Valentines day :)

A fan fiction one direction valentines day one shot :)


1. Love is not a bust

February fourteenth was the day I always dreaded, a day full of love and I was always alone. Valentines day was not a day I ever looked forward to but this year was going to be different, I was going on vacation with my cousin, Ed. I would be going to New York to stay in a hotel with my cousin who was coming over with some friends who would be starting tour soon, though he wouldn’t tell me who his friends were. Ed sent me my plane ticket a week ago so I was all packed and ready and about to leave, but I couldn’t find my shoes. I had on a pair of skinnies, a one direction top(I kind of liked them a lot) and my brown curls were tied in a messy bun.

“Mom where are my shoes!” I screamed out looking through the closet frantically.

“Living room Sam!” She shouted back loud enough I could hear her.

I walked into the living room and there were my boots in plain site. I grabbed them fast and put them on.

“You look rushed dear.” my mother walked into the room in her pajamas and slippers.

“Mom I hope you don’t plan on getting out of the car when you drop me off.” I rubbed my head I was not trying to be embarrassed at the airport before I even take off.

“Not at all as long as I get my hug and kiss now.” I stood up to hug her and she kissed my forehead.

“Mom, I’m going to be gone a week not a year.” I sighed as I pulled away.

“I know but it’s normal for a mother to miss her only child, your growing up to fast.” My mom looked as if she was going to cry.

“Mom we have to go or I’m going to be late.” I picked up my bags and walked towards the door.

A few moments later we were out the door and in the car headed to the airport. I sent a text to Ed to let him know we were on our way to the airport.

Text to: Ed J

Hey cousin on our way to airport, can’t wait to see you J Love ya.

Text from: Ed J

Can’t wait to see you either, we are going to have so much fun! Love you too. J

I was wondering what he had planned for weeks and now I was a few hours from finding out and I couldn’t be more excited. I must have fallen asleep because about an hour later we were at the airport. My mom parked the car and we said goodbyes and I promised I would call as soon as I landed and I walked inside the airport. Not many people must have traveled close to valentines day because there wasn’t many here, I walked up to the counter and handed the lady with long black hair my ticket.

“Your good to go dear.” the lady handed me my ticket with a smile and pointed to where my flight would be taking off at.

“Thanks.” I grabbed my ticket and walked through the door.

The plane wasn’t packed which I liked because then I could sleep before getting to the hotel. I sent a text to Ed before taking off to let him know I was on the plane, I then shut my phone off and went to sleep.

Couple hours later…..

“Ladies and gentlemen we will be landing in fifteen minutes please make sure you grab all belongs and leave nothing on the plane.” a flight attendant announced as I began to wake up.

I toke out my phone and turned it back on and I had 4 text messages one from mom making sure I got here safely and the ones from Ed were from his friends.

Text from: Ed J

Ed has told us so much about you can not wait to meet you.

You should be arriving at the hotel soon Ed talks about how amazing you are and has showed us pictures your beautiful and I may have a crush.

Landing yet love?

I smiled at the texts and couldn’t believe Ed was showing his friends pictures of me but at least he thought I was cute. I grabbed my phone and quickly replied back to the message.

Text to: Ed J

Landing now J Thanks for the compliment, I cant wait to meet you either.

I figured I was meeting a guy friend of Ed’s since he thought I was beautiful and I wondered if he was cute. A few moments later I was in the airport looking for Ed; however a driver stood there with my name on a sign and I walked up to him.

“That’s me.” I walked up to him with my bags.

“I’m picking you up for Mr. Sheeran.” the driver smiled at me and grabbed my bag.

“I can carry that sir it’s not a problem.” I went to grab my bag back.

“That’s ok my lady I will do it for you.” he smiled at me and I let him carry it as we walked back to the car.

We got to the limo Ed had come pick me up and he knew I would rather take a cab I hate getting attention from random people, but I got in and the driver put my bag in the trunk. We drove for a while until we pulled up to a huge hotel where Ed greeted me with a hug as soon as I was out of the limo.

“Oh Sam I missed you.” Ed hugged me tight as if he was squeezing the breath out of me.

“Ed I missed you too but I can’t breath.” Ed sat me down and laughed and grabbed my bag from the driver.

“When do I get to meet these friends?” I asked eagerly.

“About five minutes right upstairs are you excited?”

“Really excited.”

I followed Ed to the hotel elevator where girls were screaming everywhere about Ed and One direction.

“One direction are staying too?” I looked at Ed who was smiling.

“Ya, sure are.”

“I hope I get to meet them.”

We got off the elevator and I followed Ed to the room he was staying in but what was on the inside I never expected. I stood frozen until Harry Styles of one direction walked up to me.

“Hello beautiful nice to finally meet you.” Harry held out his hand, his perfect dimples and his curly hair right in front of me.

“Sam hello snap out of it.” Ed snapped his fingers at me like I was a dog.

“You’re Harry from…” I held up my shaking hand.

“I know, Ed has told me so much about you all of us boys and he plans for a valentines day dinner tonight and well all the boys have dates but me.” Harry made a sad face.

“Are you asking me, to umm, who are their umm.” I couldn’t think of what to say.

“Well Lou is going with El, Zayn with Perrie, Niall is going with a friend of mine Tara and I am going with a friend Nicole so Harry is all lonesome.”

“Ya, so I would love it if we could go together I mean as long as your single as well.” Harry smiled at me with those dimples that almost made me melt.

“ of course I will, Ed can I shower and change?” Ed showed me where the bathroom was and handed me my bag I jumped in the shower and couldn’t wait to see how this turned out.

I slipped into a pair of skinnies, a red top and put on a light baby blue vest, my hair was naturally curly so I just hair sprayed it and did my make-up maybe this valentines day was going to actually be good.

Dinner that night….

We didn’t really go on a group date, each boy and their date went to separate tables so tonight was about Harry and I, so far this was the best valentine. We were sat out our table and left to order, after ordering Harry began to conversate with me.

“Ed has told me a lot about you love, and I really like you, I’m so glad you said yes to this.”

“Awe that’s so sweet, I hope he hasn’t said anything bad.” I laughed.

“Never though you are more gorgeous in person than in pictures love.”

“Harry this is my first valentine spending it with someone, I don’t want to move things fast.”

“I agree maybe we can see how dinner goes and make a decision from their?”

The rest of the night was amazing we ate dinner, then went to the movies and Harry had flowers delivered to the hotel room I really liked him and he liked me. I never liked valentines day and it was because I never had the right person but meeting Harry changed it all and he was like my best friend. The night ended with cuddling and kissing and after the week we spent together Harry and I texted, called and spoke everyday.

Oh and before I forget today Harry and I are officially dating and couldn’t be more happier, he is my best friend and if Ed hadn’t had introduced us I would never have actually had the best valentines day.

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