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What happens when Emma's 3 year-old daughter Darcy finally has been asking about her father repeatedly and Emma cant avoid the question anymore. She still intends not to tell her until she is older, when she can understand. But 1 tweet of Darcy is seen by her father and he


2. Darcy



Chapter 1:



"How did you like your first day of preschool? Did you make any new friends" I asked Darcy as i arrived home.

"Good, but everyone was with their mommys and daddys at drop off... where is daddy?" She looked at me with those irresistible dimples that she inherited from her father.

"He is off seeing the world?" I replied hoping that it would be a good enough answer,"So what TV show do you want to watch sweetie, mommy has to do her homework."

"Can i watch PBS?" Darcy asked me with a disappointed look.

"Of course!" I went over to the TV and turned on her show to occupy her while i did my homework. 

I go to my local community college because when Darcy was born i was a senior in high school. I couldn't go to a college and keep Darcy at the same time. Before she was born i was thinking about giving her up for adoption, but once i stared into those perfect dark chocolate eyes, i knew that i could never give her up. So now i'm a 20 year-old single mother living in a cheap apartment 2 mins down the road from where i worked. Im a bank consultant, one of the few things i did right in high school. I took the extra classes that would make me a certified bank consultant so that while i'm in college i already have a pretty good paying job. The hours are great and it has great benefits. I'm going to college so that i can go higher up in the bank and be able to support Darcy and me fully, not just living paycheck to paycheck. 

I couldn't focus on my homework because of Darcy's question so i decided to go on twitter and post the photo of me and her in front of her new preschool.

    'Darcy's first day of preschool!'

I set it down when i saw Darcy run towards me, "Mommy, Does daddy have brown eyes?"

"No Baby, You inherited your brown eyes from me, Your Daddy has green eyes."

"What else does he have that i have?"

"Well lets see, you have his dimples, his lips and his curly hair," I replied to yet another question she asked about her father, "But you have my nose!"

"Can i see a picture of Daddy?" She asked as she climbed onto my lap.

"umm... Sorry sweetie i don't have one?" I felt bad lying to her all i had to do was goggle him and a million of photos would pop up of him. She looked really sad and disappointed. "Why are you asking all these questions anyway?"

"I'm drawing a picture of him" she smiled putting her crayons and paper on the table. She pulled out the chair and plopped down right next to me. 

I returned back to my homework but got distracted again by my phone buzzing, I picked it up and it said 1 new interaction on twitter. I clicked on it and it was my best friend from high school saying, 'She's so cute! She looks alot like her father'

"Mommy, Why does she get to know who my father is but i don't!" 

"Darcy, Its because she was the first person i told when i was pregnant with you."

I texted Hayley saying 'What the hell did you seriouly have to put that on twitter!'.

She replied saying, 'sorry em but its the truth! she aborbs'. I laugh at her saying adorbs when i got another alert after alert after alert while i texted her back. They were all favorites until one popped up saying someone commented on it. When i clicked on it i nearly jumped out of my seat and had a mini heart attack. 

    "@emma_wright: Darcy's first day of preschool!" Ive always loved the name Darcy" @harrystyles

I told Darcy to go in the other room and watch tv while I quickly picked up my phone and called Hayley.

"If you want me to delete it i can just take it off" Hayley said right when i answered

"Di-Did you see who just commented on my tweet!" I stuttered, i never stuttered only when i was either scared or nervous, which in this case i was both

"Give me a sec... Holy Shit!"

"I know, I'm like freaking out what should i say!"

"Just be all like 'me too' or something like that?"

Right before i could comment Niall commented on it also, 'haha she even looks kind of like you @harrystyles'

I hurriedly replied saying 'Haha i guess she kind of does look like you @harrystyles @NiallOfficial' I was freaking out i forgot that him and all the boys followed me on twitter. I haven't talked to harry in two years, back we he commented on one of my other posts. Beep, another alert saying Harry commented!

'@emma_wright We should skype sometime so I could talk to Darcy!!' 

'@harrystyles I'll text you my skype name'

'@emma_wright Okay The boys and I are looking forward to seeing Darcy'

I was speechless, he wants to Skype! He hasn't seen me in 3 years and i don't even know if he still has my number or if had his. But sure enough I got a text from a unknown number, 'Hey Emma, Did you already lose my number?'

I replied, 'Haha yeah 3 years is a long time, Who is this? just to make sure'

'Haha Em its obviously me Harry', Only Hayley and Harry called me Em so i know it was him. I could feel a billion of butterflies fluttering inside my stomach already, i have no idea what would be in my stomach when i was on skype with him.

'Okay my skype is the same as my twitter. Can you wait 3 min i have to go grab Darcy'

'Okay em', I ran in my socks sliding down the hallway to my bathroom to fix my makeup and hair. I had to look perfect for Harry, my daughters father...

~ Thanks for Reading, Love ya'll lots xx

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