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What happens when Emma's 3 year-old daughter Darcy finally has been asking about her father repeatedly and Emma cant avoid the question anymore. She still intends not to tell her until she is older, when she can understand. But 1 tweet of Darcy is seen by her father and he


3. Elephants



Chapter 2:



I was thinking about that summer night, 4 years ago, when i took the pregnancy test. I was leaving to go home the next day and I knew the Baby was Harry's because he was the only one i had ever slept with. I was deciding whether or not to tell him. Should i drag him down in this mess and ruin his career? or should i just keep quiet and let Harry live his dream and let me try to make it in life. I was strong and independent and i knew i could make it with Darcy. The next day was hard for me, having to say goodbye and not telling him that we have a baby; but, i knew it was for the best.

"Darcy!" I yelled, "there is someone who wants to meet you!" she came running into my lap with her curly brown hair flopping everywhere.

"Who mommy who!? Is it Daddy?" When she said that it broke my heart not being able to tell her the truth. I promised that i would tell her on her 10th birthday.

"No sweetie but its an old friend of mine from before you were born. He is really important to me so can you please be polite?"

"Why is he so important?" Darcy asked with loving eyes

"Well first he is famous and we use to be best friends!"

"What happened?"

"He had to leave with his band, leaving me behind," I said with a sad face remembering that day

"It's okay mommy he will come Back for You" i let out a chuckle.

"I don't think that's going to happen sweetie... Anyway, he wants to skype us, are you ready?"

"Yep mommy!"

I opened the skype page on my laptop waiting for Harry to call us. He will come back for you... I wish but i doubt that would ever happen. It pains me whenever i see him with someone else, like when he was dating Taylor Swift and that new years kiss... I wanted to kill her, i was pulling my hair out watching it. Anyway, it was my choice to let him go and let him enjoy his dream. 

Finally he called and in my stomach it felt like there were elephants stomping, overtaking the butterflies. i was hesitant clicking the answer button but i eventually did.

"Emma long time no see!" he yelled, his eyes lighting up.

"Hey Harry, how has life been" I replied mentally face palmed myself, i should just stop talking.

"Its been great and who is this little cutie" Harry said with the cutest smile, he always had a weakness for little kids

"I'm Darcy!" she said proud

"Are you talking to Darcy and Emma!" Someone yelled from Harrys side of the camera.

"who was that?" Darcy asked politely 

"That was one of my bandmates Niall"

"You're in a band! Can you sing?" Darcy said excitedly 

"Yeah" Niall said as he walk up to join us

"Awesome! is it only you two?"

"No, do you want to meet the rest?" Niall said as he got out of his seat

"Yes please!" Niall left the room looking for the boys as Harry and Darcy just talked for a bit. "Harry, Do you have green eyes?" she asked Harry

"Yes I do"

"Cool! They are really pretty" she said looking at me with a questionable look and a grin.

"Thanks, love. You know we have the same brown curly hair and dimples"

Darcy looked at me right when he said that putting all the pieces together. "Do you see the world?"

Harry had a confused look on his face saying, "Yeah, why would you ask that question?" Before she could answer the boys come rushing in pushing harry back to catch a glimpse of Darcy.

"She is adorable!" Louis said

"She definitely got her cuteness from her mother" Liam stated as i started to blush

"Are you Darcy?" Zayn asked with a soft tone

"yes!" She said with her head held high with the biggest smile on her face

"Hey where do you guys live now?" Zayn asked

"We live in Phoenix Arizona" i replied, Zayn was looking st Harry smiling like something was up.

"What?" I asked

"Well this summer we are of course going on tour to America!" Zayn said excitedly, "And our fifth stop is Phoenix, we are going to be hanging out there for a week then finish up the rest of our tour!"

Harry jumped in saying, "You and Darcy should come and watch us play! We can get you guys backstage passes and it won't cost a dime"

'YAY! I wanna hear you guys sing!" Darcy yelled

"Your mom has never played our song a for you before?" Louis said shocked

"Yes i have. Darcy, remember that song One Thing that i played for you and you made a dance to it" I looked at Darcy

"Oh yeah i remember mommy, that was them! I love that song!"

"Me too, thats my all time favorite song that you guys sang, besides when you guys sang Torn"

"I like that song to" Liam pointed out as another flashback came back to all of our minds from that summer. Harry finally decided to get off the floor.

"Guys move i can't see them!" Harry yelled, they all slightly scooted of so just his face to fit through, "Thats Better." Darcy yawned.

"Are you tired Darcy, Do you want to go to bed?" I asked as she yawned again

"I'm not *yawn* tired, I wanna stay *yawn* up and talk *yawn* to them" Darcy said with sleepy eyes

"Yeah its time for you to go to bed, say goodnight to one direction"

"Goodnight One Direction"

"Goodnight love!" They all said to Darcy.

"Ill be right back" I said to them as i picked up Darcy and carried her to her room.


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