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What happens when Emma's 3 year-old daughter Darcy finally has been asking about her father repeatedly and Emma cant avoid the question anymore. She still intends not to tell her until she is older, when she can understand. But 1 tweet of Darcy is seen by her father and he


18. Lux and Darcy



Chapter 17


   Harry didn't come home last night. But me and Darcy listened to every radio interview they had. The boys were good making our fake story true, everyone seemed to buy it. I'm glad Harry didn't do anything stupid. We aren't going to see him tell the concert and i'm scared if he is going to make a scene. Me and Darcy are getting ready for the concert. Since we have actual seats we don't have to be there until close to showtime. Usually i'm there like 7 hours early. All of their concerts i've been to have been in the lawn so i was actually excited. I get sit front row at my favorite bands concert! Me and Darcy both wear our new one direction shirts and jean shorts. I braid darcys hair into a pony hair while i straightened mine. 

   The boys arranged for us to have a driver to take us to the back. We walk to a security guard and flash them our passes and walk around. I text lou telling him we are here. He reply telling us they are getting their hair and makeup done and to just tell the guards our name. We came up to the first checkpoint, it was an average guy. "Emily and Darcy" i said unsure that he would let us through. He smiled and let us pass. We got to the room they were in but a buff guy was standing outside the door. I repeated the name and he let us through without a smile.

   "Emily kind of you to join us" Louis said. I immediately looked at harry, his back was to me but there was a mirror. He was getting his hair redone. He glanced at me then rolled his eyes. Darcy ran to Niall who had his arms out. I walked toward Harry who seemed to be done with his hair. He got up from his chair and announced, "I'm going to the lounge."

   "Harry" he looked at me with his hand on the door knob, "Can we talk?"

   "What do you want to talk about huh?" he snapped back


   "Theres nothing to talk about!" he yelled at me before leaving the room. I turned around to see everyone staring at me. I never realised how many people were in the room including the famous Lou Teasdale and Lux! There were a couple other people that i didn't really know except for Josh Devine. I hung my head low walking over to Darcy and Niall.

   "Is Harry still mad?" Darcy asked looking sad. i nodded, "Why doesn't he want to see me? does he not care about me? does he not want me?" a tear fell from her eyes.

   I plopped down next to Niall and took Darcy from his arms. "Sweetie no no noo. He loves you alpt but he just has a lot going through his head right now. Everyone looked confused going back to their business except for the boys. Louis came and sat down next to me.

   He brushed her hair with his hand, "We all love you and we will always be here for you" he said softly. 

   "I wuv you guys too" she said in the cutest voice. We all got into a big group hug. i heard a click of a phone signalling that someone took a photo.

   I turn around to see Josh devine smiling, "Perfect". Niall looked up at Josh telling him to come over.

   "Josh this is Emma, Emma this is Josh" Niall introduced us. I stretched out my hand to shake his hand.

   "Nice to meet you! I've heard alot about you" josh smiled which was absolutely gorgeous.

   "Really from who?" I asked curiously 

   "All the boys but mostly Louis and Harry"

   I smiled looking back at louis who wasn't there. "Wheres Louis?"

   "He went to go talk to Harry" Liam told me holding Darcy.

   "Do you guys think i should go or should i let him cool down?"

   "Let him figure things out first," Liam nodded

   Josh looked so confused, "Is someone going to tell me what happen? Harry has been acting weird all day"

   "Its nothing. Just me and him kinda got in a fight" i said not wanting to explain myself.

   Thank god Lux ran in, "Hi im Lux" she smiled.

   "Hi i'm Emma and thats my daughter Darcy" i smiled back at Lux which made her giggle

   "Harry likes you" she giggled again looking at the ground

   "Really? did he tell you that?"

   "Yeah he talks about you all the time!" she sighed looking up and down

   "Well i like him too" 

   "So does this make you my aunt?" i chuckled picking her up and putting her in my lap.

   "Maybe? but you can call me that if you want?"

   "Yay! I like the name Aunt Emma" she laughed.

   Darcy came over to join us, "What's your name?"

   "Lux! Are you Darcy?"

   "Yeah! Do you want to be best friends?" Darcy asked

   "Yeah i want to show you my toys?" they ran off hand and hand. I glance over at Lou Teasdale who had a smile on her face watching them. the rest of the time i mostly hanged out with Josh and Niall. Louis came back but just shook his head. This concert is going to be fun! i said sarcastically in my mind...

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