The Friendship We Had

(ok first movella so pleas tell me what you think and also may not upadte alot) Katie has been frinds with Harry since they where 4 . They would do everthing together. Untill highschool comes along. Their friendship gets more distant.Harry becomes a popular kid while katie is just a regular kid. One night a trip to the grocery store turns into katie's worst nightmare. Harry does something that Katie may never be able to forget. READ TO FIND OUT MORE


3. School Party

(skip school nothing intresting)

Jessica's POV

Gosh I hate Katie. Why does does she have to be friends with Harry. But i have an idea that will change that all. "Hey Harry I have a question to ask you."i said "What is it babe?" he said "There's a party tonight at Derek's and I want you to come with me." i stated 

"A party, I don't know babe." he said "PLEASE HARRY." I begged " It'll be fun."he thought for a moment then said "I'll go, but what do I tell my mom?" "Tell her you are helping me study for a math test." I said. "Ok I'll do it." he said "Yay!" my plan is working just fine


(skip time to party)

Harry's POV

Me and Jessica just arrived at the party, and shall i say she looked HOT! I think this will be really fun. "Here babe have a drink" she said "I've never drank before." i said warrily "Just drink one." she said so I did, and that one turned into 7. "Babe i gotta get home" i said "Ok Harry I'll get Lexi to drive me home" she said. I kissed her on the cheek " See you later babe." and with that i went to the car and started it and drove off. I think the beer is getting to me. I can't really see or controol the car. The next thing I knew I swerved of the road onto the sidewalk and hit something. There was a scream so I knew this some was a someone so I called an ambulance. Then I blacked out.

Katie's POV

After school me and my parents did alot of erands. We stop at the bank, hair salon, then we went out for dinner. The last stop was the grocery store. As we were walking down the street I saw a car driving down the street. The car looked really fimilar but i couldn't tell because it was dark. The next moment I heard a screech and saw the car heading towards us. We all screamed, then I felt so much pain. I looked over at my parents and that was it except for the black that now filled my mind.


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