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What happens when Emma's 3 year-old daughter Darcy finally has been asking about her father repeatedly and Emma cant avoid the question anymore. She still intends not to tell her until she is older, when she can understand. But 1 tweet of Darcy is seen by her father and he


14. Interviews suck



Chapter 13


   I wake up in the morning to find a note where Harry slept:

Early Morning Interview, if you want to

listen tune into 98.6 at 9:00                  

Love you babe,


   I groaned as i looked at the clock. Its 9:15, I've already missed 15 mins of it. I ran downstairs to the kitchen to listen to radio. When i found that Darcy already beat me to it. "Mommy they're talking about me!" Darcy yelled

   "Really" of course the we're

   "Uh huh, listen" she pointed at the radio

I: What's her name?


Lou:Lovely girl

I: How old is she?

Lou: 4

I:So all of you guys have met her

Z: Yeah we went and visited them for christmas

I: Them? So who are her parents

H: Its actually just the mom

N:Her name is Emma

I: So you guys dont know who the father is?

all: nope

I:Is it possible that it is one of you?

Li: Nope well only-

Lou cut it before he could say anymore: yeah we are sure

I: Liam what were you about to say?

Lou: Nothing

Li: yep nothing

(I mentally thanked Louis, i dont know what would happen if they found out Harry was her father on live radio. Plus Harry would be so pissed)

I:When did you guys meet Emma?

Lou: A long time ago

I: Like 4 years ago? Did any of you guys sleep with her?

Lou: Can we please move o-

H cut him off: What are you suggesting?

I: That if you one of you slept with Emily 4 years ago then she could be your child?

Li: first of all we met her 2 years ago and that is very rude to suggest.

Z: Next question please that doesn't include Emma

N:Yeah Can we please stay off that subject

*Door slam shut*

I:Where's Harry going?

Lou: Harry and I need to talk

*Door opens and shuts*

I: If their is nothing going on then what is there to talk about

N: Can you please shut it, Harry doesn't like when people talk about Darcy like that!

I:Does Harry love Darcy?

N:Yes! Darcy calls him Uncle Harry, He loves her a lot

I: Maybe even love her like shes his d-

N: I said shut it, we all love her like she is our daughter, but shes not

*Door slams shut*

Li: Can we please go into a commercial break?

I: Yeah sure,stay tuned in wh-

   My phone started ringing and the caller id says Harry.


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