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What happens when Emma's 3 year-old daughter Darcy finally has been asking about her father repeatedly and Emma cant avoid the question anymore. She still intends not to tell her until she is older, when she can understand. But 1 tweet of Darcy is seen by her father and he


4. Goodnight



Chapter 3



"Goodnight baby ill come back her in 5 mins, I have to say bye to them okay?" 

"okay mommy" Darcy started to close her eyes as i headed for the kitchen. I over heard the boys talking before i came around the corner. I decide to listen in on them.

"Dude she is still hot after having a baby and all" 

"I know right"

"guys i wonder if she is married? you know... to the father of Darcy" i guess that was harry because of the deep voice

"you should ask her when she comes back" Irish accent so obviously it was Niall

"Where r u guys going?" Harry asked

"We are going to leave you two alone, tell her we said goodnight okay?"

"Guys, Not cool!" Harry yelled at them as i heard a door shut. I walked into the room to see Harry with a huge grin on his face

"Yes Harry?"

"Oh nothing you are just so gorgeous"

"aww, Thanks Harry" I said sarcastically with a smile, harry use to always tells me that so i guess im use to it.

"Anyway I don't see a ring on your pretty little fingers"

"Is that a statement or a question?"

"Its a question?"

"No Harry, I am not married"

"then who is Darcy's father and why would he ever leave that little girl behind?" 

"Do you want the Truth?" 

"Yes please"

"Are you sure you don't have to be anywhere, what time is it over there?"

"Its 2:30"

"In the morning, shouldn't you be going to bed?!" 

"Stop trying to change the subject!" he yelled at me while smiling

"Fine!" I yelled laughing, he was laughing too  "Okay so her father i met and i guess i fell in love with him we hooked up. Eventually, i took the pregnancy test and it was positive. I didn't tell him because i knew that it would probably ruin his life and i didn't want him to leave like my dad did to me and my mom. I didn't want him to feel like it was his fault. I also didn't want him to stay just because he felt like he had to. I didn't want him to leave what he loved doing just to help us out. I didn't want to ruin his dream because of one stupid night. I wanted him to live his life because i knew that i was strong enough to do the same even with Darcy." I was starting to tear up but made sure not to let a tear fall.

"So her Dad wont ever know that he has this wonderful daughter out there somewhere?"

"I will tell him eventually, but i just wouldn't know what to say?" Right then i heard a faint yell, Mommy. I was guessing that was darcy. I put my finger over my lips to signal to Harry to be quiet. I brought the laptop with me into Darcys room.

"Mommy?" Darcy said looking up to me

"Yes darling?" 

"When is daddy gonna come home after he sees the world?"

"I don't know baby"

"Hey Darcy, i think its past your bedtime" Harry said from the computer


"Yes Darcy i've been talking with your mommy"


"Yes Love?"

"Can you sing me a lullaby?"

"Anything for you, what song?"

"How about mommy's lullaby?" Darcy looked at me

"I don't know Darcy he doesn't know the words and i don't have my guitar," Darcy had a sad face on, "how about another time?"

"Okay... Harry you choose a song"

I looked at Harry who had his thinking face on, "I got it!" he started to sing, "When I look into your eyes,

Its like watching the night sky,

Or beautiful sunrise...

I won't give up on us,

even if the skies get rough,

I'm giving you all my love,

I'm still looking up,

No, I won't give up...

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