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What happens when Emma's 3 year-old daughter Darcy finally has been asking about her father repeatedly and Emma cant avoid the question anymore. She still intends not to tell her until she is older, when she can understand. But 1 tweet of Darcy is seen by her father and he


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Chapter 10



   Its almost 6 o'clock which means i'm going to get off work. Most of the day i was sitting at my desk scrolling through instagram, twitter and tumblr. There was tons of photos of Darcy and Harry at the carnival. A couple of my favorites was one that had Harry squatting in front of Darcy so he was eye level to her and was talking to her, i guess she was scared about going on a ride and Harry was telling her its okay. Another was Darcy sitting in Harry lap as they were trying to be the first to fill their water tank by shooting the water into that hole. Then the next was them winning and Darcy turned her head around and looked Harry in the eyes with a huge smile while Harry had his arms in the air all happy. And the last one i like alot is them leaving the Carnival, Harry is carrying Darcy in his arms while she is hugging him resting her head on his shoulder as she clutched onto her new blue puppy she won.

   There was many more photos of them, i love reading the comments the best. 'I'm throwing myself in a volcano right now', 'Oh my god... i swear someone take children away from Harry... If not I'm going to die!', 'Kill me... Harry and Darcy will be the death of me', 'No. Stop. Who allowed this?!(heart. heart. kissy face)' and 'Have i ever been this jealous of a younger kid?' and my favorite, 'Did you hear that? It was the sound of me throwing myself off the edge of a cliff saying goodbye to all good in humanity'. I have to admit it us directioners are crazy! There was a couple hurtful comments about me but i learn to ignore them. I got use to hate because i got tons of it 4 years ago when me and Harry were together. 

   I hear the door ring meaning a customer came in. I heard a deep husky voice so i decided to look around the corner. It was Harry with Darcy asleep in his arms. My assistant ran up to them and escorted them to the waiting area. I hurriedly ducked back to my desk when my assistant ran in with a big smile, "Someones here to see you Ms. Wright, they are out in the waiting area" 

   "Tiffany can you send them in here please?" I asked

   "Yes Ms. Wright" and with that she left. I started to fix my hair for some reason, i don't need to impress Harry.

   "There you are" Harry said in a whisper, "Darcys sleeping"

   "Then why didnt you go home?" i questioned

   "Ummm... well, we got locked out and you wouldn't answer your phone"

   "Oh sorry its on silent, i've been on my computer all day" I turn my head to look at my laptop and of course i happen to be on tumblr. I reach for the button and shutdown that page. When i look back at Harry he has a grin on his face. "Y'all were the gossip of the day" i added

   "Really, all the girls loved Darcy"

   "Yeah i know, you two are everywhere. What were you thinking Harry?"

   "What do you mean?"

   "You know what i mean Harry! I don't want me and Darcy in your drama. I want her to have a normal life"

   "Well you really haven't had a good start" Harry said under his breath

   "What did you just say?" I said with complete disbelief, i cant believe he said that

   "I said how beautiful you are" I smiled trying to change my anger. I rolled my eyes and looked at the clock it was 5:56. I don't think it matters if i leave a couple minutes early. I grabbed my bag and shoved my stuff into it out of anger.

   "Lets go" I said with a mean tone

   "Em-" Harry tried to say something before i cut him off

   "shut it" I walked past him, said goodbye to tiffany and walked out the doors. 

   The whole ride home was quiet whenever Harry tried to say something i would stop him. WHen we got home Harry laid Darcy down in her room then made tea for me. "Thanks"

   "Em Why are you mad?"

   "Harry i heard your comment"

   "Oh" Harry looked at his tea and drank it

   "You know its hard being a single mother having to support the both of us with no one elses help" 

   "I know..." he said sadly

   "actually you don't know and you never will. you are set for the rest of your life you could stop right now and live off you millions. People like me aren't just given those chances, we actually have to work for it"

   "You don't think i work hard?" he question getting a little angry

   "Yeah of course you work hard in the gym to look good, you get to tour around the world with your friends and sing to millions and millions of girls that adore you. thats so bad" i said sarcastically 

   "you have no idea what i sacrificed, spending time with my family, having more close friends then just my crew and actually making a relationship last" 

   "Yeah except for those small things, you get to live the dream that everyone else only gets to dream about" I scoffed and turned on the tv. Harry leaned back in defeat sipping his tea.

   We sat in silence for while until Harry spoke up, "I'm sorry"

   "you better be" i said harshly. Just then a sleepy Darcy comes in clutching onto her new blue puppy and rubbing her eyes.

   "Are yall fighting?" she asked in a sleepy voice

   "oh no" i replied quickly. She walked over and sat right in between us

   "Cause' i dont like you guys fighting" she said as she laid her head in my lap with her legs on harry's lap falling back asleep. I mouthed i sorry for being a bitch.

    He chuckled replying " i'm sorry for saying that, i'm the one who was a bitch." i giggled as he gave me a quick peck on the lips

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