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What happens when Emma's 3 year-old daughter Darcy finally has been asking about her father repeatedly and Emma cant avoid the question anymore. She still intends not to tell her until she is older, when she can understand. But 1 tweet of Darcy is seen by her father and he


19. Concert Time



Chapter 18:


   It was a dark stage but I could hear the thousands of screaming fans in the arena. I was plugging my ears cause the screaming was pounding in my head but I was screaming along with all the other Directioners. When i heard the guitar start, the screams all got 10x louder. The drums and the back music started playing their world famous song, the song that started their career, What makes you beautiful. I could see Louis and Liam standing in front of me, i could finally see the color of their eyes and the actual features of their face. I have never sat nowhere near this close to the stage before. That's when i knew i was sitting front row at a One Direction concert.

   Darcy and I were watching Harry the most. He was looking through the crowd looking for someone. I was singing along with all their songs and Darcy was trying her best but shes still learning the lyrics. Niall is the first to spot us, for the rest of the song he was practically watching us the whole time. After that song they did a quick introduction and Niall quietly pointed us out to Harry. Harry let out a little smile and wave to Darcy and i swear the girls behind us were about to faint. 

   Harry whispered something to Louis before the next song real quick and he nodded. He came over and took Louis spot as louis did to his. Now Harry was right in front of us. They sang like 4 more songs and Harry was singing mostly to us. Well to Darcy, he couldn't look me in the eye. I really wanted to talk to him and explain myself. I don't even know what he is mad about most, the fact that i never told him or that he has a daughter or the fact that he already missed out on 4 years of her life. I don't know what's going through that guys brain.

   Up next was twitter questions, the first one was Can you show us your favorite moves? Louis did his famous Stop the traffic and Let them through. Liam and Niall did the hip thrust. Zayn just did the small short gangster like move and Harry tried to twerk. But all the girls were screaming when Harry did that. Next question was Can you sing your favorite Ed Sheeran song? Niall went and grabbed his guitar, he was going to do A-team but them Harry stopped him and whispered something. The two of them got stools and put it in the middle of the stage. Niall started playing his guitar while Harry started to sing, "You're just a small bump unborn in four months brought to life..."

   It was my version of Small Bump, Harry didn't look at me at all. Darcy pulled on my shirt, "Mommy thats your lullaby!"

   "Yeah i know" i was starting to tear up and i don't even know why.  I was getting mixed signals from Harry, does this mean he forgives me or does he not cause he ain't looking at me. 'And you can lie with me, with your tiny feet...' Harry was killing me. Now a tear streamed down my face, Harry suddenly got up from his stool and walk towards my side of the stage. He stopped right in front of us, squatted down and looked right into my eyes. 'Cause you were just a small bump unborn in four months then brought to life, baby you were needed right here, a blessing from god in my eyes' stretching out the last note.

   I was about to burst out crying but decided to run out of the audience before i had a mental break down. I left darcy there alone hopefully someone will watch her. I just didn't want to make a scene then everyone would know something was up. I ran out the first set of doors, turn the corner and just ran for a little then broke out crying. I just fell to the ground, thank god no one was in the hallway. So many things were going through my head, i couldn't think at all. I suddenly heard doors open down the hall and little scurrys of feet. I looked around the bend expecting to see Darcy but instead saw about 20 girls fast walking down the hallway towards me.

   Shit. I do not need them asking me what's wrong right now, i was a mess. Once they saw me they started running. I turned my head away from them so they couldn't see that i was crying. I got up quick and ran down the hallway, i dint know where i was going until i got to the backstage door with a security guard guarding it. He looked at me confused then looked scared seeing the girls behind me. "Please quickly let me in" I kinda sorta shouted from down the hall waving my backstage pass around. 

   "Sorry but that is only for before the concert" he said concerned. I finally stopped in front of him

   "Do you know who i am?" I came out really bitchy but i didn't mean it to

   "No?" He said with a confused/rude look on his face

   "For fucks sake i'm Emma Harrys girlfriend!!" i was mad and scared cause they were like right behind me.

   "Oh Emma" he said in realization of the name. He quickly opened up the door and let me in, closing it behind me. I headed towards their changing room, i had to talk to someone. I got to the hallway and saw another security guard in front of the door. He had a concerned look on his face when he saw me.

   "I'm Emma, Is Lou in there?" 

   "Yeah she just got in" he moved away from the door letting me enter. I find Lou looking around their mirrors for something. Iwalk by one of them and glance at myself. I stop in my tracks, i looked like shit. My face was red and my makeup was all over. I was a mess. Lou turned around and jumped.

   "You scared me" she giggled then her smile flipped upside down. "Oh my god honey you look horrible what happen?"

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