The Friendship We Had

(ok first movella so pleas tell me what you think and also may not upadte alot) Katie has been frinds with Harry since they where 4 . They would do everthing together. Untill highschool comes along. Their friendship gets more distant.Harry becomes a popular kid while katie is just a regular kid. One night a trip to the grocery store turns into katie's worst nightmare. Harry does something that Katie may never be able to forget. READ TO FIND OUT MORE


1. Introduction

Kathren Thorn:(a.k.a Katie)


Eye Colr: Chocolate Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown And Has Loose Curls

Best Friend: Harry Styles


Harold Edward Styles:(a.k.a Harry)



Eye Color: Emerald Green

Hair Color: Dark Brown And Curly

Best Friend: Katie Thorn

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