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What happens when Emma's 3 year-old daughter Darcy finally has been asking about her father repeatedly and Emma cant avoid the question anymore. She still intends not to tell her until she is older, when she can understand. But 1 tweet of Darcy is seen by her father and he


17. Lunch with the uncles



Chapter 16


   We enter Red Robin and find Liam and Louis in the back. "Nice speach" Louis said as i got into the booth next to him.

   "What speech?" I asked totally clueless

   "The one in the mall, the directioner speech, its all over twitter" Liam said


   "Some girl was video taping you from the back" Liam replied, "All the directioners are praising you like you are the directioner god" 

   "Really?" I said smiling pulling out my phone getting ready to check it

   "Really" Louis and Liam say at the same time. I logged onto twitter, 4758 notifications. I gasped, that's a big number. I have 3k more followers and 1.5k mentions. I only read a few because i obviously couldn't read all of them. They were all so sweet do i decided to tweet. 'All of you are too kind, i wish i could follow all of you back but that would take forever but know that this goes to you. I love you all and thank you for the support.' I also tweeted that one girl that stood up for me first and gave her a shoutout. Which reminds me. I dug into my pocket and pulled out like 20 pieces of paper and put in on the table. 

   I pushed it towards the boys, "Start following" i smiled.

   "What?" they looked at me

   "These are all the girls that were there at the mall and were nice to me"

   "These are a lot" Louis scoffed

   "Oh come on, its only 20" i begged

   Louis sighed "Okay"

   "Also could you tweet this girl and tell her thank you for saving my ass" i handed him, her peice of paper giving him my puppy dog face. 

   "Fine" he sighed again

   "So what are you getting Darcy?" i asked


   After we order, Louis turned serious. "Okay so now for the real reason why were are here on this fine afternoon" me and Darcy giggled, "Us and the boys made up a fake story for how we meant so no one will be suspicious"

   "Oh, i thought you just wanted to our lovely faces" i said 

   "Trust me we also came here for the burgers" he joked. I punched him in the arm as he pretended to be hurt.

   Darcy just kept on giggling, "Uncle Lou" she started laughing which caused all of us to join.

   "Okay so now for the real/fake story" Louis immediately got serious, "We meant 2 years ago at a concert. You won backstage passes from a local radio station. When we met you, Harry instantly started to like you. He insisted on hang out with you before we had to leave. So he got your number and we all went to hang at your house. When we went there me all melted for Darcy, she was just a baby then. Harry wanted to start a relationship with you but you turned him down and told him that it wasn't going to work with him on tour and you with your baby plus college" Louis grabbed a big breath and continued, "You tweeted about Darcy recently and we all commented. Then we skyped wanting to see Darcy all grown up. Us boys decided to surprise you at Christmas and now we invited you to our concert. We also wanted to hang out with you guys for the 2 weeks we are here" he let out his breath. I started to clap quietly giggling. 

   "Very good cover up story" I said but moved in to whisper in his ear, "So we never tell anyone that Darcy is Harry's Daughter. Harry knows"

   Louis whispered back, "He told us including the boys so we all have your back"

   "Thanks Lou" i gave him a hug. 

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