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What happens when Emma's 3 year-old daughter Darcy finally has been asking about her father repeatedly and Emma cant avoid the question anymore. She still intends not to tell her until she is older, when she can understand. But 1 tweet of Darcy is seen by her father and he


10. Famous



Chapter 9



   I felt a pair of warm lips graze my shoulder, then started kissing down my arm all the way to my hand. "Baby, its time for you to wake up" Harry whispered into the back of my hand. Feeling his hot breath gave me the shivers. After I didn't respond he wrapped his arm around me and kissed my jaw then up to my cheek.

   "5 more minutes?" I groaned

   "I think my lips would eventually get tired" He grinned

   "Harry... I need my beauty sleep" i rolled over even more

   "But youre already beautiful"

   "Harry, can we just lay here for 5 more minutes?" I whined 

   "For you, anything" He snuggled really close to me so that i could feel his breaths against my neck. I couldnt help but feel like we were back to that summer 4 years ago. It felt like old times... but wait I have Darcy now and i cant be doing this. I gently place my fingers on my lip... but it felt so right, the kiss was perfect.

   "Uhhhh" I hear harry groan as the bed starts to bounce up and down.

   "TIME TO WAKE UP! TIME TO WAKE UP! TIME TO WAKE UP!" Darcy yelled and im guessing shes jumping on harry. 

   "Darcy clam down, let mommy and daddy sleep" I say turning back over to my original position. The jumping stop as Darcy came around to my side of the bed so she could face me.

   "Daddy?" she said glancing at Harry. I just realized that i just called Harry 'daddy'

   "I'm tired Darcy, I was just kidding. Thats why mommy needs to sleep" 


   "No buts"

   "But mommyyyy, we were going to go to the carnival!"

   "that can wait til later"


   "No Buts"

   "But mommyyyy, its already 1 o'clock"

   "What!?" I jumped out of my bed, "Harry what happen to our alarm?" 

   He started to give me puppy eyes "Well... it started to ring but you looked so peaceful so i turned it off. Then Darcy came and i took her downstairs, made her breakfast and told her we would go to a carnival later. After i jumped back in bed with you"

   I sighed, rolling my eyes, "Haaarrrryyy" 

   "But i put for of the left overs in the microwave for you when you woke up?" He smiled trying to cheer me up. I just crossed my arms and gave him the I'm-still-mad-at-you look. "I think you need some now" and with that he jumped out of bed, grabbed Darcy hand and ran downstairs. I decided to get changed while he got my food ready. I was picking out my outfit when my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID, work.

   "Hello?" I asked

   "Emma we need you down here, like now!" My distressed assistant told me.

   "Is it super important?" I asked not really wanting to go down there just to give a stupid code or something.

   "Yes its super duper important! Get your ass down here!" She only cussed in dire situations, so i guess this is important.

   "Okay, Ill be down there in 20" 

   "No it has to be sooner get here as fast as you can!" then she hung up. I groaned putting away my cute outfit and having to grab my black blazer and work pants. 

   When i got downstairs breakfast smelled so good. "You're wearing that to a carnival?" Harry question raising his eyebrow

   "Umm yeah about that... i cant go, i have to got to work its an emergency" 

   "But mommy we were gonna go to a carnival" Darcy whined

   "I bet Harry would love to take you!" I looked at Harry and mouthed 'sorry'

   "Yeah! Darcy you and I can have sometime together, just the two of us!" Darcy started to smile at this idea

   "Okay but mommy when are you going to be done with work?"

   "I don't know but ill text Harry what happens okay?"

   "Okay mommy, see you later!" I bent down so that she gave me a kiss on the cheek, "Love you!"

   I walk over to harry as he says, "see you later" Then he pecked me on my cheek, "Love you!"

   "Love you too! Bye" I blew a kiss to them from the door as i left.


   I finally fixed the problem but have to stay at work for the rest of the day. I texted harry then decided to go on my phone while i waited for the next problem to occur. I leaned back into chair and decided to check the news like i always do. I was scrolling down when something caught my eye. 'Who's daughter is Harry Styles taking care of!' Of course they would be on the news, anything and everything that Harry is doing in public turns up here. I decided to read the article.

   'Popstar Harry Styles was seen today in Phoenix Arizona with a girl. Not just a girl, a child... A girl tweeted this picture of her with Harry holding the little girl in his arms and said that he called the girl, Darcy. When we arrived to the scene Harry said that the girl was just the daughter of one of his friends.  Who could Harry's friend be? a girl? a girlfriend? Didn't Harry say when he has a daughter he wants her name to be Darcy? Could this little girl possibly be his daughter? We will try our best to keep you updated...'

   I was shocked, I cant believe that harry was stupid enough to take a photo with her in it. All the people i know will eventually say that she is my daughter. Me and Darcy will be in all this drama, the drama that i wanted to keep Darcy out of. This is the reason why i made my decision 4 years ago. I decided to call Harry since he decided not to text me back.


   "Emma, shhhh... Im on a bus trying to escape it paps, could you try to keep you voice down im trying not to attract attention to-" he stopped talking to me and started to talk to someone else that was on the bus,  "yes, of course i will! Darcy here you go, its your mom" i could hear Harry.

   "Mommy!" Darcy said excitedly

   "Hey sweetie can you be quiet i wanna hear what Harry is saying but dont tell him okay?"

   "Okay" she whispered as i tried to listen to Harrys conversation. 

     'Who's the little girl?' the fan asked

     'umm shes my friends daughter' Harry replied

     'is she your girlfriend?'

     'umm... shes a really close friend'

     'Is Darcy your daughter?'

     'No of course not'

     'But she looks alot like you'

     'I know, well nice meeting you'

     'You too! can i take a picture with Darcy?'

     'Yeah sure' What the hell Harry!

   "Mommy, I got to go, by love you" then she hung up. Great now Darcy is going to become famous like Lux... but is it really that bad though?

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