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What happens when Emma's 3 year-old daughter Darcy finally has been asking about her father repeatedly and Emma cant avoid the question anymore. She still intends not to tell her until she is older, when she can understand. But 1 tweet of Darcy is seen by her father and he


16. Directioners put it down



Chapter 15


   "Come on Darcy!" I yelled getting inpatient i've been waiting for her to get ready for like 5 mins. 

   "Sorry Mommy" She said as she she ran out of her room out the front door, "Hurry up slow poke!"

   "I'm the slow poke!" I laughed as i unlocked the car for her to get in. Beep, my phone buzzed. Its a text from louis 'Hey wanna meet up for lunch?' 

   "Who was that?" she asked as i got into the car

   "Its uncle Louis" i smiled replying to him, 'sure, whos going to be there?'

   "What did he say?" she asked. Beep 'Its okay Harry wont be there, its just me and liam'

   "Him and Liam want to meet us for lunch!" i said as i started to drive to the mall. beep, "Darcy can you answer it for me, i'm driving" I looked over at her and she was already typing away. "Darcy! What did he say?" 

   "Hold on" she said still trying to read it. I sighed keeping my focus on the road. After a couple minutes she finally spoke up, "We are going to meet them for lunch at 1 in red robin" 

   "Okay so we only have 2 hours to shop" i said knowing that it would go by super fast. Darcy just rolled her eyes because she was only 4. So she doesn't really like shopping and walking around that long. We starting walking straight to justice when a girl stopped us.

   "Can i take a picture with you two?"

   "Uhh sure" i said surprised but not really. We took a selfie with me holding darcy. 

   "Thank you!" she slipped me a note, "Can you tell Harry to follow me on twitter?"

   "Sure" She walked away smiling, waving at Darcy. We finally got to H&M! I loved this place it had the best clothes for me and they also have a kids section. The clothes were really cheap, well the ones under the clearance rack. I found a couple cute outfits for me, I took Darcy into the changing room with me and had her sit outside my room while i changed. We spent an hour there. I decided to get me and Darcy sunglasses and beanies so that people wouldn't recognise us easily. The cash register looked at me with a stubborn look

   "Your total is 45.87" she smack her gum and looked at me, "Your Emma right? Harry's Emma?"

   "Umm im not harry's but i do know him" I grabbed my card and the bag of clothes, "Thank you" i said roughly and left. Right when we got outside we got approached again, "What do you want?" i spat out

   The girl leaned back scared, "Umm i just wanted a autograph"

   I sighed smiling, "I'm sorry i scared you, im just not having a good day" I rubbed my forehead. "Do you want a photo to?" i asked kindly

   She smiled "Yes please!" I signed her peice of paper as more girls started to come. I took a photo with her and waved good bye. I repeated that with the rest of girls trying to be as nice as i could cause i do not want to be named Harrys Bitch. Things travel around fast. One rude thing and its all downhill from there. One girl that looked like a slut asked, "Did you fuck Harry?" 

   "Umm don't you think thats a little personal?"

   "Well what's the answer?" i ignored her smiling for another photo. "She isn't denying it!" The slutty girl yelled. I just sighed. 

   A shorter girl spoke up, "Leave her alone" She is my new favorite i said to myself.

   "what you going to do about it?"

   "You shouldn't go around asking people about their personal lives, Its just not right" she said back.

   The slutty girl just scoffed, "Don't you want Harry all to yourself?"

    Another girl joined, "She's taking Harry away from us!"

    "Yeah!" two other girls said

    "You should just go die in a hole" the slutty girl spat.

    "Stop talking to her like that! Harry would be mad at you right now to go tell his girlfriend to die! We all should just want him to be happy!"

    "We should all want Harry to be happy!" A little girl yelled

    "You should leave" Another girl walked up to the slutty girl and pushed her, "You should be the one to die in a hole."  The slutty girl looked like she was about to slap her. So i decided to walked in between them. 

   "Stop! No one should go and die even if they are a little delusional" i looked at the slutty girl "I'm personally a directioner and i think that we should all agree on what makes the boys happy. If you are a true Directioner you should be happy for the boys if they have a girlfriend even though it hurts. I remember Haylor and that was a rough time for me and probably most of you" most of the girls giggled, "I think that we should all stop sending hate to the boys girlfriends or anyone that is their friend thats a girl. and by the way I'm not Harry girlfriend at the moment. I just want all of this shit to stop, this fandom is falling apart to be honest. We all need to stop with the hate and love one another. And we will all be happy when all of the boys find the one because if theirhappy then we are happy" i smiled. A couple of the girls said, "We love you Emma!" others said "I would totally ship Hemma!" and "Your an amazing person you deserve Harry!" I was so touched. I finished taking pictures with all the girls and laughing with them. They were all nice girls and the slutty one apologized. A lot of girls loved darcy, they played with her and one even gave her a necklace. And with that we moved on to the next store


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