The Friendship We Had

(ok first movella so pleas tell me what you think and also may not upadte alot) Katie has been frinds with Harry since they where 4 . They would do everthing together. Untill highschool comes along. Their friendship gets more distant.Harry becomes a popular kid while katie is just a regular kid. One night a trip to the grocery store turns into katie's worst nightmare. Harry does something that Katie may never be able to forget. READ TO FIND OUT MORE


5. The Confruntation


Harry's POV

When I woke up I was in a hospital. There were police officers next to me as soon as I sat up. "Hello sir my name is Officer Payton, what exactally happend tonight?" the man asked me right away. "Um.... I was at a party with my girlfriend, and I was on my way home." I said. "How much did you have to drink sir." Officer Payton asked. " Um.... er..... about...... 6." I stated.

I think they were shocked at how much I drank. "You are the first person to be honest with us, but you will be charged with D.W.I, and...." Officer Payton was cut off by the door opening and a nurse coming in. "I'm sorry I thought you were done." As she was about to leave the girl she brought into the room that was in the wheelchair got up and yelled "IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!" That's when i relized it was Katie. "Katie?" I said. "HOW COULD YOU!" she screamed at me. "What did I do." I asked really confused. "BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO GO OFF AND GO GET DRUNK YOUR IDIOT SELF KILLED THEM! YOU KILLED MY PARENTS!" she said. " I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! I yelled. "YES YOU DID! GO LOOK AT THE HORRIBLE MESS YOU DID!" Katie yelled "May I?" I asked "Yes you may, officers you may follow. Miss. Thorn please sit back down." she said.

When Katie sat back down we followed the nurse out of the room and down the hall. We arrived at a room and i was told to go first. As I entered there were 2 bodies covered with a sheet. I walked over and looked back at the nurse and she gave me a reassuring nod, so i uncovered the bodies and saw a horrible sight. There were Katie's parents. They were dead because of me, it is my fault. "I told you" I turned to see Katie right next to me. "Katie I'm so....." she cut me off "Save it Harry, I don't want to hear it." she said. "But Katie I am sor..." but again she cut me off"HARRY I SAID SAVE IT! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOUR APPOLIGIZE! YOU CAN'T FIX THIS WITH A SORRY!" she yelled. "I SAID I WAS SORRY, IDIDN'T THINK GOING TO ONE PARTY WOULD END LIKE THIS!!!!!" I yelled.

"Well looked how it turned out." she said with tears coming out of her eyes."Harry I don't think we should talk for awhile, I need time to know if i will be able to forgive you. Please leave Harry." she said "But.." I was cut off yet again "Please just leave Harry."she said so i did. I was brought home by the police and givin a fine because katie didn't didn't want to press charges. I was glad. But my mom was furious so i was grounded for 2 months. I acctually cried myself to sleep that night.




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