of kisses down my body until he reached my thigh. 

   "Harry please" I moaned wadding his hair in my hands tugging it. He slowly slid down my thong and started licking my clit gently going in once or twice, "Ahh please" I yelled. He attacked my core, sucking each part of it. He slid 1 finger into me, "Mmm, add one more." I groaned. He thrusted 2 fingers in and out of me. I moaned louder and louder with every in and out.

   He went up to me and kissed me, "My turn". i ripped off his shirt and flipping us around so that i was ontop of him. I started to lick his abs while pulling off his pants and boxers. I licked down his v-lines as Harry let out little moans. I took his and started stroking it, "Mm Emma!" he moaned. I finally taked him in my mouth making him gasp. I swirl my tongue around the tip, sometimes dipping it into the slit. "Oh god! Em! you're so good, so fucking good. i love your mouth. I fucking love it!" I smile at his words as i start to bob my head, slowly taking him in until reaching the base. He yells in pleasure when i feel the tip reach the back of my throat. Silently gagging, so i pull away and move up to his lips. 

   We kissed heatly until he positioned himself at my entrance, "God Harry, just fuck me now!" i let out. He slowly slid in finding my g-spot. He thrust in faster quickly picking up pace. A steady stream of praise and foul words escape my lips. "I'm close" I moaned.

   "Me too baby" we reached our high. I laid next to him in bed, both of us trying to catch our breaths.

   "That was-" I started

   "amazing" he smiled at me, "this never gets old with you"

   I rest my head on his chest and give him a quick peck on the lips, "goodnight"

   "goodnight Em"


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